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Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state in India. It’s full of beautiful mountains, and the environment of Himachal Pradesh can make everyone fall in love with them. Every state has its speciality, and Himachal Pradesh has many things; one of them is its good food. They are made with different recipes and with fresh ingredients in their place.

Many foods of Himachal Pradesh are famous in the whole world, especially in India, and Madra is one of them. Many people love to try these meals in different forms, and here we see recipes and more things about this famous food of Himachal Pradesh.

What is Chana Madra?

Madra is a famous food of Himachal, and it contains yoghurt type gravy in it with some ingredients. People made it in different forms. Some like making rajma or chana, but all things include madra.

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It is a traditional dish, which is usually eaten with rice or with the same type of meal. Most of the people in Himachal cook this recipe in their homes, and in some functions like the dhaam function, Madra is a popular dish to eat because it’s a traditional function dish too in some places.

Ingredients of Chana Madra

#1 Choose cups according to need and soak Kabuli-type chana for the main dish.

#2 Mustard oil according to the need and asafetida according to the 1/5 teaspoons.

#3 Two or three cloves, a stick of cinnamon and black type cardamom.

#4 4 to 5 peppercorns with a teaspoon of cumin seeds for taste is an option.

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#5 Four teaspoons or more gram masala according to need and one tablespoon of coriander and turmeric powder.

#6 Collect red chilli, and salt, green chillies type of powders according to the taste.

#7 Smooth hung curd according to the need or rice flour with some ghee.

Way of Making Chana Madra

First step: Take a mixer grinder and grind all cardamoms, peppercorns and cloves in one place, and do not make the proper powder. Make it a little thick to use so it can get mixed with other things in the madra dish.

Second step: In this next step, take chosen rice flour with some water, and set them in any particular place. Heat two spoons of mustard oil on medium heat, and then add a little asafetida, cinnamon, and cumin to it. Now add all species which grind in the first step of a recipe.

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Third step: if you want, you can add onion too with spice, but adding garam masala with coriander powder is a must. Now it’s time for chick pieces and adds them after cooing them for some minutes and mixing chickpeas with masalas properly.

Fourth step: In the next step, add some salt and chilli powder for a better taste of the food. After adding some chillies, cook it for 4-5 minutes or a little less after some minutes, make the heat low, add yoghurt to it, and mix it well with chick paces.

Fifth step: People can increase the heat, but they have to keep stirring them. Add rice flour mixture with ghee, and cook it for some minutes. Make thick gravy. After all, things wait for cooling down and serve with some rice and salad.

Benefits of Eating Madra

New Experience: If somebody loves to try new recipes, eating Madra can b a good experience. It’s a well-known and recorded meal of Himachal Pradesh; people can enjoy the culture of Himachal Pradesh and can gain some good new food experiences.

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Good for Health: This food contains high protein, which is good for health and gives a good taste to the tongue. It’s full of minerals, fiber, protein, and vitamins, which fight many diseases and strengthen immunity.

Bowl Improvement: It’s good for the stomach because it gets digested easily, increases the stomach power and gives much nutrition and high protein to the body, which helps in improving the overall bowel movements of a person by giving a good taste.

Who Can Eat Madra’s Food?

  • Everyone can eat Madra’s  People who like to taste different places food, and want to gain some new experience of food, and people who enjoy eating specie foods can defiantly go for this. People who face problems with their bowel movements can also go for this. It improves overall digestion because it also gives some high protein to the body.

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  • If some person has issues with the spicy thing or the doctor suggests they avoid some special kind of spices to avoid it. Also, it’s good for overall health and fights diseases, but some people with some specific problems can avoid eating this food with spice ingredients in some situations.

What is the Right Time to Make Madra?

  • There is no specific time for making the madra recipe because now people can also make this in any place in the world with the help of specific ingredients. If any function is present or any other special function with a family gathering, people can serve this food as a traditional Himachal Pradesh food.

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  • There is no specific time for this. There is no particular time for eating madra in Himachal Pradesh because it’s always available in Himachal Pradesh with different things like boiled rice or even chapattis. If a person wants to enjoy the food from their natural place, they can visit Himachal and enjoy the food while looking at the beautiful mountains.


Every restaurant has a madra dish in its place. Many more dishes of Himachal PRADESH are famous with madra, like siddu, dhaam, aktori and babru. All are good in their taste, and every Indian can fall in love with the traditional dishes of Himachal Pradesh.

Most tourists like eating madra whenever they visit Himachal Pradesh because this type of food is also a specialist in Himachal Pradesh, which makes them better. These foods are getting made differently with pure Himachal ingredients. These things make the food better overall taste.

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