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Dharamkot is a modest hippy village near Dharamshala and Mcleodganj; however, unlike these sites, it is a lovely town that few people visit.

It is good to spend time away, meditating in solitude at places such as the Yoga Village. Dharamkot, home to the Dhamma Shikhara Vipassana Meditation Centre and the Tushita Buddhist Meditation Centre, strikes a nice mix between a quiet yoga retreat town and an adventurer’s haven. The little village enjoys breathtaking views of the adjacent Kangra Valley and the massive Dhauladhar peaks.

Location: Dharamkot is in Kangra district, roughly 6,900 feet above sea level, above the hillcrest of Mcleodganj, and offers stunning views of the Kangra valley.

How to Get There

Dharamkot is about two kilometers from Mcleodganj. You may get here by an exciting hike that lasts anywhere from thirty to forty minutes, allowing you to get up and personal with the beautiful foliage.

You may hire a local cab or drive yourself until you reach Dharamkot. Mcleodganj may be reached by Dharamshala airport, Jalandhar railway station, or by the highway.

When is the Best Time to Visit Dharamkot?

Dharamkot may be visited all year, as the roads are open in all seasons. If you want to escape the heat, the best and safest months to go are March-May. Come here between October and December if you wish to avoid the cold winters. During the winter months, snowfalls, and you may have fun playing in them in this section of Himachal.

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February is still cold, but spring arrives in March, making the temperature pleasant. In Travellers’ experience, vacationing there between October and November provides you with the very best of both worlds.

After the rain, the hills are lush green, but winter has yet to fall. It is cool but not too cold, just the right temperature for a walkabout and exploring the place.

What to Do in Dharamkot

Eat & Unwind


For the ease of a vacation that Dharamkot provides, you’ll be astonished by the range of eateries and cafés available. Add to it the variety of cuisines available at Dharamkot cafés, ranging from Israeli to Italian, Indian to American. Your taste senses will make sure to spend a weekend in this paradise for the rest of your life.

At Dharamkot, you will never get a terrible meal. It is one of the few spots on the planet that serves gourmet meals so high in the mountains. It is a melting pot of cultures, and you can get a taste of all of them here via cuisine. As more Israeli and European visitors stayed in Dharamkot for extended periods, it became a second home to them and created its aura.

Greens of Bodhi

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Bodhi Greens, which opened in Dharamkot last year, serves wonderful vegan dishes. It is a new kid on the street. Non-vegans will like the meals here as well.

This restaurant, located on Dharamkot’s main road, serves American, Italian, Indian, and Japanese cuisine. It was once located near Mcleodganj’s main square. However, it has now moved up to Dharamkot road. Smoothies, french toast, pancakes, and Tofu wraps are all available.

Morgan’s Residence

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It is Dharamkot’s most well-known and popular restaurant. It is in the alley near the Trek and Dine restaurant in central Dharamkot (not even in the interiors). And its reputation is justified in every way by the experience it delivers you.

Their wood-fired pizza, mint tea, and hand-made pasta are all worth a try. The view from the dining area is pleasant, and it entices you to explore the remainder of the hamlet once you’ve filled your stomach.

Dharamkot Walking Tours & Exploration

At Dharamkot, walking around the hamlet looking for tranquil locations, natural gems and chatting with residents is a pastime in and of itself. The hamlet itself does not have many perspectives or tourist attractions, but it will provide you with much rejuvenation if you love your wanderings.

Dharamkot, despite its prominence, is still a hamlet with few motorable roads. The major route from Mcleodganj to this location terminates at Trek & Dine. To explore the remainder of the settlement, you’ll have to stroll.

Waterfall Gallu

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The Gallu Devi temple is around a couple of kilometres trek from Dharamkot. It is also the official starting point for the Triund hike. If you don’t want to walk, you can take a cab or an auto. A cab from Mcleodganj to this location costs roughly 500 INR (a one-way trip). There are other tea shops and lodging hotels where hikers may eat and rest.

A large route leads from Gallu to Triund. And a little, narrow detour from Gallu leads to a tranquil waterfall that lacks the tourist crowds that you’ll find at Bhagsu.

Dharamkot Lodging Options Also has Beautiful Attractions

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Dharamkot hamlet lacks large hotels and resorts; however, there are several homestays, cheap motels, and backpacker hostels. If you want to try your luck at yoga or vipassana lessons, several of these institutes also provide pasta. Dharamkot is teeming with backpackers, relaxed tourists, and spiritual seekers.

Dharamkot hotels and lodging alternatives have exploded in recent years. There weren’t as many lodging alternatives here a few years ago as there are now. Booking ahead of time is advised because the location is well-known among international visitors.

A traveller’s hostel with dormitory-style rooms and communal lounges is also in the centre of the hamlet.

If you are comfortable travelling as a backpacker, you will have lots of alternatives for places to stay, dine, and explore in Dharamkot. There are a few nice hotels for individuals that want a more luxurious stay.


Dharamkot is a location that grew because of the visitors that visited here. Dharamkot is a wonderful place if you want a relaxing holiday without very much sightseeing and tourist rush, with excellent gourmet cuisine, some trekking, and lots more soaking in the hippy vibe. Avoid visiting Dharamkot if you want to have a relaxing vacation and do not want to trek or go about it.

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