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15+Top Most Religious Places in Himachal Pradesh

If you’re on a religious pilgrimage, here are some places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. There are many places of worship in the state, including Manikaran Sahib, Rishi Lomash, Sangla, Mcleodganj, Dharamsala etc. These places are revered by people of different faiths. The best way to discover Himachal’s spiritual culture is to visit these places.

Top Famous and Most Visited Religious Places in Himachal Pradesh

Manikaran Sahib

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One of the most important religious places in Himachal Pradesh is Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara. It is located in the Parvati Valley, formed by the rivers Beas and Parvati. Legend has it that Lord Shiva visited Manikaran and decided to stay there.

Today, the valley is known for its marijuana cultivation and for trekking in the summer months. The gurudwara was built in 1940. The Sikh Guru Nanak Ji also visited Manikaran Sahib in 1574 AD. There are many temples and Gurudwaras in the region.

This holy site is situated at an altitude of 1756 metres. It is located about 35 km from Kullu. The temple is popular with pilgrims as it has curative properties. Tourists can also take a dip in the hot springs here.

The town is connected to major cities of the country by road. Privately owned buses run frequently between Manikaran and the surrounding towns.


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If you want to experience the culture of Tibetan Buddhism, Sangla is the right place for you. Sangla is situated at an elevation of 8,600 feet (2621 meters) and offers postcard-perfect scenery. It is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and centuries-old deodar trees. It is not a commercial place so you will experience a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

The Buddhist circuit in the state of Himachal Pradesh will take you to monasteries tracing the historical link of Guru Padmasambhava, who spread Mahayana Buddhism into Tibet. You can also explore the story of the death of Guru Padmasambhava at Rewalsar Lake, where a king from Mandi killed him in the 8th century. While touring the Buddhist circuit, you will be able to see an impressive range of Buddhist iconography.

While visiting Sangla, you can visit several beautiful temples and monasteries. The Bering Nag Temple, dedicated to Lord Jagas, also known as Lord Shiva, is one of the most prominent attractions. Another must-see is the Buddhist Monastery near Reckong Peo. In addition, you should visit the Mathi Temple, which is near Chitkul village. The architecture and decor of these temples will make you feel even more spiritual.


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Mcleodganj is a very religious place and one of the most important tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. It is home to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. It is situated near the town of Dharamshala. This town is a wonderful blend of Tibetan and Indian cultures. It boasts of splendid trekking trails, green landscapes and pleasant climate.

Mcleodganj has a neo-gothic church that is renowned for its Belgian stained-glass windows. This place of worship is nestled among the deodar trees and offers a tranquil and serene environment. This place of worship is also one of the oldest structures in the town. It is believed to be the final resting place of Lord Ergin.

Mcleodganj is also the starting point for several trekking routes leading to the upper Ravi Valley and the Chamba district. These trails pass through forests of pine, oak, and deodar. The hike is about four to five hours long. Along the way, you can hike to Bhagsu Nath, an ancient Shiva temple. You can also camp at night, which is a great experience for adventure seekers.


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Located in the Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala is the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The city has a unique combination of spirituality and serenity. The city is home to several religious temples, which are set amidst the natural beauty of the region. From these places, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar mountain range.

While you’re in Dharamshala, don’t miss visiting the Masrur rock-cut temple, which is located on a hilltop. This ancient temple faces northeast towards the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas. This 8th century temple is made of monolithic rock carvings and is dedicated to Hindu gods.

Dharamshala is a beautiful and historic town. The town has numerous attractions and is ideal for a break from the grind of everyday life. The area is most beautiful during the summer months and boasts postcard-perfect views.


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Chamunda Devi temple, a holy site, is one of the most popular places to visit in Himachal. The temple is surrounded by the magnificent Baner Khaddu mountain range. It is a Shaktipeeth, and thousands of devotees visit the temple each year.

Himachal is home to a variety of religions, including Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian pilgrimage sites. There are more than 2000 temples throughout the state. Its religious significance is evident in its rich history and culture. No celebration is complete without paying homage to the local deity.

Thousands of devotees flock to this temple every year, especially during the Navratri festival. The temple features an idol with two golden eyes and is regarded as a spiritual spot by many. In the town of Hamirpur, there is another famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, known as Narvedeshwar Temple. It was built in 1802 by Rani Prasanna Devi, the wife of King Sansar Chand. Besides a large temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the shrine also has small shrines dedicated to Goddess Durga, Lord Lakshminaraya, and Lord Ganesha.

A temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is another important landmark in the city of Shimla. It was once a simple shrine and has grown into a three-storey building. Many devotees visit this site for worship, weddings, and to pray for good health. The temple is also home to an Ayurvedic clinic.


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If you’re a Hindu, one of the most important places to visit is the Maa Sharvari Temple in Kullu. This sacred temple is dedicated to Maa Sharvari, who is often recognized as the incarnation of the Hindu goddess Durga. It’s located about 5 kilometers from Manali, along the banks of the Beas River. You can take a private cab to reach the temple. It was once worshipped by the Kullu kings.

Another place to visit in Kullu is the Bijli Mahadev Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated at 2,460 metres above sea level. A trip up to this temple offers breathtaking views of Kullu and the Parvati valleys. A Hindu pilgrim can also visit the Bijli Mahadev Temple in Chansari, which is one of the most sacred temples in the Himachal region.

If you’re looking for a more traditional experience, you’ll find a wide range of temples in the Kullu region. The Hanogi Mata Temple is the main temple in Kullu and is located on the Mandi-Manali National Highway.


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Kinnaur is a small gem in northeast Himachal Pradesh that is surrounded by the Himalayan range to the east, Tibet to the south, and the Zanskar and Dhauladhar mountains to the west. It is a land of ancient monuments, orchards, and verdant valleys. The area is steeped in history, with the Mauryas ruling in the area during the 15th century, and the Kushanas and Guptas taking over after the collapse of the Mauryas.

This region is a religious hotspot with Hindu temples, Buddhist monasteries, and Sikh monasteries. It is the home to the 14th Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. In Dharamshala, you can see several serene monasteries. While you’re in the state, you might want to make a pilgrimage to one of the nearby Tibetan settlements. You can also find Sikh and Christian monasteries in the area.

Visitors to Kinnaur should be aware of the history of the area. The state has been a Sikh haven for almost three centuries, and the many religious sites here date back to 1695. It is also home to some of the state’s oldest churches. Some of them are even over 150 years old.


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Solan is one of the most popular and religious places in Himachal Pradesh, India. It was the capital of the princely state of Baghat, and is famous for its ancient temples and monasteries. Among the most popular tourist attractions are the Shoolini Mata Temple and the Jatoli Shiv Temple. The Yundung Monastery is another notable monastic site in the area. Solan also hosts an annual fair in June, the Shoolini Mela. This three-day event is held at the central Thodo ground.

Solan is also home to the Bon Monastery, which is the only Buddhist monastery in India. It is located on a hill top and the road leading to it is steep and narrow. The monastery’s ambiance is mystical, and it has a small population of resident lamas. The monastery is about 18 km from Solan and can be reached via the Ochhghat road and the Solan-Rajgarh road.

Among the other highlights of Solan is the Mohan Meakin Brewery, the oldest in India. It is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another attraction is the Badi ki dhar, a holy site of Hindu pilgrimage, which is 6781 feet above sea level. This mystical place is known for its temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is also home to Mithoo’s, which is the oldest clothing showroom in the region.


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The Himachal Pradesh state has a huge number of pilgrimage sites, including many that cater to all religions. There are Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and Christian shrines throughout the state. In fact, you can find a temple in almost every village. In Himachal Pradesh, there are more than two thousand temples to choose from, and you are sure to find a place to worship your god.

Mandi is home to numerous temples and shrines, including the famous Kamakhya Devi Temple. This wooden temple, dedicated to the goddess Durga, is located in the Karsog valley about 7km from the town’s railway station. It is said that this temple was the site of a legendary war where the hero Manhishasur was cursed to become a water buffalo.

If you want to enjoy a picnic in Himachal Pradesh, you’ll want to visit Dayna Park. It is a popular picnic spot in Mandi, and it’s also accessible by cab. The park’s name comes from the Hindu legends associated with it, and you’ll find a number of temples, statues, and statues that depict the life of Lord Shiva.


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Nahan is located in the Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an average elevation of 932 metres and was once the capital of the princely state of Sirmur. Today, it is home to the Indian Army Special Forces Training School.

The climate of Nahan is temperate throughout the year, with the minimum average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius in April and the highest average rainfall of 697mm in August. The average annual temperature in Nahan is around 21 degrees Celsius and the smallest amount is a low of 11 degrees Celsius in January. Nahan also has several temples and parks and a lake.

The town has many historical sites, including a fort on a steep ridge just outside Nahan. Originally built by the Sirmaur kings, the fort was taken by the Gurkhas in the early 19th century. The Gurkha leader Ranzor Thapa fought a pitched battle with British forces and eventually lost the fort.


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If you are looking for a place that is full of spirituality, you should visit Tattapani. This place is 51 km away from Shimla, and has hot springs that are considered sacred by the Hindus. It is also home to a Hindu temple. The Shiva Caves are also nearby. Fishing is also a popular activity in Tattapani. The town is also known for its holy spring, which is believed to alleviate fatigue, joint pains, and skin diseases.

A trip to Tattapani will also give you the chance to experience the beautiful Himalayan views and enjoy the pleasant temperature. The beautiful landscapes make this a wonderful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also visit nearby temples, like Mahun Nag.

The religious significance of Tattapani cannot be overstated. It is believed that this place is where Lord Shiva rested. It is home to several religious temples, including those built in the 5th century. The local government has made a decision to make this place a district level festival.


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Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh is home to one of the oldest temples in the state. This temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kali, is one of the most important places to visit in the town. It is a major attraction for tourists, and is visited by many people, especially during the festival of Navratri. Legend has it that the Pandavas also visited the temple during their exile.

Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh is a scenic town, surrounded by picturesque Shivalik hills. It is a popular getaway town from Chandigarh, and is filled with a number of nature attractions. Its scenic treks are perfect for nature lovers, and the town is home to many temples and gardens.

Parwanoo is home to the Mansa Devi Temple, a beautiful shrine that dates back to the 18th century. It is located in the Shivalik mountains, and borders the town of Bilaspur in the neighboring Haryana district. This is the most important place of worship in Parwanoo, and it is the most sacred place in Himachal Pradesh for Sikh pilgrims.


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If you are an ardent believer in religion and spirituality, you must not miss visiting the most religious places in Himachal Pradesh. This scenic region is rich with numerous holy sites, including the Shringa Rishi Temple and the Buddhist monastery. The former is considered sacred by the local people and is said to protect them. Both the Buddhist and Hindu religions have their temples in this region.

Himachal Pradesh is full of temples, and you’ll find them in most villages. Many of them are dedicated to Hindu deities, but there’s also the local mountain gods. The state is home to more than two thousand temples in all, and you won’t be able to miss one of them.

If you’re looking to get spiritual, you’ll want to visit the ancient temples and monasteries. Many of these places are over a thousand years old. In addition, you’ll find several ancient Buddhist temples in the state.


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The state of Himachal Pradesh is a religious paradise in north India. Famous for its picturesque landscape, climate, and adventure sites, it is also a land of countless religious places. There are more than 100 of them in the state alone, which makes it a true “Dev Bhoomi” or “Land of the Gods”. There is a mix of religion in every corner of this state, from Buddhist monasteries to Christian churches.

The state is also home to over 2000 Hindu temples and shrines, with many of them dedicated to the Hindu gods and goddesses. A pilgrimage to one of these places will bring you spiritual peace and mental strength. If you’re looking for a unique pilgrimage experience, be sure to make it to the seven temples dedicated to the goddess Durga.

The Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India, and is a center for Hindus and Sikhs. The site also features hot sulpher springs. Visitors can also visit the Dalai Lama’s residence on a hilltop in Dharamshala. McLeodganj, which is located in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the state’s best-known hill stations.


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Spiti is one of the most religious places in Himachal Pradesh and is known as the ‘land of the lamas’. The region is dotted with important Buddhist gompas and monasteries. This valley is a Buddhist holy place and Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘The Gods Live in Spiti’ describes this area as a ‘world within a world’.

To gain a deeper understanding of Buddhist beliefs and practices, you can visit the Dhankar Monastery, which is located at an altitude of 3370 meters. This monastery is considered to be one of the oldest residential monasteries in Spiti. It has a library of Buddhist scriptures written in Bhoti script and is also a good base for trekking to the nearby Dhankar Lake.

There are many ancient temples in Spiti that date back to the 5th century. These sacred sites attract pilgrims from all over the world. Many of these temples are over 150 years old and are dedicated to various deities.


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Hindu deities adorn most religious places in Himachal Pradesh, with annual pilgrimages organized to important temples. In addition to Hindu temples, the state is home to Tibetan communities and exiles. Many other places of worship, such as Buddhist and Jain temples, are also worth visiting.

The Chintpurni Village in Himachal Pradesh is home to the Chinnamastika Shakti Peeth, one of India’s 51 Shakti Peethas. It is dedicated to the Goddess Chinnamastika, who represents life and death. It is believed that by visiting this temple, you can gain a pure heart and become a better person.

The Hanogi Mata Temple in Kullu is another famous religious place in Himachal Pradesh. This shrine is set on a small mountain peak, surrounded by lush green mountains. Another important temple in the region is the Chaurasi Temple in Bharatpur. This temple is one of the earliest Hindu temples in the Chamba Valley. It is the main center for activities in the valley.

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Skiing In Himachal Pradesh For An Icy Adventure

During the winter months, the state of Himachal Pradesh offers excellent skiing opportunities. The state is home to numerous ski resorts and hotels that offer skiing courses and itineraries. Visiting this picturesque state will be a memorable experience. Whether you’re new to skiing or a seasoned pro, you can find everything you need for an enjoyable and safe winter vacation in this beautiful state.


If you’re in the mood for an icy adventure, you’ll want to head to Himachal Pradesh. This mountainous state is renowned for its abundant snowfall and beautiful slopes. The icy adventures here are sure to leave you refreshed and elated.

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Skiing in Himachal is a great way to enjoy the spectacular landscape and breathtaking views of the mountains. If you’re a novice, you can sign up for a ski course run with the Himachal Pradesh development corporation. Local ski instructors will help you learn to control your movements and be safe on the slopes. The state is a popular tourist destination all year round, but you’ll have the most fun skiing in winter months.

The climate in Himachal Pradesh is quite different depending on the altitude. At lower altitudes, the state has a very hot climate, while it becomes cooler at higher altitudes. In the middle Himalayas, the climate is a subtropical highland climate with cool summers and cold winters. At the highest elevations, the climate is subarctic. Temperatures are generally well below freezing.


Skiing in Himachal Pradesh is a great way to explore the beautiful Himalayan region. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers and offers an adrenaline-pumping experience. This beautiful state has some of the most breathtaking mountain peaks in India.

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For those who are new to skiing, Narkanda, 64 kms from Shimla, is an excellent choice. This town is home to the oldest ski resort in the state and is famous for its snowy slopes. Ski instructors can offer introductory and intermediate ski courses at this picturesque location. There are also many opportunities for beginners and experienced skiers to pursue their passion for the sport.

There are many places in Himachal where skiing is popular. The state has a large number of ski resorts and many hotels offer courses and itineraries for the winter season.


If you are looking for an icy adventure, then you should consider skiing in Himachal Pradesh. Manali is a popular tourist destination in North India, and its ski slopes are considered excellent. There are several ski resorts in the area, including the Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass, which are both great places for learning how to ski. If you are not confident with your skiing skills, you can find ski trainers and instructors to guide you through the experience.

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One of the most popular tourist destinations in Manali is the Solang valley, located 13 km north of town on the Manali-Atal Tunnel highway. This valley has become a hub for adrenaline junkies, and tourists can participate in most adventure activities, from paragliding to skiing. Other activities include ATV rides and river crossings.

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh is also an ideal way to enjoy the scenery. The surrounding mountains are stunning, and you can get a real feel for the landscape as you race to the slopes. The Himachal region is brimming with scenic trails and breathtaking views.

Solang Valley

If you’re looking for an icy adventure, consider skiing in Himachal Pradesh’s Solang Valley. The valley receives the most snowfall during the winter months, when temperatures are below zero degrees celsius. There are a number of ski agencies in the valley, including the government-run Vajpayee Institute, as well as private outfitters like Iceland Solang and Himalayan Adventurers.

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Located 14 km from Manali, Solang Valley is a mountainous valley on the banks of the Beas River. While winter brings snow, it’s also a popular summer destination for those looking for a fun-filled summer day out. Paragliding and skiing are some of the more popular activities in the valley.

For those looking for a more adventurous winter adventure, ski trails in the region are perfect for beginners and advanced skiers. You can enjoy thrilling runs along the mountain slopes at Kufri, the Narkanda region, and the Mahasu ridge. A few of the best places in Himachal Pradesh for skiing include Solang Valley, Kufri, and Solang.


If you’re in the mood for an icy adventure, go skiing in Himachal Pradesh. The snow-covered mountains of the state have some of the best skiing slopes in the world. Beginners and pros can both find the perfect slopes here. In addition, the state hosts a variety of international skiing events.

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Gulaba: Located near Manali, Gulaba is an ideal transit point for people traveling to the Rohtang Pass. Its regular scenery is enchanting. Many sightseers explore the area on their way to Bhrigu Lake. You can set up a camp in the area. The area is popular among tourists and is even featured in the Bollywood film, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Solang Valley: Skiing in the Solang Valley is an excellent way to get in touch with nature. The area offers large slopes and a ropeway up to the top of the mountain. Once there, you can ski for half a km on the snowy slopes. The best time to visit Solang Valley is between December and February.

Rohtang Pass

For those who love the thrill of icy adventures, Rohtang Pass is a must-visit destination. The pass is one of the best skiing locations in India, and adventure junkies will love the opportunity to try Heliskiing or helicopter skiing. While the pass is not very high, the views are breathtaking.

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You can even enjoy snow-scooters and sled riding on the Rohtang Pass. The pass is about 50 km from Manali. You can take a bus from either Delhi International Airport or New Delhi to the pass. You can also take a train from Joginder Nagar railway station, which is the nearest railhead to Rohtang Pass. The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation also runs buses between Manali and Rohtang Pass, with air-conditioned deluxe coaches.

To experience the Rohtang Pass in the winter, make sure to check a weather forecast. The road is often closed due to snow and can be dangerous. It is closed for about five months out of the year, but is open during the summer months. Its winding roads are dangerous, and the drop below can be steep and unpredictable. You must know that there are no guardrails and the road is in a poor condition.

Hanuman Tibba

Hanuman Tibba, or the White Mountain, is the tallest mountain in the Dhauladhar range. It has a thick layer of powder snow that is perfect for heli-skiing. This peak offers breathtaking views and a rush of adrenaline. Skiing in Himachal Pradesh is exhilarating. You will find some of the finest slopes in the Himalayas here, including the Mahasu ridge, the Rohtang valley, and many other locations. Those looking for a more challenging experience should head to Manali.

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The state of Himachal Pradesh is known as the adventure capital of India, and you can find plenty of opportunities to engage your mind and soul in this activity. Its beautiful mountain scenery and numerous lakes will make your trip to Himachal Pradesh a memorable one.

Hanuman Tibba Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in the region. The resort has excellent skiing conditions, and is well-suited for beginners and experts. It also has a great atmosphere for a group to bond and experience an icy adventure.

Kothi Village

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh is a fun and exciting way to experience the great outdoors in the high altitudes. The Himalayan mountains are covered with stunning vistas, crystal clear lakes, and glittering glaciers that will keep you on your toes for hours on end. There are many different options for your ski vacation, so it’s easy to find something that suits your taste and your skill level.

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Himachal Pradesh is a northern state in India that borders Tibet, Uttarakhand, Punjab, and Haryana. The state contains a huge range of mountains, as well as vast, fertile plains. The Zanskar, Pir Panjal, and Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas run through the state.

If you want to take part in an icy adventure, you can take up ski lessons in Himachal Pradesh. The state has numerous resorts that offer skiing courses. There are also plenty of hotels in the state that can help you with your skiing experience.


Exciting Places to Visit in Palampur

If you’re planning to visit the Himachal Pradesh state of India, there are many things to do in Palampur. This hill station is renowned for its tea gardens, and you can visit the Palampur Cooperative Tea Factory to learn more about processing tea leaves. Other places to visit in Palampur include Bundla Chasm, a waterfall. You can also take a picnic at Saurabh Van Vihar nature park, where you can see the birdlife and visit Birni Devi Temple, a hilltop temple.

Apart from that consider visiting Tashi Jong Monastery, a special monastic site in the state. It is a home to Tibetan refugees who have fled the Chinese invasion of Tibet. The quaint, peaceful setting is ideal for a day out with your family or a picnic in nature. If you’re looking for some spirituality and culture, don’t miss the monastery. There’s Tibetan food at the main shrine and an enchanting cafe that serves traditional dishes.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, the local market is a great place to go. You can shop for Tibetan artifacts and jewelry, including original Thangka paintings. You can also buy rugs and woolen clothes from the local market. You’ll find a number of Tibetan workshops and pottery classes in Palampur, which are sure to delight your family and friends. You can even learn how to make Tibetan handicrafts at a pottery shop.

Things to Do in Palampur Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh hill station of Palampur has a number of attractions that will captivate visitors. The area is known for its tea gardens, waterfall and nature park, which offers picnic spots and a variety of birdlife. The Birni Devi Temple on a hilltop is another popular spot to visit.

#1. Tashi Jong Monastery

Visit Tashi Jong Monastery for an insight into Tibetan culture. Located only 15 kilometers from Palampur, Tashi Jong Monastery is embellished with woodcarvings, paintings, and intricate idols of Buddha. This small monastery is home to the Drugpa Kagyu tradition of Buddhism. There’s also a Tibetan restaurant and an art museum to see.

The monastery is also home to a college for freshers and Tibetan restaurants right beside the main shrine. Since the Chinese invasion, Tibetans have been living in Palampur and have been worshipping and practicing Buddhism there. While you’re there, you can also visit Tashi Jong Monastery, which is home to Tibetan refugees. This is a unique experience, and you shouldn’t miss it!

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The monastery is also home to the Tashi Jong Lamas, who are the most highly realized yogis in the world. This retreat center has all the facilities necessary for long periods of seclusion. The monastery also features a large collection of Tibetan art. Its art gallery features beautiful paintings of Tibetan artists. If you’re in town during the spring, make sure to check out Tashi Jong’s sacred lama dance. The monks dance in brocade and silk outfits according to their sadhana. The Cham dance is an important part of Tibetan culture and tradition, and a must for anyone visiting Palampur.

#2. Baijnath Temple

The Baijnath Temple in Palampur is a Hindu shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is located 16 km from Palampur. In this temple, you can see images of Shiva, Parvati, Brahma, Ganesha and Kartikeya. The Baijnath Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. Visiting this temple is believed to have curative powers, and it is considered to be a pilgrimage destination for Hindus.

This Baijnath temple is a Hindu pilgrimage site that is connected to the Ramayana and Mahabharata. In these stories, the demon Ravana, who was a devotee of Lord Shiva, did penance at Kailash, which is now located in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh. After performing penance at Kailash, he traveled to the nearby town of Kurah, where he worshiped Lord Shiva. The temple is surrounded by lush green gardens.

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Baijnath is an important landmark in the town of Palampur. The temple was constructed in 1204 AD by native merchant Ahuka and Manuka. This temple is located 16 km from Palampur and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is unique in India in that it is one of the few Hindu temples where both Lord Shiva and the demon Ravana are worshipped. In addition to being an important landmark, the Baijnath Temple offers a glimpse into the culture of the region.

#3. Triund

To reach Triund in Palampur, you can take a road trip. The distance between the two places is about 24 KM (kilometers) or 700 meters. Depending on the type of vehicle and the road conditions, it may take longer or shorter than this time. The distance from Palampur to Triund can be traveled by bus, car, or train. Depending on the route and vehicle used, the travel time can be up to 0 hours, 43 minutes, or 26.9 miles.

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The city is home to a large community of Tibetans, who live in nearby towns. You can visit a Tibetan monastery and sample Tibetan food at a restaurant. You can also shop for crafts and souvenirs in a Tibetan emporium. The Tibetan community also owns several businesses in the town. For the more spiritually minded, the nearby town of Kangra is a popular destination. The area is also home to a number of temples.

#5. Bir Billing

Paragliding can be an exhilarating experience and there are several locations in India where you can try out this adventure sport. But if you want to enjoy this sport at its best, you should visit Bir Billing in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. This place is considered the best spot for paragliding adventures in the country. Here you can enjoy a thrilling flight over the Kangra valley.

It is the best place in the world for paragliding and is renowned for its serene location. This place is a perfect getaway for families and travelers seeking a break from the daily grind. You can engage in a variety of activities at Bir Billing, including paragliding. The town also has numerous cafes and amazing green landscapes. Aside from adventure activities, this place is home to a large number of Tibetan residents.

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To experience paragliding, you can take a bus from Mandi to Bir Billing. If you are not driving, hire a car to reach Bir Billing. If you have time, walk to the monastery, which is just 6 km from Bir Billing. Visiting this monastery allows you to interact with the local people. Taking a bus from Palampur can also be a great way to get to Bir Billing.

#6. Neugal Khad

If you are considering visiting Himachal Pradesh, a visit to the famous Neugal Khad will definitely be worth it. This old bridge is a popular spot for tourists and is home to a beautiful bird known as the swallow. This bird, which can be seen on the bridge, is known for making a nest under it. Other than the swallow, many other kinds of animals and birds have been living around Neugal Khad for centuries.

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A walk around the park will give you a great view of the surrounding mountains and landscape. You can also dine at several cafes and eateries in the park. If you visit these places early enough, you can request to sit outside and enjoy the panoramic view of the Dhauladhar range. It is advisable to plan your trip accordingly, though; the best time to visit Palampur is from July to December.

#7. Norbulingka Institute

The Norbulingka Institute was founded by Kelsang and Kim Yeshi in 1995 and is located near Dharamshala, India. The mission of this institute is to preserve Tibetan culture and traditions. In addition to its many educational programs, Norbulingka has a library and a bookstore. It offers a variety of Tibetan texts, including books and CDs. The institute also offers retreats and classes for people of all ages.

The Norbulingka Institute is housed on an attractive campus. There are several workshops and galleries that teach you how to create Tibetan art. You can learn about wood painting, wood carving, and applique. The staff at the Norbulingka Institute is highly knowledgeable and can guide you through the process of making beautiful Tibetan art. Some workshops lead to volunteer opportunities, and you can learn a new skill while helping to preserve the Tibetan culture.

img src: Tibet post International

The Norbulingka Institute offers a wonderful opportunity to learn about Tibetan culture. Located near Dharamshala, it was founded in 1995 by Kim Yeshi and Kelsang. Its primary purpose is to preserve Tibetan culture and provide employment to Tibetan refugees. The institute also offers short-term workshops in Tibetan arts. You can even take a course to learn the skills. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about a traditional art form and to make something special for yourself.

#8. Saurabh Van Vihar

Saurabh Van Vihar in Palam pur is a residential complex that was built for people from other states. This residential complex is located on a hilltop, in the city of Palampur, and is a popular place for a peaceful stay. It offers leafy walking paths and a boating lake that overlooks the snow-capped mountains. The neighborhood is popular with people from all walks of life, and the amenities are good for families.

The public park is about 4 km away from Palampur and is home to several species of birds and animals. It is also home to a small lake that is fed by the Dhauladhar mountain range. The area has a cafe that serves refreshments, and visitors can enjoy the nature trails. There is also a memorial dedicated to Captain Saurabh Kalia, who died during the Kargil war in 1999.

img src: Tribune India

The park is filled with colorful flowers, plants, and trees and features a small lake. There are also swings for children, toilets, and a control room for the park. The park also has several interesting exhibits for nature enthusiasts. While you’re at the park, you can take your camera to capture some beautiful pictures of the area’s landscape. Visiting this park is an excellent way to take in the beautiful views of the Dhauladhar mountain range.

#9. Jwalamukhi Temple

Located in the scenic mountain range of Palampur, the beautiful Jwalamukhi Temple is dedicated to the goddess Shakti. The shrine is famous for its golden-domed shrines and sacred flame. It is an excellent place to pray and meditate. You can also see a golden-domed temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This temple is a must-see if you are visiting the region.

The temple has no idol in its interior, but is rather a building with a dome and silver-plated folding doors. Its interior features a three-foot square pit, pathways around it, and a hollowed rock that sits on top of the primary fissure of flame. It is believed to be the mouth of Goddess Mahakali. You can spend the night at this temple to meditate and see the beautiful sight of the goddess.

img src: HinduPad

The temple is also one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. It is located about 30 km south of the Kangra valley. It is dedicated to the Goddess of Light, also known as Flaming Goddess. The temple overlooks the unduladhar range. During Mughal times, the Mughal emperor Akbar visited the temple and offered a gold chhatri (umbrella) to the Goddess. When he looked at the chhatri, his heart turned copper.

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10 Amazing Things That You Can Do In Manikaran

Manikaran is a village in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is situated on the banks of river Parvati, surrounded by dense forest and snow-capped mountain peaks. The village’s name is named after a rare tree, the Manikaran tree. This tree bears flowers during summer. The blossoms are red and resemble blood drops.

Hence, the locals call it ‘Manikaran,’ which means blood drop. Manikaran is located more than 300 km away from its district headquarters, Kullu, and is well connected through either road or rail to other region cities viz., Mandi, Shimla, Manali, or Kullu via different routes.

Location of Manikaran

Located at an altitude of 2,050 m (6,769 ft), Manikaran is a tranquil place located amidst the majestic Himalayas. There are many tourist destinations that one can visit to explore the scenic beauty of this enchanting place. The Salkhua Nature Park is located at a distance of nearly 30 km from Manikaran and is situated on the banks of the river Parvati. The famous Nanda Devi National Park is also situated in Manikaran.

Another favorite tourist destination in the region is the Kullu Valley. The Manikaran River flows through it. There are many notable trekking routes to be explored in the region, including Chukar Parbat (6,950 m), Nanda Devi, and Trisul Passes. Many other places around Manikaran that one can explore include Kagru Lake, the forest and Holi festival at Lagmatoria, the valley of flowers, etc.

Places People Can Visit in Manikaran

#1 Manikaran Sahib

img src: TripAdvisor

This is a place where the locals worship Sant Baba Bishambhar Nath. The place is situated on the banks of the Manikaran River. The village is popular for its temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Amareshwara.

 #2 Kangra Lake

img src:

This lake is situated at a distance of nearly 15 km from Manikaran town in the Kullu valley. This lake has many attractions, such as forests, animal species, and waterfalls located here. It is one of the best tourist destinations in the region that people can visit for sightseeing and adventure activities.

#3 Hot Springs

img src: On a Cheap Trip

There are hot water springs located at a distance of nearly 10 km from Manikaran. These springs are teeming with peepal trees, shrubs, and flowers. One can enjoy the hot water for therapeutic purposes by walking through the garden.

#4 Nanda Devi National Park

img src: Tour My India

This national park is one of the best tourist destinations in the Kullu valley region. It attracts many tourists during winters. It is a favorite spot during winters due to its snow-capped peaks and picturesque scenery. It also acts as an entertaining place to watch wildlife living in their habitat, especially various birds and wild animals like deer, foxes, civets, etc.

#5 Harinder Mountain

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This mountain is located at a distance of around 30 km from Kullu and is on the bank of the Manikaran River. After crossing this mountain, one reaches Nanda Devi National Park.

#6 Trishul Pass

img src: Masala Box Travel

This pass connects Manikaran and Kullu Valleys and is one of the best hiking places in Himachal Pradesh. One can enjoy tremendous panoramic views in all directions as one walks through this place. The village also hosts a century-old temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu called ‘Chandi Mata Temple.’

#7 Manali and Kasol

img src: Thrillophilia

These towns are located in the Kullu Valley region. It is located at a distance of nearly 90 km from Manikaran and attracts many visitors during the summer season.

#8 Bhuntar

img src: Newsmobile

It is the gateway to Kullu valley and can be reached within 2 hours by road from Manali. It is ideal for adventure activities like river rafting, rappelling, hiking, etc. The famous Naggar Castle is also located here, built by Maharaja Sansar Chand in 1834 AD.

Adventurous Activities People Can Perform in Manikaran

Skiing and Rafting

img src: AVA Rafting & Zipline

Manikaran is one of the best ski destinations in India due to its proximity to high peaks like Trisul, Bara Shigri, and Anal Peak. One can enjoy skiing in Manikaran on the National Highway near the village. Rafting is one of the most popular water sports in Manikaran that one can perform or watch during summers or winters. There are also chances to go paragliding, mountain biking, and rock climbing which is a suitable attraction for adventure lovers to explore during their stay at Manikaran.


img src: Technogym

One can enjoy hiking in Manikaran in the Himalayas. There are many trekking routes to explore in the region, including Chukar Parbat, Nanda Devi, and Trisul Passes. The best time to hike is during winters as water streams and snow cover the ground. During summers, one can also enjoy trekking in Bhuntar, Dharamsala, and Kullu valley.

Trekking and Fishing

img src:
Hotels in Tirthan Valley

Manikaran is a perfect place for trekking due to its proximity to the Himalayas and snowcapped mountains nearby. One can explore places like Chukar Parbat, Nanda Devi, and Trisul Passes by setting off on a trekking adventure. There are several spots in Manikaran where one can go fishing during their visit to this region. Some of the most popular spots include Kagru Lake and Manikaran River.

White Water Rafting

img src: TripSavvy

Manikaran is one of the best places to enjoy white water rafting in Himachal Pradesh. One can enjoy rafting on the Parvati river, a great attraction for adventure lovers during winters as the region is popular for its snow-capped peaks. There are also chances to go paragliding, mountain biking, and rock climbing which is a suitable attraction for adventure lovers to explore during their stay at Manikaran.

Points to Consider While Visiting Manikaran

Getting around Manikaran is quite easy as an efficient local transport service is in place. The locals also use pedal rickshaws for their transport needs. One can also hire taxis and auto-rickshaws to travel from Manali to Manikaran.

The temperature during winters is quite low, which ranges between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius, and during summers is above 30 degrees Celsius, making it a favorable destination to visit during the winter season. Summers are best enjoyed by exploring the bike trails at Kagru Lake and the nearby areas, including Harinder Mountain and other places in the Kullu valley region of Himachal Pradesh.

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How Can You Spend A Lovely Weekend At Renuka Lake In Himachal Pradesh?

Renuka Lake is only thirty-eight kilometres from Nahan. It is an ideal destination, especially for those who want to enjoy nature and its peace. It is not like any other lakes across the area. Renuka Lake is known for its cultural past rather than its natural beauty and surroundings.

This magnificent water body is formed like a reclining woman and is hence regarded as representing the Goddess Renuka. It is home to many fishes and other aquatic creatures. The lake also has boating facilities, which adds to the enjoyment of being there.

Information About Renuka Lake

img src: TravelTriangle

You will find some of the answers to your issues that may arise when arranging a weekend trip to Renuka lake. The distance of Renuka lake from Delhi is 315 kilometres. It will take about seven hours if you are travelling from your vehicle. The ideal trip duration will be one night and two days.

You might be thinking, what is the best time to go? Renuka lake is a year-round location, with an average temperature of 18.8 degrees Celsius. The lake should be visited between April and June or September and November.

You will have to cost around 75,00 rupees if you are returning to Delhi by a cap. Renuka Ji is an excellent choice if you want to spend quality time with your family. It is a good option for a family weekend vacation or a spontaneous ride with friends. It captivates you with its tranquillity and natural beauty.

Travel Methods

img src:

The majority of couples and friends drive or ride their bikes to Renuka lake. A rented cab is an excellent option while travelling with family and children.

A non-AC HRTC bus leaves ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi if travelling by bus. The cost per person is around 250 rupees.

You can fly from Delhi to Chandigarh by aircraft and then by bus to Nahan. Renuka Ji is around one-thirty kilometres away from Chandigarh.

There is a train from Delhi to Ambala Cantonment station. You can travel by bus or taxi from Ambala as well.

What is the Attraction Point of Visiting Renuka Lake?

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The Parshuram Tal and Renuka lake is located approximately a hundred metres from Renuka Ji. It is based on a mythological story of Lord Parshuram and Mata Renuka.

Jama peak, which is eight kilometres distant, offers a good view of the lake from the summit. You may also see Himalayan black bears, Asiatic lions, and some of the attractions and locations to explore around Renuka Ji.

Some of the Things You Can Do in Renuka Lake

Renuka Ji and its environs provide tranquillity to the city people. It is a beautiful place to unwind and rest. Boating on the lake, a lion safari adjacent to the zoo, a little lunch by the waterfall on the way to the temple, and little treks and walking in the neighbouring hills are all the popular activities you can do.

Places to Live Near Renuka lake

You might want to rest after a long day of touring Renuka lake. There are plenty of places to relax. This location has some of the cosiest accommodations with stunning views around the area.

Tariffs start from1,400 per night. It is within the budget. If you are seeking more comfort and facilities, the rates would be around five thousand rupees per night.

The Renuka HPTDC

img src: TripAdvisor

The hotel is full of comfort and relaxation. It is situated charmingly amidst the natural beauty. The guests are attracted because of the view from the hotel’s windows. This hotel is within the budget with the rates starting at 2000 rupees.

Writer’s Hill Resort

img src: TripAdvisor

This hotel is situated around a few kilometres from the lake. It is a dream come true for vacationers if you are looking for something just like your home. It is the best one since it is surrounded by lush flora.

It serves the most delectable homey food and is greeted by amiable employees. The Shivalik’s captivating scenery is the icing on the cake. The rates of this hotel start at rupees 6,000, and it also goes up.

More Information About Renuka Ji

The Mesmerizing View of Sunrise On The Way From Delhi

img src: Autocar India

Any hill station’s tourist attraction list will easily include sunset locations. On the other hand, a few hill stations can provide a beautiful location to watch the sunrise. Nahan is unquestionably among them.

You must take the late-night road trips to avoid missing the sunrise. There are so many lodges on the way from Delhi. It is one of the most beautiful resorts near Chandigarh.

Devour Tea

img src: TravelTriangle

On the way to your home, you will have to take a tea break. There is a point to take some best photographing. It is wonderful in the cold. The hillside of Nahan will never disappoint. There are various shops providing not only excellent mountain tea but also spectacular views of the Himalayan foothills.

The Badolia Baba Temple Has A Wonderful View Of The Waterfall

img src: Flipboard

You will see the Badolia baba temple just in front of the waterfall. It comes in when you are about to reach the temple. If you want to go beyond the temple, request the priest to deposit your possessions in the temple. While you are trekking up the waterfall, your automobiles will be at a safe place in the parking lot.

Enjoy A Cup Of Tea While Watching The Wildlife

img src: TripAdvisor

If you want to get to the well-kept Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, you must drive through the lake. The Sanctuary covers four square kilometres and may be observed from the driveway that leads to the Sanctuary’s key locations.

How Can You Get There?

img src: Hill Post

You must travel late at night if travelling by cab. If you are travelling by train, arrive in Ambala in the late afternoons to avoid the headaches of getting to Nahan. If you are taking the bus, leave late at night and arrive in Nahan early in the morning. Renuka lake is a nice place to visit if you want to spend your weekend with family and friends.

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Detailed Guidance About The Churdhar Peak Trek

Churdhar mountain trek leads to the outer Himalayan range’s highest peak. George Everest astronomically measured the Himalayan Mountains. Churi-Chandni Dhar is another name for Churdhar. The top of Churdhar can be approached in three different directions. The most popular way is from the Sirmour district’s Nauradhar. It is also the most famous way to go. The peak is surrounded by a 56-square-kilometer woodland sanctuary, making trekking a pleasant experience.

img src: Wikimedia Commons

The trekking becomes more accessible from May to November. It is the time when the snow melts. You can trek to churdhar quickly then. The hike takes you through a deep Deodar Forest, terraced crops, and Gujjar pastures.

Churdhar might not be as well-known as other cities in India, but it should not bother you. Churdhar is a modest yet lovely upcoming tourist location worth visiting. Few of the exciting things to do and places to visit at this secret gateway will astound you.

Travel Guidance to the Sanctuary

Adventure entails forgetting about the mundane aspects of daily life in exchange for inner happiness. Adventure is great for soul pleasure; you have to forget everything and feel like you are a part of it. Money cannot buy happiness, but adventure can make your soul happy. The Churdhar sanctuary is in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur district.

img src:

The sanctuary’s total area is approximately 56.13 square kilometers, and it stands at the height of 11,965 feet. Churdhar trek is an 18-kilometer hike that can be completed in one or two days if you have prior mountain walking expertise. On the other hand, if you have mountain experience, you may efficiently complete the trail in ten to twelve hours.

Camping and bonfires are two excellent ways to spend quality time with nature. Churdhar is also known by the names Chur-Chandni, and Chur-choti. Churdhar Sanctuary attracts many visitors; if you appreciate hiking, churdhar is the best place to go. If you prefer to be close to wildlife and nature, you should visit this place to see Deer, Barking deer, Monal, and Langurs.

More About Chudhar Trekking

The Churdhar walk ranges in difficulty from easy to challenging. As you will progress uphill, the thrill of trekking increases. The most crucial thing to know if you are hiking is when the greatest time to visit is.

The time to visit Churdhar is from May to November, but the best and most ideal season is April to June and October to November.

img src: NativePlanet

In October and November, you will see snow in the last five to eight kilometers of trekking. The snow adds more adventure to your trekking. When performing the Churdhar trekking, keep in mind that you should avoid walking at night because it is an entirely dense forest with many animals. You will not be able to see much, and you might miss the path. So, please do not put your life in danger.

Churdhar Trek is Divided into Two Sections

After passing through the first section, you will come across two shops where you may purchase essential food items such as Maggie, Chips, Biscuits, and cold drinks. The prices of food items are more than usual so keep these things in mind.

You will also find a place to stay, although the options are few and the accommodations are basic. There is a lot of space and beautiful surfaces for camping so it will be easier and safer for you to camp. The place is lovely and full of adventure because it includes many traveling camps and bonfires.

img src: Thrillophilia

You will get two options for the journey after the second break. The first one will go to Shri Shirgul Maharaj temple. The second path climbs to the peak’s summit. You will get to see Lord Shiva’s idol there. Moreover, you can stay at the Dharmshala there as it is free for the devotees visiting there.

Churdhar Trek Distance

The first stop will be in Nohradhar, a helmet located on the Solan-Rajghat-Sangrah Road if you are traveling from Delhi. The journey is approximately 390 kilometers, with a 20-kilometer ascent from Delhi to Nohradhar. The beautiful path scenery will rejuvenate your mind and body throughout this path.

img src: District Sirmaur

If you are beginning your journey from Chandigarh, the distance from Chandigarh to Nohradhar is 130 kilometers. Take one from Chandigarh’s sector 17 bus stand if you want to travel by bus.

It will take approximately 4.5 hours to get there, after which you can begin trekking through a forest. It will surely be an unforgettable experience. There is a food tour also if you feel hungry at any point in time.

If you start your journey from Shimla, go by the Chaupal-Saharan route. It is the shortest distance, but it isn’t easy to navigate because of the high slope. You should have some quiet snacks between Saharan and the shelter. After that, you can go to some of Shimla’s most prominent tourist attractions.

Trekking Time in Churdhar

Many factors influence Churdhar, such as the route you have chosen, the time to choose the break, the weight of the luggage, and many more factors. First, let us discuss how long the journey will take.

Assuming you chose the Nohradhar path, the eighteen kilometers hike will take about five to six hours if you continue the path without taking a break.

img src:
Tribune India

Trekking from Shimla through Chaupal-Saharan takes about four to five hours due to the steep start. The time for trekking from Haripurdhar will take around thirteen to fourteen hours to accomplish the fifty km trip if you avoid taking long rests.

Is Going To Churdhar Trekking In March Safe?

To be honest, you have to avoid going on the Churdhar hike in early March because the peak is coated with a heavy layer of snow that is beginning to melt. We would suggest visiting in April when the snow has begun to melt. You can really appreciate the natural surroundings. It will be a perfect view when the snow melts. It will be a great view when the sky is filled with clouds and snow is on the peak.

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Rohtang La – An Overview About One Of The Best Hill Station

The Rohtang Pass is a mountain pass on the Indian National Highway 1 in Himachal Pradesh. It connects the Kullu and Lahaul valleys with the Spiti valley and is closed during winters due to heavy snowfall. The name of the pass comes from two words, ‘roht’ meaning snow and ‘thang’ meaning to cross over it.

The Rohtang Pass is how Snow Leopard in India can migrate from their higher altitude territories in the Himalayas down into lower altitudes as it snows less at these elevations during winters. On a clear day, the Rohtang Pass provides a stunning view of the Himalayas.

It is located at an elevation of 3,978 m (13,054 ft), about 22 km from Manali. It is the highest pass on National Highway NH-1, connecting Rohtang Pass to Keylong on NH-20. The pass was closed in May 2013 and was opened on 10 July 2013 with restrictions for light vehicles. A series of small landslides during monsoon rains in mid-July caused further delays in reopening. The journey was further delayed by landslides along the road that killed one person and injured several others.

Interesting Adventurous Activities Accessible At Rohtang La

#1 Mountain Climbing

img src: ClearHolidays

Rohtang La is the highest motorable pass in India. There is tremendous interest and enthusiasm about climbing Rohtang La. Dont miss out on this adventurous opportunity. One can explore beautiful mountains and enjoy wonderful views of the view ranges of Snow Leopards and clear mountain streams.

A small hut can be seen on the top of Rohtang La at an altitude of 13,353 m (4300 ft). One needs to climb nearly 6000 meters high to reach it. The pass comes under the Shimla district, famous for its winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding.

#2 Trekking

img src: Thrillophilia

Trekking is another attractive activity that draws many people here. Trekking can be done from either side of Rohtang La. The trek from the Keylong side at an altitude of 3,790 m (12,400 ft) takes about 7–8 hours to reach the top at 4,250 m (13,910 ft). Most tourists prefer this pass as it is shorter than the trek from the Manali side.

However, this route has the potential for avalanches in winters and landslides in the monsoon season. It also offers a scenic view of Panchachuli peaks visible from this side. It is recommended to take guides during this trek.

#3 Photography

img src: Outlook India

Rohtang La is an amazing place to explore nature. It offers the best view. The location of Rohtang La enchants the traveler with its beauty and natural charm. Rohtang la is full of snow all the year-round. It is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the world.

The pass is famous for its scenic beauty and snowy and cloud-covered tops. The pass is located on a hill with an elevation of 4,380 meters above sea level.

Best Ways To Reach Rohtang Pass For Better Experience

If you plan to visit Rohtang pass for some adventure activities, you must be thinking about the best way to reach Rohtang pass. If so, please keep in mind that you will have an amazing experience in Manali and Rohtang Pass for exciting activities like skiing, excursions, and much more.

img src:
Indian Travel Store

You can get a Jet Ski & Ride-on on this highway. This will add value to your trip and make a memorable moment of your life. So, if you are going to Rohtang pass in Manali, then it is highly recommended you go on a Jet Ski ride on the highway.

However, road volume was very low this year due to heavy snowfall. And we were told that they were having a serious problem with the slope of the Rohtang pass and would be closing it soon. So we checked at the Keylong side instead, which is closed during winters due to heavy snowfall but was opened after 3 months of closure this year.

Best Places in Rohtang La One Should Visit

#1 Nehru Kund

img src: ClearHolidays

Nehru Kund is a small lake opened on the Rohtang Pass at 3,950 m (13,045 ft). This beautiful lake is located 8 km from Rohtang Pass in Manali.

It was originally known as Satpara Lake and was renamed its current name in honor of Jawaharlal Nehru. Jawaharlal Nehru visited this place on 21 April 1936 while traveling to Leh.

The people of this area are very familiar with him because he was the first Prime Minister of India, and he played a vital role in the development of hill states.

#2 Hadimba Temple

img src: go2india

Hadimba Temple is the most famous Hindu temple located on a hilltop in Manali town. This temple is dedicated to the goddess of Shakti and Parvati.

The statue of Goddess Hadimba is made from a single stone. Its height is about 4 m (13 ft), and it weighs about 6 tons.

The main attraction of this temple is the famous songs sung by local people called ‘Dhamal,’ the dance performed by the men at late night, every night during full moon day and new moon day every month.

Things To Consider While Visiting Rohtang Pass

While planning a trip to Rohtang pass, it is important to consider certain things. Here are some points you should consider; a permit is required to visit Rohtang Pass road. This permit can be obtained from the office of Himachal Pradesh Roadways situated at Sarchu, Himachal Pradesh.

It is worth noting that the annual visitor limit for this site has been set at approx 1000 persons per day during the weekdays and 1500 a day during weekends and holidays.

img src: ClearHolidays

Each needs to carry a bond of Rs 100 if they are below 15yrs or Rs 500 if they are above 15yrs and 70 years of age. The maximum height of the pass is 18,400 feet, and the minimum altitude is 8,600 feet. The Rohtang Pass road is closed on both sides throughout the year from June to May because heavy snowfall in this region makes the road near inaccessible.

The journey from Manali to Rohtang pass takes about 7–8 hours by car or 4–5 hours by car by walking through a trekking track covered with snow during winters.

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Discover Dharamkot’s Countless Tourist Attractions Right Here!

Dharamkot is a modest hippy village near Dharamshala and Mcleodganj; however, unlike these sites, it is a lovely town that few people visit.

It is good to spend time away, meditating in solitude at places such as the Yoga Village. Dharamkot, home to the Dhamma Shikhara Vipassana Meditation Centre and the Tushita Buddhist Meditation Centre, strikes a nice mix between a quiet yoga retreat town and an adventurer’s haven. The little village enjoys breathtaking views of the adjacent Kangra Valley and the massive Dhauladhar peaks.

Location: Dharamkot is in Kangra district, roughly 6,900 feet above sea level, above the hillcrest of Mcleodganj, and offers stunning views of the Kangra valley.

How to Get There

Dharamkot is about two kilometers from Mcleodganj. You may get here by an exciting hike that lasts anywhere from thirty to forty minutes, allowing you to get up and personal with the beautiful foliage.

You may hire a local cab or drive yourself until you reach Dharamkot. Mcleodganj may be reached by Dharamshala airport, Jalandhar railway station, or by the highway.

When is the Best Time to Visit Dharamkot?

Dharamkot may be visited all year, as the roads are open in all seasons. If you want to escape the heat, the best and safest months to go are March-May. Come here between October and December if you wish to avoid the cold winters. During the winter months, snowfalls, and you may have fun playing in them in this section of Himachal.

img src:

February is still cold, but spring arrives in March, making the temperature pleasant. In Travellers’ experience, vacationing there between October and November provides you with the very best of both worlds.

After the rain, the hills are lush green, but winter has yet to fall. It is cool but not too cold, just the right temperature for a walkabout and exploring the place.

What to Do in Dharamkot

Eat & Unwind


For the ease of a vacation that Dharamkot provides, you’ll be astonished by the range of eateries and cafés available. Add to it the variety of cuisines available at Dharamkot cafés, ranging from Israeli to Italian, Indian to American. Your taste senses will make sure to spend a weekend in this paradise for the rest of your life.

At Dharamkot, you will never get a terrible meal. It is one of the few spots on the planet that serves gourmet meals so high in the mountains. It is a melting pot of cultures, and you can get a taste of all of them here via cuisine. As more Israeli and European visitors stayed in Dharamkot for extended periods, it became a second home to them and created its aura.

Greens of Bodhi

img src: BODHI Greens

Bodhi Greens, which opened in Dharamkot last year, serves wonderful vegan dishes. It is a new kid on the street. Non-vegans will like the meals here as well.

This restaurant, located on Dharamkot’s main road, serves American, Italian, Indian, and Japanese cuisine. It was once located near Mcleodganj’s main square. However, it has now moved up to Dharamkot road. Smoothies, french toast, pancakes, and Tofu wraps are all available.

Morgan’s Residence

img src: Tripopola

It is Dharamkot’s most well-known and popular restaurant. It is in the alley near the Trek and Dine restaurant in central Dharamkot (not even in the interiors). And its reputation is justified in every way by the experience it delivers you.

Their wood-fired pizza, mint tea, and hand-made pasta are all worth a try. The view from the dining area is pleasant, and it entices you to explore the remainder of the hamlet once you’ve filled your stomach.

Dharamkot Walking Tours & Exploration

At Dharamkot, walking around the hamlet looking for tranquil locations, natural gems and chatting with residents is a pastime in and of itself. The hamlet itself does not have many perspectives or tourist attractions, but it will provide you with much rejuvenation if you love your wanderings.

Dharamkot, despite its prominence, is still a hamlet with few motorable roads. The major route from Mcleodganj to this location terminates at Trek & Dine. To explore the remainder of the settlement, you’ll have to stroll.

Waterfall Gallu

img src: Trippius

The Gallu Devi temple is around a couple of kilometres trek from Dharamkot. It is also the official starting point for the Triund hike. If you don’t want to walk, you can take a cab or an auto. A cab from Mcleodganj to this location costs roughly 500 INR (a one-way trip). There are other tea shops and lodging hotels where hikers may eat and rest.

A large route leads from Gallu to Triund. And a little, narrow detour from Gallu leads to a tranquil waterfall that lacks the tourist crowds that you’ll find at Bhagsu.

Dharamkot Lodging Options Also has Beautiful Attractions

img src: TripAdvisor

Dharamkot hamlet lacks large hotels and resorts; however, there are several homestays, cheap motels, and backpacker hostels. If you want to try your luck at yoga or vipassana lessons, several of these institutes also provide pasta. Dharamkot is teeming with backpackers, relaxed tourists, and spiritual seekers.

Dharamkot hotels and lodging alternatives have exploded in recent years. There weren’t as many lodging alternatives here a few years ago as there are now. Booking ahead of time is advised because the location is well-known among international visitors.

A traveller’s hostel with dormitory-style rooms and communal lounges is also in the centre of the hamlet.

If you are comfortable travelling as a backpacker, you will have lots of alternatives for places to stay, dine, and explore in Dharamkot. There are a few nice hotels for individuals that want a more luxurious stay.


Dharamkot is a location that grew because of the visitors that visited here. Dharamkot is a wonderful place if you want a relaxing holiday without very much sightseeing and tourist rush, with excellent gourmet cuisine, some trekking, and lots more soaking in the hippy vibe. Avoid visiting Dharamkot if you want to have a relaxing vacation and do not want to trek or go about it.

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6 Famous Lakes in HP with Eye-soothing Views

The beautiful landscape encircles the vast region of Himachal Pradesh. The land offers wild diversity with stunning eye-soothing views to the tourist. Thanks to the Himalayas mountain range.

The region is famous for its pristine beauty. Travelers visit the area during the vacation to see meticulously formed landscapes by mother earth and enjoy the breathtaking views, culture, lakes, and wildlife.

Nicely conserved lakes offer various reasons to relish the time during the travel. The beautiful lakes of Himachal Pradesh are the center of attraction. The Mountain region brings down the freshwater to these lakes, grazing their nutritional and aesthetic value.

It makes the nearby location thrives as they get more nourishment through these lakes, making the region full of greenery. Dazzling, fresh mountain water stored in the large lake with a lush green field makes your soul peaceful.

High elevated region of the Himachal takes you away from the city’s air pollution. Fresh air replenishes your body and contributes to improving your health.

Lakes are surrounded by beautiful and colorful flowers, giving you a reason to stay near them. It is a pleasing experience to feel nature’s creation with your bare hand, experience the wild beauty, and breathe in the enticing aroma spread across the lake.

Himachal Pradesh consists of more than 25 lakes and natural reservoirs of water across the state. These lakes sides are popular destinations to visit during the summer vacations.

Let’s dive into to know more about these lakes and their characteristics.

1) Chandertal Lake

img src: Holidify

The Chandertal lake is located at the height of 4,300 m from sea level, making it one of the top attractions in the region.

It is located in the Manali, Hamta pass, Chandratal, Baralacha-La, and Lahaul valley, and it is surrounded by beautiful mountain valleys, wildlife, greenery, and cold breeze air.

A traveler passing by the lake uses the lake as a resting point for a night’s stay. The best time to visit the place is from June to September.

2) Dal Lake

img src: MakeMyTrip

Are you looking for a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts and dreams? If yes, then Dal Lake would be the ultimate destination for you. Located in the Kangra Districts of McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, the region is approx 1775 mts height above sea level, making it a peaceful village.

Visit the Shiva temple built at the bank of the Dal Lake. Travelers are advised to visit the place between May and October to enjoy the natural beauty. Placid Dal Lake is blossoming with pine trees and green meadows around the lake. The condition becomes pleasant due to a drop in the temperature.

3) Gobind Sagar Lake

img src: Divya Himachal

Gorgeous Gobind Sagar lake is an artificial reservoir built-in 1976. Water in the Lake is brought through the hydel dam at Bhakra. It is located at an elevation of 225.5 m. The 90 kms long water reservoir occupies approximately 170 sq kms area.

Lake is an excellent destination for nature lovers and people who want some adventure during their travel. Travelers reach the location to enjoy the attractive sightseeing and adventures activities.

Many recreational activities are organized to make your stay more fun. The best time to visit the region is between March to October when the weather stays ideal around the lake.

4) Khajjiar Lake

img src: AlightIndia

The most spectacular Lake in Himachal Pradesh is covered in fresh white snow. Most of the area of Khajjiar Lake is surrounded by the dense forest region and located at an elevation of 1920 m, making it the most peaceful place in India.

Lake receives water from the small river stream flowing from the mountain. Travelers visit the lake and spend their holiday season with family and friends. Various recreation activities are organized in the region, giving people more areas to stay longer and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Newly married couples will enjoy the moments far from the busy city. People who are in their 60 will find the land memorizing. It will make you young again and bring positivity to your life.

5) Manimahesh Lake

img src: District Chamba

Located in the Chamba region, the Manimahesh Lake brings joy to your life. You will flow positive energy into your body after spending a few days near the lake.

Surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range, the lake fulfills the dream of a personal visit to the place. Many tourists have witnessed changes in their perspective after they visit Manimahesh Lake.

It is at an elevation of 4080 m, the highest mountain lake in the region. At the peak of the mountain, you will find the temple of Shiva.

Many mythological proofs are found in the region, making the place holy to Hindu sacred people. Gaddi Tribe and Hindus believe the place is the land of Shiva. A large number of a pilgrimage visits the place to pray to Lord Shiva.

6) Nako Lake

img src: Devil On Wheels

Surrounded by the gigantic mountain valleys, the place is an art of nature that brings mesmerizing vistas and a pleasing atmosphere at your courtesy.

Stay around the beautiful meadows, willows, and trees. Find the Buddhist temples near the lake. Lake is available at the elevation of 3662 m.

Picture perfect scenery and pleasing weather make the journey more enticing. Grove of the trees makes the land hide under the shadow of the greenery.

Close to the temple, there are ancient caves. It is believed that Saint Padmasambhava used to live in those caves. You will find diverse culture and local festival that gives the region its unique identity.

The region is far away from the metro cities, which makes it a more peaceful area to stay. Start your day with the early morning sun in the cold weather, and end your day with the beautiful sunset. A pleasing atmosphere touches the heart and gives you a reason to live more.


Himachal Pradesh is one of the places in India where you get to see diverse regions surrounded by natural beauty, wildlife, and breathtaking water bodies. Lakes in Himachal Pradesh are essential landscapes where tourists from all over India travel to spend time close to nature.

Greenery, fresh air, clean water, and a peaceful environment will fulfill your life. All of these factors make Himachal Pradesh a top tourist destination in India. Join the regional festival during August and September to witness ‘Manimahesh Yatra’ and many other local festivals.

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Halda Festival: The Spirit of the Lamas in Himachal Pradesh

One of the most awaited festivals in Himachal Pradesh is the Halda Festival, celebrated with zest and joy. Crafted with the best dance performances and unique cocktails, the festival is an unforgettable experience for the people. It is such an occasion of happiness where people from different states come together to celebrate. Moreover, it is the New Year in Himachal Pradesh with people wishing prosperity to their kin and kith.

Halda Festival is dedicated to ShiskarApa, the Goddess of Wealth in the Lamaistic Pantheon. The significant attraction of the festival is the vast and considerable bonfire! The bonfire is held at a site chosen by the Lamas! People of Himachal gather all the cedar twigs to light the massive bonfire.

People do merry-making and fun while circling the bonfire. The bonfire depicts the unity of the people. Engaging dance performances add to the glamour of the festival. A special ceremony is also held on the occasion. Offerings are given to the local deities for the well-being of the townspeople.

Halda festival is celebrated similarly to Diwali, which starts on a full moon day. Additionally, it is held on the second or third week of January. The celebration is to pray for a better yield during the spring season. It is believed that the Gods leave the mountains at this time to their splendid house.

Currently, the demons attack the valleys making it difficult for the people to stay. These festivals protect the villagers from the monsters’ wrath while they offer their prayers to the Gods. You will get some colored drinks and great food to make the occasion extra special.

Major Attractions of the Halda Festival

  1. The Colorful Dances

img src: Tricky Travellers

Dance and music are part of the Halda festival, and you can’t separate it from the festival. The main objective of the celebration is to impress the Gods for better production. Also, it makes sure that all the negative energies are left behind for positive to make their way. So every member contributes a few twig branches to light up the bonfire.

  1. Massive Gatherings

img src: Tribune India

On the auspicious occasion, everyone gathers at a particular place. It is thought that when many people gather, they can keep the negativity away. The local pujaris choose the festival date. However, there is no fixed date, and the dates change every year.

How to Reach Lahaul?

Lahaul is in Himachal Pradesh and is such a picturesque gateway. The place is meant to explore the hidden gems of nature. You can travel to Lahaul in many ways.

  • Air

If you plan to go by air, you can reach the Kullu Airport in Bhuntar. It is located about 800 km from Lahaul. It is far, so most people take the buses and private cabs to reach Lahaul. There are connecting flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Lucknow, and different cities.

  • Road

When traveling to Lahaul, the road is the best means. The Lahaul and Spiti valley provide the most extraordinary possibilities to travel. Lahaul is a cold dessert so that you can move to other hill stations quickly. You might not feel comfortable driving in snow. Opt for the best NHS to get to Lahaul. There are private cabs to help people travel.

  • Train

Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the nearest station to Lahaul. But the station doesn’t have the best connectivity like the roads. There are no direct trains to Lahaul. So it would help if you took the streets to go to the Halda Festival.

Best Things to do in Lahaul Spiti

The twin valleys of Lahaul and Spiti are so breathtaking. The place is to die for with the stunning landscapes and alpine lakes. When in Lahaul, there are many things to do.

  1. Try out meditating with the Buddhists.

img src: Curly Tales

Lahaul Spiti is home to some of the best Monasteries located at the compact mountain ranges. Further, if you are looking for some inner peace, you can come to these beloved sites. The fresh air taking over the mountains and the chant sounds are blissful. It’s like a perfect escape from routine life.

There are meditation caves overlooking the Spiti river. For example, the caves of Tabo Monastery are so peaceful. Get into any of these caves if you want to meditate and focus on life for some time.

  1. Visiting the World’s Highest Post Office

img src: Times of India

If you are in Spiti, send a postcard to your loved ones from Hikkim. It has the highest post office in the world. It is located at 4,389 m with an imperative connection with the outside world. Check with the locals to know all about the post office and its scenery.

Best Places to Visit in Lahaul Valley

  • Mrikula Devi Temple

img src: Times of India

Mrikula Devi Temple is a Kali temple made with wood tiles with conical roofs having simple walls. The insides have some amazing deodar intricate structures depicting the Hindu epics. The wood carvings are similar to the Hidimba Temple, showcasing the 16th century.

  • Kardang Monastery

img src: Tour My India

It is the biggest monastery in Lahaul, established almost 900 years ago. The walls of the sanctuary are covered with colorful paintings called frescoes. In the Kardang Village, there is another yet small monastery where you can see rock carvings and two big chores.

Best Season to Visit Lahaul

The summer months are the best time to visit, but the winters are mesmerizing. Lahaul has the Atal Tunnel, where you can enjoy the serenity of the regions. There are very few guesthouses and hotels to live in Lahaul. But the smaller villages have good homestays for the visitors to haul. You can always ask the local communities for any help you need.

Places to Eat in Lahaul

You won’t find the fine dining in Lahaul, but the street foods are worth tasting. Momos, Thukpa, Daal, and Roti are some of the items available. But, of course, Hills and Maggi are inseparable, and you can’t live out Maggi when in Lahaul.


Lahaul is the most scenic place on most travelers’ bucket lists. Plan during the time you can attend the Halda Festival. It is a celebration that can’t be put into words.