Detailed Guidance About The Churdhar Peak Trek

Churdhar mountain trek leads to the outer Himalayan range’s highest peak. George Everest astronomically measured the Himalayan Mountains. Churi-Chandni Dhar is another name for Churdhar. The top of Churdhar can be approached in three different directions. The most popular way is from the Sirmour district’s Nauradhar. It is also the most famous way to go. The peak is surrounded by a 56-square-kilometer woodland sanctuary, making trekking a pleasant experience.

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The trekking becomes more accessible from May to November. It is the time when the snow melts. You can trek to churdhar quickly then. The hike takes you through a deep Deodar Forest, terraced crops, and Gujjar pastures.

Churdhar might not be as well-known as other cities in India, but it should not bother you. Churdhar is a modest yet lovely upcoming tourist location worth visiting. Few of the exciting things to do and places to visit at this secret gateway will astound you.

Travel Guidance to the Sanctuary

Adventure entails forgetting about the mundane aspects of daily life in exchange for inner happiness. Adventure is great for soul pleasure; you have to forget everything and feel like you are a part of it. Money cannot buy happiness, but adventure can make your soul happy. The Churdhar sanctuary is in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur district.

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The sanctuary’s total area is approximately 56.13 square kilometers, and it stands at the height of 11,965 feet. Churdhar trek is an 18-kilometer hike that can be completed in one or two days if you have prior mountain walking expertise. On the other hand, if you have mountain experience, you may efficiently complete the trail in ten to twelve hours.

Camping and bonfires are two excellent ways to spend quality time with nature. Churdhar is also known by the names Chur-Chandni, and Chur-choti. Churdhar Sanctuary attracts many visitors; if you appreciate hiking, churdhar is the best place to go. If you prefer to be close to wildlife and nature, you should visit this place to see Deer, Barking deer, Monal, and Langurs.

More About Chudhar Trekking

The Churdhar walk ranges in difficulty from easy to challenging. As you will progress uphill, the thrill of trekking increases. The most crucial thing to know if you are hiking is when the greatest time to visit is.

The time to visit Churdhar is from May to November, but the best and most ideal season is April to June and October to November.

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In October and November, you will see snow in the last five to eight kilometers of trekking. The snow adds more adventure to your trekking. When performing the Churdhar trekking, keep in mind that you should avoid walking at night because it is an entirely dense forest with many animals. You will not be able to see much, and you might miss the path. So, please do not put your life in danger.

Churdhar Trek is Divided into Two Sections

After passing through the first section, you will come across two shops where you may purchase essential food items such as Maggie, Chips, Biscuits, and cold drinks. The prices of food items are more than usual so keep these things in mind.

You will also find a place to stay, although the options are few and the accommodations are basic. There is a lot of space and beautiful surfaces for camping so it will be easier and safer for you to camp. The place is lovely and full of adventure because it includes many traveling camps and bonfires.

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You will get two options for the journey after the second break. The first one will go to Shri Shirgul Maharaj temple. The second path climbs to the peak’s summit. You will get to see Lord Shiva’s idol there. Moreover, you can stay at the Dharmshala there as it is free for the devotees visiting there.

Churdhar Trek Distance

The first stop will be in Nohradhar, a helmet located on the Solan-Rajghat-Sangrah Road if you are traveling from Delhi. The journey is approximately 390 kilometers, with a 20-kilometer ascent from Delhi to Nohradhar. The beautiful path scenery will rejuvenate your mind and body throughout this path.

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If you are beginning your journey from Chandigarh, the distance from Chandigarh to Nohradhar is 130 kilometers. Take one from Chandigarh’s sector 17 bus stand if you want to travel by bus.

It will take approximately 4.5 hours to get there, after which you can begin trekking through a forest. It will surely be an unforgettable experience. There is a food tour also if you feel hungry at any point in time.

If you start your journey from Shimla, go by the Chaupal-Saharan route. It is the shortest distance, but it isn’t easy to navigate because of the high slope. You should have some quiet snacks between Saharan and the shelter. After that, you can go to some of Shimla’s most prominent tourist attractions.

Trekking Time in Churdhar

Many factors influence Churdhar, such as the route you have chosen, the time to choose the break, the weight of the luggage, and many more factors. First, let us discuss how long the journey will take.

Assuming you chose the Nohradhar path, the eighteen kilometers hike will take about five to six hours if you continue the path without taking a break.

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Trekking from Shimla through Chaupal-Saharan takes about four to five hours due to the steep start. The time for trekking from Haripurdhar will take around thirteen to fourteen hours to accomplish the fifty km trip if you avoid taking long rests.

Is Going To Churdhar Trekking In March Safe?

To be honest, you have to avoid going on the Churdhar hike in early March because the peak is coated with a heavy layer of snow that is beginning to melt. We would suggest visiting in April when the snow has begun to melt. You can really appreciate the natural surroundings. It will be a perfect view when the snow melts. It will be a great view when the sky is filled with clouds and snow is on the peak.

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