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Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems- Dish with Great Taste and Benefits

Dishes of Himachal Pradesh are not only famous in Himachal but also in different places of India because people can make them easily in their homes after knowing the right way of making them. People of Himachal can make the yummiest dish with any basic things like lotus stems. Bhey or spicy lotus stems are also one of the famous dishes.

What Are Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems?

  • Bhey or spicy lotus stems are a dish full of spices because people of Himachal Pradesh like eating foods which have a good amount of spice ingredients. People usually eat this dish as a side dish or sometimes as a snack. It’s not for dinner, but people can eat it for breakfast or lunch. It’s very easy to make and can get ready in less time. It’s a veg dish.
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  • It’s a crunchy spicy dish, which gets ready in one hour. The dish includes some special ingredients in it, like lotus stems, which is a new thing for many people. Some people never eat flowers as a dish in their life, so it’s like something unique for them.

Ingredients to Make Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

#1. The main ingredient is the lotus stems, which take in two or three amounts. Take two well-sliced onions. Now it’s the turn of one tablespoon garlic, but the garlic which is fully chopped with fully graned ginger with the same amount.

#2. Take chickpea flour according to two tablespoons. Now turn on powders and take one or two teaspoons of turmeric, red chilli or coriander powder. People can add salt according to their taste with oil in four tablespoons amount.

Way of Making Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

Ø First Step: Take a container, add water of around one litre, and boil it on medium heat. Boil water with some salt in it. Slices the lotus stems properly, and when the water gets boiling so, add that steams in it for some minutes.

Ø Second Step: After some minutes, remove the all water from the lotus stem and transfer them to the cold water to cool them. Now take a gridiron, and add some well-chopped ginger with garlic in it. Mix all things for one minute.

Ø Third Step: Add the onion, which is sliced, and cook until it starts losing its colour. Now add chosen powders in it with salt. Now add well-sliced steams of lotus to the floor. Mix all ingredients and cook them for around fifteen minutes. Now the dish is ready to serve hot.

Benefits of Eating Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems

Ø Good for Immunity: A lotus root contains many vitamins, which help to boost a person’s immunity and make it stronger. People become able to fight any infection or virus in the environment.

Ø Strength: The dish ingredients are good for increasing strength in a body. It also contains many minerals, which increase the amount of RBC. A person becomes more active and also does not gain much weight from the dish. It’s tasty to eat and not harmful to the stomach.

Ø New experience: People who like spicy food feel some new experiences and new tastes. It gives a new experience of trying something new, which is famous in Himachal Pradesh and made with lotus stems, which is a flower.

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Ø Reduce stress: A good dish can automatically reduce some anxiety, but this dish also contains vitamin b, which helps people to reduce stress. People feel less anxiety, and their brain gets the power to fight all anxious things. People with extreme anxiety can get relief for some time with this.

Ø Easy to make: People do not need many ingredients or do not need to do any hard things to make this recipe. It needs some common ingredients, which are mostly available, and it can get proper in under one hour, so anyone can eat it at any time.

Who Can Eat Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems?

Ø Anyone can eat bhey or spicy lotus stems. It’s made for all people. No special category of people can or can’t eat this. It’s vegetarian food, so it’s available for both non-veg and veg. People who like spicy foods and want to try something new can go for this food.

Ø There is no effect of eating bhey or spicy lotus stems. The food is beneficial for health and good in taste with powerful ingredients. If any has any allergy to lotus or food which is spicy does not suit them, so they can avoid eating this.

What is the Right Time to Prepare Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems?

Ø There is no specific time for preparing this dish. People can make this dish anytime they want if they have ingredients, even in the middle of the night. People of Himachal Pradesh usually eat this as a side dish because it’s not something that can fulfil the stomach needs.

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Ø People also like to serve this dish to their relatives when they visit. It gives them a new taste to eat and also gives a good impression. The dish does not take much time and ingredients that why people also like to make it when they want to eat something good in taste and spicy.


People can also try bhey, or spicy lotus stems in Himachal Pradesh whenever they visit there. The dish is available in most places in Himachal Pradesh. It’s also good for people who have diabetes because it’s spicy and improves the RBC without increasing the sugar level in the body. Many other places are adding this dish as a side dish on their menu because of its popularity in Indian houses.

The recipe for making this dish is super easy, and all ingredients are easy to find. People also do not need many appliances to make this dish. It gives benefits of lotus and good taste of all spices which get added to it.

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Kale Chane Ka Khatta the Famous Dish of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has many things to attract people, and food can attract anyone, especially when it’s the food of Himachal Pradesh. Many foods of Himachal are favoured in other places. Khatta of jet black colour chickpeas is one of the popular salvers of Himachal Pradesh, and people of Himachal make this in their home, like any common dish.

This Himachal dish is available in every restaurant in Himachal, so this is easily available there for people who want to try it. People can also make this in their home, or they do not need to visit Himachal to try this dish. Let’s see more about Kale Chane ka Khatta in brief with the recipe.

What is Kale Chane Ka Khatta?

Indian curry is a typical bowl all over India and is made by many Indians. Black chickpeas Khatta are similar to curry but are made in different ways or with other ingredients. It mainly includes chickpeas of black colour, and the gravy of this dish looks spicy and a little different from the actual curry. It’s very easy to make if a person has the right ingredients and knows how to make them.

Ingredients to Make Kale Chane Ka Khatta

  • The first main ingredient is chickpeas of black coloured only and takes this in one and a half cups. Choose boiled chickpeas. Take two green chillies with whole wheat flour around one or two soupspoons. Take cumin seeds according to the one amount of teaspoon, and some asafetida according to need and same with talc of coriander.
  • Take powders of red chilli and tamarind, Min according to one or two teaspoons. Now also take some essential ingredients, salt according to taste, and fennel seed near one teaspoon and one tablespoon of oil.

 Way of Making Kale Chane Ka Khatta

  • First Step: Take a pan and heat oil in it at medium temperature; add some seeds of cumin and asafetida. When these two ingredients start frying, add some well chopped green chilli. Usually, fry them for some seconds, and then add red colour chilli in powder form with coriander powder and add some salt in it.

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  • Second Step: Now it’s the turn of whole wheat flour, so add this. Cook them until they get adequately roasted, and it’s our essential thing of gravy. People can also choose chickpea for this procedure; all work is the same. Now for making a good paste add water with ponder form of tamarind and seeds of fennel, and powder of dry mint. Cook them nicely.
  • Third Step:  Now it’s the turn of our main ingredient, Chickpeas. Add all chickpeas to it and cook for a minute. Now add water to make proper gravy, and cook everything in high heat. When it gets appropriately boiled, reduce the heat and cook it for some minutes for a thickness form of the dish. Now the dish is ready; people can serve it with some rice.

 Benefits of Eating Kale Chane Ka Khatta

  • New experience: People will get the experience of eating different types of curry. It can provide an excellent taste to the tongue, and people can add this to their daily food if they like eating this type of curry dish with rice. It gives a new experience and can get added to a favourite list.
  • Suitable for the stomach: Chickpeas include many good qualities in them. It’s full of fibre. It can make digestion much better, which any other curry cant make. It also gives the right amount of iron to the body, which is defiantly beneficial for every human being. It can also improve a person’s bowel movement who has a stomach issue.
  • Suitable for Diabetes patients: It’s not something which includes sugary things, and it helps patients to manage their blood sugar. It is made with spice, not with surgery water or ingredients. All herbs in this dish do not affect a person’s body with a diabetes problem.
  • Weight loss: Fibre in the diet helps maintain the body’s weight. This dish is not something that increases the weight, but it can help manage it. It’s a good way of going on a healthy diet by eating some delicious food, which does not affect your health. The doctor also recommends eating chickpeas in the case of weight loss.
  • Good for women: According to research, chickpeas work as antioxidants for many women. It prevents them from many problems, like the problem of leucorrhea and many more. It also does not affect their tongue taste. It’s also good for men.

Who can eat Kale Chane Ka Khatta?

  • Anyone can eat Kale Chane Ka Khatta because it’s not a dish for some specific people; it’s for all kinds of people. If someone wants to try this dish or likes eating it, they can go for it. It also does not affect the health of a person.

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  • If someone has a problem with spices and chickpeas, or if they have any allergic issues, so they can avoid this. This dish does not contain any harm, but if some people have a problem with some present ingredients, they can avoid eating this dish.


It is a very simple dish. Everyone can make it. Even some people have different ways of making Kale Chane Ka Khatta. They add extra ingredients to it or replace some elements with their chosen ingredients. People can also try this dish in Himachal if they want to taste it from the actual place of this dish; it’s easily available there.

Anyone can make this dish in their home with simple ingredients, primarily present in the kitchen. Kale Chane Ka Khatta can people serve to their guests and tell them about Himachal Pradesh food and how this food is unique from others and can share recipes with them.

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Mithha – Most Famous Sweet Dish of Himachal Pradesh

As a traveller, it does not matter how many times you have visited the hilly areas such as Kullu, Kangra, Manali, Shimla or Kasauli. Still, you will find something fresh and better on your trip to these mountains.

There are hundreds of things that describe the beauty of the Himachal Pradesh, including lush green valleys, snowfall, mountains covered with snow, fresh air and water, environment, culture, and especially Himachali food. Himachal Pradesh is very popular for its traditional and lip-smacking food, and it is said that the Himachali people pour their heart and love into their cuisines.

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As a food lover, you can find delicious pahadi food from the corner of the roads of the Himachal to the big restaurant and hotels. There are varieties of recipes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. Some of the delicious regional dishes can make your trip so memorable and add a different perk to your travelling experiences.

Mithha is one of the delicious sweet dishes of the Himachal Pradesh. It is also known for the traditional sweet dishes, which are prepared at the Himachali festival and on special occasions. Some other popular sweet cuisines of Himachal are Aktori, Patande, Babru, and mithha kaddu. In this article, we will discuss all the related information about this dish.

What is Mithha?

Mithha is a famous pahadi sweet dish of Himachal Pradesh. It originated from the northern part of Himachal Pradesh, yet it is popular in the whole state. It is considered a pahadi treasure because it is delicious and hard to resist. Mithha or meethe chawal is prepared with rice, saffron, and dry fruits. It is a traditional dish of Himachal Pradesh, and it is prepared for every festival and special occasion.

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The thing which makes this dish very special is that it is cooked slowly to keep the nutrients of the dish, and this slow cooking also enhances the flavour of all ingredients three times. It has a delicious taste, but it also has several benefits related to health.

Ingredients to make mithha

The list of ingredients for making mithha is not that long; you can collect it easily because you already have most of the ingredients at your home. The ingredients you will need for its preparation are

For two servings

  • 1 cup basmati rice (you can also choose any kind of rice according to your preference)
  • 2 tablespoons of butter (you can also put ghee)
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 1 ½ cup water (for boiling the rice)
  • 2-3 clove
  • Cinnamon (one small piece of almost 0.5 inches)
  • 2-3 cardamom (you can also use its powder)
  • Sugar (according to your taste)
  • ¼ tablespoon of saffron (Kesar)
  • Nuts (raisins, almonds, and cashews)
  • ½ tablespoon of fennel seeds or powder
  • Turmeric powder (optional, if you want some colour)

How to Make Mithha

It is not a difficult task to prepare this famous sweet dish. You need to follow some steps, including –

  • Step 1– First, you have to wash the rice and put it in a bowl for soaking for 10-15 minutes. And at the same time, soak saffron in the warm milk for 5-10 minutes.

    Now you have to boil the soaked rice, drain it and add it into a pot with the clove, cinnamon, and cardamom and cook in the water for at least 10 minutes. You can also add the roasted mixture of clove, cinnamon, and cardamom to enhance the flavour of the rice.

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  • Step 2– Now, you have to saute all the nuts that you are using and the sugar. Take a pan and heat oil, and after adequate heat, saute the nuts for 2 minutes, and keep it aside.

    Next, add sugar to the heated oil in the pan and saute it until it melts, and add this melted sugar is in the mixture of boiled rice.

  • Step 3– In the following step, take a biryani pot if possible, or you can cook it in any deep pot. In this pot, add rice, roasted nuts, sugar and saffron milk with the butter and cook it on low flame slowly until it absorbs the remaining water. You can also garnish it with the dry fruits while serving.

Benefits of Eating mithha

Besides its delicious taste, mithha has various health benefits as its ingredients have the properties to fight several health problems.

Saffron: It has a good variety of antioxidant molecules such as Crocin, Crocetin, and Safranal. The study has shown that Crocin help in many mental issues such as memory loss and inflammation. In some places, it is also used for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

And Safran helps in the improvement of memory and learning ability. Its components also help to treat depression symptoms and appetite and protect brain cells.

Saffron can also be used for some cancer treatments because it has cancer-fighting properties. It also has some other health benefits for the heart, blood sugar, and AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

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Benefits of Dry Fruits: Raisins have several health benefits; it has a good fibre, which can help in digestion, control blood pressure, immunity power, healthy teeth and bone, and heart diseases.

Cashews are the one the most nutritious nuts, as it contains vitamins (E, K, and B6), minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium, and antioxidants.

Therefore it helps in the many health problems, including cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, hair and eyesight issues, and blood pressure.

Clove and Cardamom: Cloves have high oxidants and an impressive amount of nutrients and have several benefits for people who are suffering from high blood pressure, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Who Can Eat Mithha?

Everyone can eat this dish because it has no harm and has a good nutritional value. You can just avoid the use of any of its ingredients if you have any allergies to it.


Now you know what you must not miss whenever you visit Himachal Pradesh. The delicious food can help you to add a different flavour to your travelling experience.

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Aktori – The Ancient Recipe of Himachal Pradesh | Recipe | Health Benefits

Himachal Pradesh is situated in the western Himalayas, and it is one of the most famous places in India. There are several reasons behind its popularity. It is famous for handicrafts, cultures, dresses, languages, art, and natural beauty, including breathtaking sceneries of mountains, rivers, and valleys.

It is also known for its delicious and nutritious cuisines because this is a mixture of Tibetan and Punjabi food. Himachal Pradesh has some signature dishes which are world-famous and served only in this state. There are a lot of adventure activities for the travellers, including bungee jumping, river rafting, cliff jumping, rope climbing, and many more.

Himachal food attracts travellers and food lovers because it has a lot of varieties and flavours in both vegetarian and no vegetarian food. The most traditional and delicious dishes. Himachal dishes reflect the rich culture and tradition of Himachal Pradesh. Aktori is one of the famous sweet dishes of the state. This article will help you to know things related to this cuisine.

What is Aktori?

This is a traditional Himachal Pradesh dish, which has an ancient recipe. This dish originated from the dry valleys of Lahaul-Spiti. Aktori looks similar to western pancakes. Aktori is a sweet dish like a cake, which is served with hot chutney. It can also be a good snack or a side dish.

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Aktori is mostly prepared during the festive season or in celebratory events, and it is believed that list of Pahari food is incomplete without the Aktori. This is a very easy and hassle recipe which is made with a mixture of buckwheat and white flour. You can find this in almost every part of Himachal Pradesh. You can also serve it with the honey and brings some diversity to your table.

Ingredients of Aktori

A few ingredients are needed to prepare this delicious sweet dish. For four servings, you will need

  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 cup buckwheat flour (kuttu)
  • One teaspoon of baking soda
  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar
  • Refined oil to broil

How to Make Aktori

Step #1

To make Aktori, first, you have to prepare a batter. For the batter, mix wheat flour and buckwheat flour in a bowl. Then add an equal amount of milk and water, and mix it slowly to make a thick batter. Make sure this batter does not have any lumps. After

it, add baking soda and mix it well. In the last, add the required sugar to this thick batter and leave it as it is for at least 10-12 minutes.

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Step #2

After you get enough thickness of the batter, then fry it in small portions. Heat oil in the pan; after adequate heat, add a ladle full of batter in it. Cook it on a low flame until you see the small bubbles on the surface of the batter. Cook evenly on both sides and till it gets a golden colour. It is now prepared to serve.

Step #3

Take absorbent paper to remove the excess oil and serve it with the topping of honey or ghee.

Benefits of Eating Aktori

Besides its delicious taste, Aktori has several benefits because it is made of buckwheat flour. Buckwheat flour has more nutritional value than the other grains. Buckwheat flour contains rich amounts of fibres, which helps smooth bowel movements and improve your digestive system.

Heart Benefits: Among all cereals, it has many compounds which are beneficial for a good heart, including magnesium, copper, fibre, and rutin.

Rutin is an antioxidant which prevents blood clotting in the body and protects you from cardiovascular diseases. People, who eat buckwheat on a regular basis, have lower cholesterol as well.

And as a result, low cholesterol levels reduce the risks of stroke, diabetes and heart problems. A low profile of blood lipid is a common risk factor for heart diseases, and buckwheat also helps to improve the blood lipid profile in the human body.

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Manage blood sugar levels: Buckwheat is rich in the nutrients such as fibres, proteins, and flavonoids; thus, it plays an essential role in levelling the blood sugar in your body.

High levels of sugar can be very dangerous because it can lead to several chronic diseases, and type 2 diabetes is one of them.

People with this disease can safely consume buckwheat in their diet because it has complex carbohydrates and it, remains longer in the body and help in the control of blood sugar levels for a long period.

It also helps in weight control because it is rich in proteins. If you eat high-protein food, you feel full for a longer period, which helps you avoid overeating and gaining unwanted weight. It also has low calories, which is a beneficial fact for weight management.

Who Can Eat Aktori

Aktori is the most popular sweet dish in the Himachal Pradesh because it is a traditional dish and very delicious and healthy at the same time. Anyone can eat Aktori because it also has various kinds of health benefits.

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Children love this dish. Moreover, people with diabetes can also eat this dish because it is not harmful to them. Just make sure you do not have an allergy to buckwheat flour or any of its ingredients.


You can take aktori to your picnic and kitty parties because it is very easy to prepare, and you do not need many ingredients to prepare it. If you do not do much cooking, still you can also make it and impress your family or friends. If you ever plan to visit Himachal Pradesh, try it at least once, and you will know how delicious this dish is. If you are concerned as a traveller, there can be no better place to taste this lip-smacking dish rather than its origin place, in one of the towns or villages of the Spiti valley region.

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Kullu Trout Fish Recipe | Eating Benefits | How to Make ?

If you are a fish lover, you must have heard about the trout. You will find it in most of the restaurants in Himachal and the hilly areas because they definitely have trout on their menu. Trout is called a cousin of salmon because it is also found in the coldest places. Salmon and trout almost look similar and have similar tastes, but still, they have some differences. For example, trout are found in the freshwater, whereas salmon is found in the saltwater. Thus it has high-fat content than trout.

The British people in India first introduced the idea of fishing; at that time, they brought the eggs of the different species and spread them into the Indian waters to breed.

Trout are found in several states of India, including Himachal Pradesh (HP), Uttrakhand (UK), Jammu and Kashmir (JK), and in some other areas of the North-East. There are several breeding farms of trout fish in such areas, which the government permits. Now, Himachal Pradesh has become the major producer state of trout fish in India. In this article, we will discuss all the related information about the Kullu trout fish.

What is Kullu Trout Fish?

Kullu trout is the most well-known and traditional Pahari food of Himachal Pradesh. This trout tastes like Atlantic salmon. Salmon is one of the most expensive species of fish. Because trout fishes require cold water, the heights of Himachal Pradesh become an ideal place to breed the trout fish.

img src: The Himalayan Diary

The fish is Arctic Char which is also called in local languages Kullu trout; it is similar to the rainbow trout. This dish is very easy and hassle-free to prepare. It is a delicious recipe which is made with Indian spices. Fish is fried in minimal spices to retain its natural taste. This trout fish is one of the best five dishes of the Himachal.

Ingredients to Make Kullu Trout Fish

You do not need many ingredients for the preparation of Kullu trout fish. You can find all of it at your home easily. You will need several ingredients to prepare Kullu trout fish, including-

For Marinade

  • One trout
  • Salt (according to taste)
  • one tablespoon of dill leaves
  • one tablespoon of coriander seeds (crushed)
  • ¼ tablespoon of chilli flakes
  • two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • one tablespoon of mustard oil
  • ½ tablespoon lemon rind

 For Gravy and Sauce

  • ½ tablespoon mustard seeds
  • two tablespoons of mustard oil
  • one tablespoon coriander (chopped)
  • 1½ tablespoon onions ( diced)
  • two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Salt (according to taste)

How to Make Kullu Trout Fish

Preparation of Kullu trout fish is very easy as it contains a few simple steps.

#1. You have to marinate the fish in the first step- clean and wash the trout properly.

Then add it into a bowl with the salt, chilli flakes, crushed coriander seeds, lemon juice, lemon rind, dill leaves, and mustard oil. Rub this mixture on the fish and leave it for at least 10 minutes.

#2. After the margination of trout is done, you have to fry it. First, you have to heat the oil in a pan and add marinated fish to it.

Fry it on both sides for 5-10 minutes on the low flame. After this, drain the excess oil from the fish, keep it aside, and move to the next step.

img src: Rakkh Resort

#3. Now, you have to prepare the sauce spread. First, heat oil in a pan, then put the chopped onions and mustard seeds. You can also use some tomatoes if you like them.

Then saute this mixture until it changes its colour to light brown. Then turn off the fire and remove the pan aside. Then mix lemon juice, salt, and coriander leaves and stir it well to make a good mixture.

You can also add some water to make gravy of it. Pour the sauce over your trout fish and serve it with the white steam rice. You can also serve Kullu trout fish with boiled vegetables.

Benefits of Eating Kullu Trout Fish

Along with the taste, Kullu trout fish is good for health as well as it contains different kinds of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. And it is easily digestible because it does not contain hormones and antibiotics.

The small amount of trout contains high protein with very low calories. Thus it is very helpful in building new cells and improving the existing ones.

Trout is very low in fat and cholesterol. It also has a high Omegas-3s, which is an essential fatty acid. And the study has proved that it has heart-health benefits and is also able to fight other diseases and improves brain health.

img src: Good Food aur hum

You can get many essential minerals and vitamins from the trout; it has a higher amount of B vitamins which help in human metabolism. Trout fish also have high potassium, phosphorus, nutrients, and significant amino acids. Phosphorus helps in the healthy bones, and potassium plays a major role in improving nerve health and muscle contraction.

Trout is low in mercury; thus, it is safe to consume.

Who Can Eat Kullu Trout Fish?

Everyone can eat Kullu trout fish as it has several health benefits and it has a delicious taste. Trout has a very low amount of neurotoxins (especially mercury); thus, pregnant or nursing women and children can consume it without any harm. A person can eat trout fish on a daily basis. It is also said that it is better to have regular trout fish than to eat beef regularly.


If you are a seafood lover or not, you must try Kullu trout fish once. If you have one bite, you will ask for more because of its natural and delicious taste. And it will also have several health benefits, which make it the best diet for the people who are health conscious. Along with the beautiful sceneries and weather of the mountains of Himachal Pradesh, you can enjoy the best cuisines of the country there.

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Pahadi Dham/Dhaam | Himachal’s Traditional Dish for Every Joyful Event

Dhaam is a type of big meal which gets served in Himachal Pradesh traditionally on any special occasion, like an event or marriage or birthday party. Temple also serves this dish sometimes as a parshad of the temple.

Now people can make Dham dishes easily in any place in the world. This dish includes many good healthy ingredients in it. Let’s see some of the Dham or Dhaam dish recipes and learn more facts about this dish.

What is Dhaam?

Dhaam is a vegetarian dish and traditional food of Himachal Pradesh. It’s like a meal that people can eat at midday, and it’s specially made for some special events because it’s a big meal, which is not get made for one or two people. This dish is for a whole group of people.

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The food contains a delicious taste with different use of spices and yoghurt. Dham Thali includes many things in it, like chana dal or madra, which is also one of the favourite foods of Himachal Pradesh.

Ingredients for Dhaam Thali

#1. Chana Madra Ingredient

  • One and a half cups amount white chana with two cups of good quality curd with some mustard oil according to requirement.
  • Two or three cloves cinnamon or small cardamom, and also take black-type cardamom.
  • Take one or four tablespoons of turmeric with some leaf of the bay and red type chilli powder.
  • Take one or two teaspoon seeds of cumin with a powder of coriander.
  • Desi ghee is also a must thing with some asafoetida for good taste and health benefits; also, take some garam masala with salt for taste.

#2. Kala Chana Mahani Ingredient

  • Take some proper soaked black chana with mustard oil.
  • Take some wheat flour or atta with asafoetida and gram flour with salt according to taste need.
  • Now it turns of powder, take some red chilli, turmeric, or coriander powder and dry mango powder.
  • Take four or five tablespoons of jaggery and tomato slices in medium sizes with some green chilli and ginger slices.
img src: Being Pahadia

#3. Teliye Maah Ingredient

  • Take one or two cups of whole black-type gram with mustard and bay leaf oil.
  • Take a big or small type of cardamom with cinnamon and black pepper.
  • Clove and cumin seeds with Hing are also must ingredients to add.
  • Take powder of red chilli and coriander with turmeric.
  • Take ginger which is well chopped with salt according to taste, and add some curd and two tablespoons of ghee.

#4. Chana Dal Ingredient

  • Take two cups of chana dal and black or green cardamom.
  • Take some two or three-bay leaves with one cinnamon or cumin and fennel seeds.
  • Take powder form of coriander, fenugreek and red chilli with some Haldi and mustard oil.

#5. Bondi Meetha Ingredient

  • Besan in the amount of one cup with milk and oil.
  • Take some good amount of sugar and water with well-chopped almonds and well sliced fresh coconut.
  • Also take some seeds of fennel with the green type of cardamom, which is ell crushed with seeds of melon and ghee.

Himachali Dhaam Recipe | How to Prepare Dhaam

First Step:

Chana Madra Recipe

Take well washed and soaked Chana, take a pressure cooker and cook Chana with water. Take a pan and heat some oil in medium type flame, fry some seeds of cumin and asafoetida with green and black type cardamom and cloves with a leaf of the bay with cinnamon. Fry all things well.

Make flame low and curd to mix it well, and then add some salt and ghee with garam masala in high heat. Now add all the essential powders: red chilli, turmeric, and coriander. Now add cooked chana to it and mix everything properly for some minutes. This dish is ready now.

Second Step:

Chana Mahani Recipe

First, take Kala Chana, soaked overnight or 4 to 5 hours. Boil them in medium heat with salt, and remove water from Chana. Store water for later use. Heat oil in the pan properly, and then add asafoetida to it.

Now, add wheat flour with basan in it and cook like Sheertill. Its turn of some powder, like red chilli, coriander, turmeric and amchur, make a feast of all powder.

Cook all things appropriately for some minutes, and then add some slices of ginger, tomatoes, and green type chillies and cook them properly. Add well stained Black type Chana and add some water we preserved for later use with some jaggery. It’s ready now to be served with rice like other dishes.

img src: Tripoto

Third Step:

Teliya Maah Recipe

Take well-soaked dal and cook them properly in the cooker until it makes four whistles. Heat mustard type oil in normal heat and add some ingredients, like the bay leaf with small or large cardamom with black pepper and cinnamon.

Add some asafoetida with cumin and clove with well-chopped ginger; add some powder of coriander, red chilli, and turmeric. Add all these ingredients to the oil, and cook properly.

Add curd to a mixture of spices, make the quantity of curd half, and then add some cream to it. Now it’s the turn of salt and dal with ghee and curd mixture. Now the dish is ready.

Fourth Step:

Chana Dal Recipe

Cook the dal properly in a pressure cooker, but don’t make it super soft. Heat oil of mustard in normal heta with green and black type cardamom and add some more ingredients, like bay leaf, cumin and fennel seeds.

Now add some powder of fenugreek, coriander and turmeric with red chilli. Now add well-boiled chana with salt, cook for some minutes, and then the dish is ready.

Fifth Step:

Bondi ka Mettha with Sugar Syrup

Boondi ka meetha is ready. Mix besan and milk properly for the right consistency. Heat some oil in a kadhai and circulate the poured batter properly. Fry the batter until it becomes right crispy, and after this, removes excess oil and drain them in clean tissue paper.

Boil sugar and water properly, and then syrup gets prepared to take a pan and add some seeds of fennel and almonds in it for some minutes and then remove. Now add the boondi, seeds of melon with coconut sliced, and cover them properly. Serve it with sugar syrup. All dishes are ready, and people can eat this with chapatti or rice.


The Dhaam dish can take some time to get prepared. Still, it’s worth it because it can make the body energetic with healthy vegetarian ingredients and impress all people with the great taste of traditional Dham.

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Know the Top Health Benefits of Eating Tudkiya Bhath and Prepration Method

Himachal Pradesh has many secrets, the secret of beautiful nature. Still, they also have delicious dishes, which can make anyone hungry. It’s like they add some magical ingredients to their food, and that foods become famous food of Himachal.

Here we will reveal a famous food secret recipe so people can create them in any place in India or the whole world.

The famous food of the Himachal Pradesh is Tudkiya Bhath. It’s a different exciting food recipe for rice pulao, a very common dish in India. Lots of people do not know the right way of making it. Here we see the recipe and more things about the Tudkiya bhath.

What is Tudkiya Bhath?

It’s a dish of Himachal Pradesh, and it’s a favorite dish loved by many people of Himachal Pradesh. It does not only make Himachal Pradesh people love this but also popular in many more places.

img src: cookpad

It is rice pulao with different mixing of ingredients and with different ways of making it. It’s filled with amazing spices, gives a mouthwatering taste, and gives a different experience to the mouth with the best ingredients.

Ingredients Included in Tudkiya Bhath

  • The first main ingredient is rice; take two cups of rice, or you can decrease or increase the amount according to the need. The next one is onion and tomato; both are medium-sized; take four onions with two tomatoes.
    Potato is also important, so take potato in the amount of four with medium size. Dagad is the stone flower; it also plays an important role, so take this according to the four teaspoons.

    img src: Digi Skynet
  • Now it’s the turn of coriander leaves; take only two bunch. Take 2 inches one ginger with four cloves of garlic with black cardamom and take this in 4 grams. Take a stick of cinnamon, not more than four, and only one amount of bay type of leaf. Four amounts of star anise with some curd also make taste good in the dish, so take it in amount cups and only one cup; you can increase or decrease the amount.
  • Take masoor dal according to one cup and ghee for taste according to one tablespoon, four medium pieces of green chili, one teaspoon of powder chili with four cloves, and one teaspoon of poppy seeds with three teaspoons of mace.

How to Make | Tudkiya Bhath Recipe

First Step: Chopped some tomatoes and main thing onions with some taste giving ginger, you need to add more ingredients after this, like cloves of garlic, mace, also add some poppy seeds, with some other masala, like green chili, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon stick, with stone flower, star anise and red chili powder.

Mix all ingredients properly, and then grind them in a grinder so they can get turned into a fine type of paste. Chop some potatoes in the shape of a thick and long slice, add those slices sin paste with some salt, and leave them for some hour. Chopped all things properly and add them to one bowl.

Second Step: Take a masoor dal and soak all dal properly in water for around 30 minutes. Also, take rice, clean them properly, soak them for one hour like masoor dal, and keep all things aside until they are correctly prepared.

Third Step: When everything gets done after some hours, take a pressure cooker and heat takes some ghee in it. When ghee gets heated properly, add some cinnamon stick with bay leaves and ass sautés with cardamom for a few minutes.

img src: Swan Tours

Fourth Step: Add some nicely chopped onions with a taken amount of sauté, and heat them until they lose their original color, and then add the all prepared masala in it with some potatoes. Mix all things properly with all-important ingredients.

Fifth Step: Now pick yogurt, mix it in your prepared dish in the cooker, and fry it for some minutes; now remove all water from the rice and masoor dal, and add these two ingredients to the dish with some water from two cups.

Cover the cooker with all things, heat them in high flame, and wait for 2 or 3 whistles, then open it naturally. Now the dish is ready to serve on plates.

 Benefits of Eating Tudkiya Bhath

Good Experience: Rice pulao is getting eaten by most people, but Tudkiya Bhath is like an upgraded version of rice pulao with more good tastes and ingredients. It gives a new experience of trying and eating something to the people.

img src: Shimla Ka Zaika
  • Better Mood: It can enhance a person’s mood because some people like eating this at night, which will give them a different type of satisfaction. The great taste of this dish with the beauty of Himachal can make a person’s mood better because food is something that many people love.
  • No Time Bounding: People can eat it at any time If they want to eat it at night, or in the afternoon, even in the morning, so there are no boun dries for it. People can eat it according to their mood or need to eat something unique like Tudkiya Bhath.

 Who Can Enjoy Eating Tudkiya Bhath

Anyone can eat Tudkiya Bhath because it’s made for all people, and anyone can eat it at any time with their family. People who have some problem with health, or doctor suggest them to avoid foods like rice, potatoes or foods that contain spices can ignore this because its food with lots of good spices, which make the taste of dish better.


If people want to try it in the real origin of the dish, which is Himachal Pradesh, so they can easily because it’s one of the famous dishes of that place, so this dish is easily available in restaurants of Himachal Pradesh, they add their own taste in it, or their way of making.

People can also make this in their home easily with the right amount of ingredients and the right way of making it, which you already know with the help of this article. The recipe is very easy to make with an easy process but can give a great taste.

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Himachal’s Delicious Breakfast – Siddu | Recipe & Eating Benefits

Siddu is a dish of Himachal Pradesh, and it is also comes in one of the popular dishes in Himachal Pradesh. Now people also make this in their homes, and Himachal Pradesh foods have their specialty or way of making. Many people eat Siddu with some ghee. It helps maintain the body’s temperature during winters, and that’s why people like eating this in winter season.

Siddu is also like some other Indian dishes, but it’s different from them in taste and size and in the way of eating. People can make this in their home or any place if they have the right sources. Here we see some things about the Siddu dish and the dish’s recipe.

What is Siddu?

img src: Cooking with Rekha

Siddu is a popular type of dish among the people of Himachal Pradesh. Siddu is something which people can eat daily, and it’s filled with lots of tasty filling. Many people like eating Siddu in mountain areas like Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and Mansouri.

Ingredients to Make Siddu

img src: North-Indian cooking

The first thing is the main ingredient, which is Atta or Maida in 500 grams, and with yeast according to the spoon, which can be 1.5. According to the requirement, one teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of salt as two teaspoons of ghee or more,. Also, take some normal lukewarm type of water.

Now it’s the turn of our main thing, which is filling. Take the soaked poppy type of seeds in the half cup or a little less or more, it depends on the need, and the same thing is applied to almonds and soaked them.

Now it turns of salt and little turmeric with some well-chopped mint and leaves of coriander. One or two teaspoons of chili flakes and cumin-coriander powder are roasted properly.

How to Make Siddu

First step: Take our main and first ingredient maida/atta, and then take other products for dough which are salt, sugar, yeast, and ghee, in the required amount. Mix all ingredients in one place and add some normal lukewarm type water in it, so you can create a soft dough from that stuff. Just do it like you do while making Dough for Chappaites.

Second step: Spread some ghee on the dough when it gets ready properly, and before going for the next step, cover it with any cloth which is a little wet. Do not disturb the dough for around two hours, and you can also use any other oil, but ghee increases the taste; that’s why it’s the best choice for making Siddu.

img src: cookpad

Third Step: Now prepare another thing which is filling and the main part of Siddu. Take the poppy type of seeds with walnuts if you want, but it’s a good choice; and also take almonds with this, and grind all things separately, so it can get crushed properly and become a smooth paste.

Fourth Step: Now take a bowl and add all pastes in it, and then add all the left ingredients and mix things well it’s our Siddu filling. Now take a steam maker, which is mostly getting used to make momes, and spread some ghee on it because there our bun is going to be ready, and ghee makes the bun soft and smooth, so it does not get stuck with the maker.

Five-Step: Fill all our filling in the dough properly, and you can give its shape like Indian dish gujia or any other shape you want. Stem the dough or bun properly for more than 15 minutes until it becomes ready, and then after some minutes, the Siddu dish is ready to eat. You can serve this with ghee or other ketchup-type ingredients, like in momos.

Benefits of Eating Siddu

#1. It gives warmness to the body, and that is why people like to eat this in winter. It can maintain the temperature of a body, so any environment can’t affect the health of a person, and it also gives energy to the body on lazy winter days. Himachal Pradesh is a cold place, and that’s why people of Himachal Pradesh like eating Siddu because it gives warmness to their bodies in cold winter times.

#2. Siddu also help in maintaining the sugar in the blood, and people do not get food carvings much because of this, which can help them reduce their overall weight, which gets an increase because of unnecessary eating. It also helps in improving the tissues of the skin.

img src: TripAdvisor

#3. Siddu also helps in decreasing anxiety and stress of type of things in the mind and body because it contains dietary fiber in a huge amount, and sometimes it also works as an antioxidant. It does not have a much glycemic index, making it better to eat, and good for health.

#4. People can fill ingredients according to them. Some people change some filling ingredients and can make it healthier because the filling of Siddu is filled with healthy ingredients, which does not affect a person’s health, but can make it better.

#5. People can look at Siddu in any place of Himachal Pradesh at any time, and it’s also easy for the maid in-home, it can consume some more time. Still, it gives the best results in the end because its healthy with good taste of Siddu ad Himachal Pradesh beauty also get represented with this.

Who Can Eat Siddu?

img src: The Indian Express

Anyone can eat Siddu because it’s a healthy food, but if someone has problems with steamed stuff, which is not get cooked like other things, they can avoid this because the dough is getting steamed like momos or other things. If someone wants energy and always faces an unnecessary food craving problem, they can also try Siddu because it gives energy and helps fight extreme cravings. Children can also enjoy these fantastic feelings.


Siddu is a famous dish in Himachal Pradesh, and if someone visits Himachal, they can get this dish in each restaurant or any other place. Many tourists also like eating this in the winter season. It gives them warm filling and energy to explore more parts of beautiful Himachal Pradesh by eating more famous foods.

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Himachal Pradesh Famous Babru Recipe

Himachal Pradesh is known because of many special things. The beauty of Himachal Pradesh nature is just speechless, and not only the environment but their food is also something that attracts tourists and people. Different types of Indian food are available in Himachal Pradesh, and one of them is Babru. It is a stuffed type of kachori and poori.

Babura words get matched with many more Indian foods, like chole bhtura, and Babru also little look like them, but Himachal Pradesh food has their taste and identity, making them unique. Here we see more things about the Babru Recipe for better information.

What is Babru?

img src: Archana’s Kitchen

Babru is a famous food of Himachal Pradesh, which is stuffed like a hot poori and kachoris.

The people of Himachal Pradesh have their ways of making it, and it’s proper Indian food, which many people eat in their breakfast, and it’s made with some interesting ingredients in a very interesting way.

People can also easily make this in their home with some recipes and tips, which we read here.

Ingredients to Make Babru

img src: Spice your Life!

Ingredients need to be in quantity according to the persons who are going to eat. Babru needs wheat floor in three cups, and the size can be according to your choice.

Refind oil in the quantity of two cups, ½ black gram dal, and one and a half baking powder with some salt and water, which is a basic ingredient.

Way of making Babru

First step: In the first step, you need to do the basic method of cooking dal, which is soaking, soke all-black gram split for the night, or you can also soak it for a maximum of six hours in a regular clean and fresh water. When all the soaking process gets done, then remove all extra water from the dal, and mix it in a grinder so it can get turned into a paste form.

Second step: Take a bowl, mix the wheat flour with appropriately refined, and add some baking powder with salt according to the need and taste. Mix all ingredients properly, and make dough. The dough needs to be soft, not hard, for good and tasty Babru. Seal the whole dough for some 30 minutes.

img src: Parentlane

Third step: In the third step, take the dough and do the same thing, which people do while making chapati, but try to make it a little small because it’s not actual chapatti. Now add your paste of split in it, and don’t do this in the corner; add it in the center, which is common, and people do with parathas. Seal all the sites so the batter doesn’t come out. In last, make the roll like a poori shape.

Fourth step: Take oil and heat it in medium flame, not much high, and not too slow. Add the Babru in it like poori, and fry it until it becomes fluffy, and get shaped like poori, or fry until it starts looking like a poori. Now  Babru is ready, and you can serve it with some vegetables, pickles, or anything else.

Benefits of Eating Babru

Here are Some Main Benefits of Eating Babru

New experience: People who are not from Himachal Pradesh do not taste things like Babru, they only eat normal pooris, but this is like an upgraded version of poori. People can gain new experiences from it and make this Babru instead of making simple poori. Most of the processes of making both foods are the same.

Helps indigestion: Babru is made with wheat flour and dal. Botha re good souse of natural type of fiber. These types of fiber help in digestion and immunity. It can also improve daily bowel movement by helping indigestion.

img src: Rakkh Resort

Good for nervous system: People can receive a benefit of good digestion of sugary things, and it also helps to produce more red type of platels in the body, which is a very necessary. The thing for every human is big, especially for those suffering from a lightweight type of problem.

Energy: In many areas, people also suggest this in pregnancy because people also suggest poori in this situation. Babru makes bone stronger and also helps in gaining weight. If people want to gain weight, they can take it in a limited quantity, which is good for them. There are many more benefits of eating Babru.

Who Can Enjoy Babru?

If someone is thinking about visiting Himachal Pradesh and having good health, they can try Babru food, one of Himachal Pradesh’s famous food.

Anyone can eat poori if their health is normal. Suppose the doctor suggests avoiding some specific kinds of food which get involved in Babru that person doesn’t take a risk and eat.

A person who wants to gain a new experience with a fresh taste can go for this recipe.

img src: BetterButter

Lightly weighted people can also eat it because it gives some energy and helps indigestion. If people have problems with oil and other ingredients of Babru or Have any medical issues, so can avoid eating Babru.

When Can People Make Babru?

There is no right time to make Babru, you can make it whenever you want, and some people eat it daily or at some weekends as breakfast because it’s a good choice for breakfast as an Indian. People can also make this special.

img src: Bitemeup

Every Indian in their home makes poori on vacation, function, or some ritual. People can surprise their guests with the amazing Himachal Pradesh dish Babru. They also can make this recipe, and it will taste much better than poori.


People can make all foods easily in their home. Babru is a traditional food; many more foods are famous, like Babru in Himachal Pradesh. It can look at this little spice warm food with sweet things, and it can create a new experience of eating or trying something new. It’s also a good choice for some people with a specific problem. People who have diabetes can avoid them.

Many people of Himachal Pradesh eat Babru in their breakfast, and even sometimes in dinner with vegetables, or some other spiteful things, like people eat with poori. Himachal Pradesh Babru taste is unmatchable because the main place of Babru in Himachal Pradesh.

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All Things About Madra Food with Recipe

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in India. It’s full of beautiful mountains, and the environment of Himachal Pradesh can make everyone fall in love with them. Every state has its speciality, and Himachal Pradesh has many things; one of them is its good food. They are made with different recipes and with fresh ingredients in their place.

Many foods of Himachal Pradesh are famous in the whole world, especially in India, and Madra is one of them. Many people love to try these meals in different forms, and here we see recipes and more things about this famous food of Himachal Pradesh.

What is Chana Madra?

Madra is a famous food of Himachal, and it contains yoghurt type gravy in it with some ingredients. People made it in different forms. Some like making rajma or chana, but all things include madra.

img src: The Magic Saucepan

It is a traditional dish, which is usually eaten with rice or with the same type of meal. Most of the people in Himachal cook this recipe in their homes, and in some functions like the dhaam function, Madra is a popular dish to eat because it’s a traditional function dish too in some places.

Ingredients of Chana Madra

#1 Choose cups according to need and soak Kabuli-type chana for the main dish.

#2 Mustard oil according to the need and asafetida according to the 1/5 teaspoons.

#3 Two or three cloves, a stick of cinnamon and black type cardamom.

#4 4 to 5 peppercorns with a teaspoon of cumin seeds for taste is an option.

img src: Archana’s Kitchen

#5 Four teaspoons or more gram masala according to need and one tablespoon of coriander and turmeric powder.

#6 Collect red chilli, and salt, green chillies type of powders according to the taste.

#7 Smooth hung curd according to the need or rice flour with some ghee.

Way of Making Chana Madra

First step: Take a mixer grinder and grind all cardamoms, peppercorns and cloves in one place, and do not make the proper powder. Make it a little thick to use so it can get mixed with other things in the madra dish.

Second step: In this next step, take chosen rice flour with some water, and set them in any particular place. Heat two spoons of mustard oil on medium heat, and then add a little asafetida, cinnamon, and cumin to it. Now add all species which grind in the first step of a recipe.

img src: Boldsky

Third step: if you want, you can add onion too with spice, but adding garam masala with coriander powder is a must. Now it’s time for chick pieces and adds them after cooing them for some minutes and mixing chickpeas with masalas properly.

Fourth step: In the next step, add some salt and chilli powder for a better taste of the food. After adding some chillies, cook it for 4-5 minutes or a little less after some minutes, make the heat low, add yoghurt to it, and mix it well with chick paces.

Fifth step: People can increase the heat, but they have to keep stirring them. Add rice flour mixture with ghee, and cook it for some minutes. Make thick gravy. After all, things wait for cooling down and serve with some rice and salad.

Benefits of Eating Madra

New Experience: If somebody loves to try new recipes, eating Madra can b a good experience. It’s a well-known and recorded meal of Himachal Pradesh; people can enjoy the culture of Himachal Pradesh and can gain some good new food experiences.

img src: The Restaurant Fairy’s Kitchen

Good for Health: This food contains high protein, which is good for health and gives a good taste to the tongue. It’s full of minerals, fiber, protein, and vitamins, which fight many diseases and strengthen immunity.

Bowl Improvement: It’s good for the stomach because it gets digested easily, increases the stomach power and gives much nutrition and high protein to the body, which helps in improving the overall bowel movements of a person by giving a good taste.

Who Can Eat Madra’s Food?

  • Everyone can eat Madra’s  People who like to taste different places food, and want to gain some new experience of food, and people who enjoy eating specie foods can defiantly go for this. People who face problems with their bowel movements can also go for this. It improves overall digestion because it also gives some high protein to the body.

    img src: Cookilicious
  • If some person has issues with the spicy thing or the doctor suggests they avoid some special kind of spices to avoid it. Also, it’s good for overall health and fights diseases, but some people with some specific problems can avoid eating this food with spice ingredients in some situations.

What is the Right Time to Make Madra?

  • There is no specific time for making the madra recipe because now people can also make this in any place in the world with the help of specific ingredients. If any function is present or any other special function with a family gathering, people can serve this food as a traditional Himachal Pradesh food.

    img src: HummingWorld
  • There is no specific time for this. There is no particular time for eating madra in Himachal Pradesh because it’s always available in Himachal Pradesh with different things like boiled rice or even chapattis. If a person wants to enjoy the food from their natural place, they can visit Himachal and enjoy the food while looking at the beautiful mountains.


Every restaurant has a madra dish in its place. Many more dishes of Himachal PRADESH are famous with madra, like siddu, dhaam, aktori and babru. All are good in their taste, and every Indian can fall in love with the traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh.

Most tourists like eating madra whenever they visit Himachal Pradesh because this type of food is also a specialist in Himachal Pradesh, which makes them better. These foods are getting made differently with pure Himachal ingredients. These things make the food better overall taste.