The Great Himalayan National Park

Himachal Pradesh is the synonym of beauty, scenic views, and nature. From the ice-cap mountain to the wildlife sanctuaries, you have countless things to explore in Himachal Pradesh. Among all these mesmerizing places, how can you forget about the most famous Himachal Pradesh that is “The Great Himalayan National Park.” History The Great Himalayan National Park was established in the […]

Kullu Dussehra – History, Significance, and Celebration in Himachal Pradesh

Kullu Dussehra is one of the famous festivals in Himachal Pradesh. Tradition is followed for many centuries, and still today, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The week-long celebration begins on Sunday. Amid the pandemic, people were participating in the festival in large numbers. All Covid linked guidelines are followed strictly during the celebration. It is seven days event that […]

Himachal Pradesh National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Himachal Pradesh is one of the regularly visited traveler destinations because of jaw-dropping scenarios. This state is commendably set in the Himalayas, which adds glitter to its beauty. It does not only home to the mountains but the place for trekking, climbing, and so on. If you do extensive research about Himachal, you will get to know about the wildlife […]

Best Time to Visit Himachal to Experience Snowfall  

Himachal Pradesh is known for its natural beauty, scenic views, and snowfall. People from different cities and countries come to Himachal Pradesh to experience mesmerizing beauty. However, before making the plan, you should consider the best time to explore Himachal Pradesh so that you can experience the live snowfall. Here is the list of some points that will give you […]

Traditional Dresses Of Himachal Pradesh

‘Himachal Pradesh’ was named by a great Sanskrit scholar Acharya Diwakar Datt Sharma. Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state of India situated in the northern part of the Asian subcontinent. This amazing state consists of various communities, religions, and ethics. Everyone lives in peace and harmony enjoying diverse traditions and cultures throughout the region. Apart from all the diversities in […]

Famous Dhams of Himachal Pradesh

Whenever you plan for a joyous trip to any place, the tempting traditional foods of that place come to your mind apart from various other rejuvenating experiences. Since the taste and variety of food vary from place to place, every region has a different variety of foods, making it a more special place to visit. Himachali Dham: The Introduction Himachali […]

Mandyali Dham | Everything You Need to Know

Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its natural and breathtaking views, but its food also has particular importance. When you explore the different places of Himachal Pradesh, then you will come to know about the different aspects of their food. When it comes to the traditional feast of Mandi, then it is all about the Mandyali Dham. Moreover, Mandi […]

Explore the Breathtaking Beautiful Places in Kangra

Undoubtedly, Kangra is categorized as one of the most beautiful cities of Himachal Pradesh. Right from the views of valleys to the greenery, it is an ideal place for the nature lover. This region gains popularity because of its arts and crafts work. The tourists will observe the marvellous designed shawls and numerous miniature paintings. In addition to it, right […]

Take a Break and Explore the Exotic Beauty of Devidarh

Devidarh is a small village full of breathtaking views and awesome landscapes. The major attraction of Devidarh is dense pine forests. It is surrounded by a pine forest in the Jauni valley. It is situated 25 km above the Chailchowk. On the other side, it is situated approximately at a distance of 56 km from the Mandi. If you want […]

Everything You Need to Know About Pullas in Himachal Pradesh

Crafts and culture have an exceptional value in the states of India. No doubt, how many years pass away, but the ancestor’s culture will somehow continue generation after generation. Himachal Pradesh is among those states where people are very affectionate about its craft. Their difference in dressing form makes them unique among the nation. Pullas are also among those crafted […]