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Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems- Dish with Great Taste and Benefits

Dishes of Himachal Pradesh are not only famous in Himachal but also in different places of India because people can make them easily in their homes after knowing the right way of making them. People of Himachal can make the yummiest dish with any basic things like lotus stems. Bhey or spicy lotus stems are also one of the famous dishes.

What Are Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems?

  • Bhey or spicy lotus stems are a dish full of spices because people of Himachal Pradesh like eating foods which have a good amount of spice ingredients. People usually eat this dish as a side dish or sometimes as a snack. It’s not for dinner, but people can eat it for breakfast or lunch. It’s very easy to make and can get ready in less time. It’s a veg dish.
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  • It’s a crunchy spicy dish, which gets ready in one hour. The dish includes some special ingredients in it, like lotus stems, which is a new thing for many people. Some people never eat flowers as a dish in their life, so it’s like something unique for them.

Ingredients to Make Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

#1. The main ingredient is the lotus stems, which take in two or three amounts. Take two well-sliced onions. Now it’s the turn of one tablespoon garlic, but the garlic which is fully chopped with fully graned ginger with the same amount.

#2. Take chickpea flour according to two tablespoons. Now turn on powders and take one or two teaspoons of turmeric, red chilli or coriander powder. People can add salt according to their taste with oil in four tablespoons amount.

Way of Making Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

Ø First Step: Take a container, add water of around one litre, and boil it on medium heat. Boil water with some salt in it. Slices the lotus stems properly, and when the water gets boiling so, add that steams in it for some minutes.

Ø Second Step: After some minutes, remove the all water from the lotus stem and transfer them to the cold water to cool them. Now take a gridiron, and add some well-chopped ginger with garlic in it. Mix all things for one minute.

Ø Third Step: Add the onion, which is sliced, and cook until it starts losing its colour. Now add chosen powders in it with salt. Now add well-sliced steams of lotus to the floor. Mix all ingredients and cook them for around fifteen minutes. Now the dish is ready to serve hot.

Benefits of Eating Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

Ø Good for Immunity: A lotus root contains many vitamins, which help to boost a person’s immunity and make it stronger. People become able to fight any infection or virus in the environment.

Ø Strength: The dish ingredients are good for increasing strength in a body. It also contains many minerals, which increase the amount of RBC. A person becomes more active and also does not gain much weight from the dish. It’s tasty to eat and not harmful to the stomach.

Ø New experience: People who like spicy food feel some new experiences and new tastes. It gives a new experience of trying something new, which is famous in Himachal Pradesh and made with lotus stems, which is a flower.

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Ø Reduce stress: A good dish can automatically reduce some anxiety, but this dish also contains vitamin b, which helps people to reduce stress. People feel less anxiety, and their brain gets the power to fight all anxious things. People with extreme anxiety can get relief for some time with this.

Ø Easy to make: People do not need many ingredients or do not need to do any hard things to make this recipe. It needs some common ingredients, which are mostly available, and it can get proper in under one hour, so anyone can eat it at any time.

Who Can Eat Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems?

Ø Anyone can eat bhey or spicy lotus stems. It’s made for all people. No special category of people can or can’t eat this. It’s vegetarian food, so it’s available for both non-veg and veg. People who like spicy foods and want to try something new can go for this food.

Ø There is no effect of eating bhey or spicy lotus stems. The food is beneficial for health and good in taste with powerful ingredients. If any has any allergy to lotus or food which is spicy does not suit them, so they can avoid eating this.

What is the Right Time to Prepare Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems?

Ø There is no specific time for preparing this dish. People can make this dish anytime they want if they have ingredients, even in the middle of the night. People of Himachal Pradesh usually eat this as a side dish because it’s not something that can fulfil the stomach needs.

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Ø People also like to serve this dish to their relatives when they visit. It gives them a new taste to eat and also gives a good impression. The dish does not take much time and ingredients that why people also like to make it when they want to eat something good in taste and spicy.


People can also try bhey, or spicy lotus stems in Himachal Pradesh whenever they visit there. The dish is available in most places in Himachal Pradesh. It’s also good for people who have diabetes because it’s spicy and improves the RBC without increasing the sugar level in the body. Many other places are adding this dish as a side dish on their menu because of its popularity in Indian houses.

The recipe for making this dish is super easy, and all ingredients are easy to find. People also do not need many appliances to make this dish. It gives benefits of lotus and good taste of all spices which get added to it.

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