Bhey or Spicy Lotus Stems- Dish with Great Taste and Benefits

Dishes of Himachal Pradesh are not only famous in Himachal but also in different places of India because people can make them easily in their homes after knowing the right way of making them. People of Himachal can make the yummiest dish with any basic things like lotus stems. Bhey or spicy lotus stems are also one of the famous […]

Kale Chane Ka Khatta the Famous Dish of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has many things to attract people, and food can attract anyone, especially when it’s the food of Himachal Pradesh. Many foods of Himachal are favoured in other places. Khatta of jet black colour chickpeas is one of the popular salvers of Himachal Pradesh, and people of Himachal make this in their home, like any common dish. This Himachal […]

Mithha – Most Famous Sweet Dish of Himachal Pradesh

As a traveller, it does not matter how many times you have visited the hilly areas such as Kullu, Kangra, Manali, Shimla or Kasauli. Still, you will find something fresh and better on your trip to these mountains. There are hundreds of things that describe the beauty of the Himachal Pradesh, including lush green valleys, snowfall, mountains covered with snow, […]

Aktori – The Ancient Recipe of Himachal Pradesh | Recipe | Health Benefits

Himachal Pradesh is situated in the western Himalayas, and it is one of the most famous places in India. There are several reasons behind its popularity. It is famous for handicrafts, cultures, dresses, languages, art, and natural beauty, including breathtaking sceneries of mountains, rivers, and valleys. It is also known for its delicious and nutritious cuisines because this is a […]

Kullu Trout Fish Recipe | Eating Benefits | How to Make 🐟

If you are a fish lover, you must have heard about the trout. You will find it in most of the restaurants in Himachal and the hilly areas because they definitely have trout on their menu. Trout is called a cousin of salmon because it is also found in the coldest places. Salmon and trout almost look similar and have […]

Pahadi Dham/Dhaam | Himachal’s Traditional Dish for Every Joyful Event

Dhaam is a type of big meal which gets served in Himachal Pradesh traditionally on any special occasion, like an event or marriage or birthday party. Temple also serves this dish sometimes as a parshad of the temple. Now people can make Dham dishes easily in any place in the world. This dish includes many good healthy ingredients in it. […]

Know the Top Health Benefits of Eating Tudkiya Bhath and Prepration Method

Himachal Pradesh has many secrets, the secret of beautiful nature. Still, they also have delicious dishes, which can make anyone hungry. It’s like they add some magical ingredients to their food, and that foods become famous food of Himachal. Here we will reveal a famous food secret recipe so people can create them in any place in India or the […]

Himachal’s Delicious Breakfast – Siddu | Recipe & Eating Benefits

Siddu is a dish of Himachal Pradesh, and it is also comes in one of the popular dishes in Himachal Pradesh. Now people also make this in their homes, and Himachal Pradesh foods have their specialty or way of making. Many people eat Siddu with some ghee. It helps maintain the body’s temperature during winters, and that’s why people like […]

Himachal Pradesh Famous Babru Recipe

Himachal Pradesh is known because of many special things. The beauty of Himachal Pradesh nature is just speechless, and not only the environment but their food is also something that attracts tourists and people. Different types of Indian food are available in Himachal Pradesh, and one of them is Babru. It is a stuffed type of kachori and poori. Babura […]

All Things About Madra Food with Recipe

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in India. It’s full of beautiful mountains, and the environment of Himachal Pradesh can make everyone fall in love with them. Every state has its speciality, and Himachal Pradesh has many things; one of them is its good food. They are made with different recipes and with fresh ingredients in their place. Many foods […]