Kale Chane Ka Khatta the Famous Dish of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has many things to attract people, and food can attract anyone, especially when it’s the food of Himachal Pradesh. Many foods of Himachal are favoured in other places. Khatta of jet black colour chickpeas is one of the popular salvers of Himachal Pradesh, and people of Himachal make this in their home, like any common dish.

This Himachal dish is available in every restaurant in Himachal, so this is easily available there for people who want to try it. People can also make this in their home, or they do not need to visit Himachal to try this dish. Let’s see more about Kale Chane ka Khatta in brief with the recipe.

What is Kale Chane Ka Khatta?

Indian curry is a typical bowl all over India and is made by many Indians. Black chickpeas Khatta are similar to curry but are made in different ways or with other ingredients. It mainly includes chickpeas of black colour, and the gravy of this dish looks spicy and a little different from the actual curry. It’s very easy to make if a person has the right ingredients and knows how to make them.

Ingredients to Make Kale Chane Ka Khatta

  • The first main ingredient is chickpeas of black coloured only and takes this in one and a half cups. Choose boiled chickpeas. Take two green chillies with whole wheat flour around one or two soupspoons. Take cumin seeds according to the one amount of teaspoon, and some asafetida according to need and same with talc of coriander.
  • Take powders of red chilli and tamarind, Min according to one or two teaspoons. Now also take some essential ingredients, salt according to taste, and fennel seed near one teaspoon and one tablespoon of oil.

 Way of Making Kale Chane Ka Khatta

  • First Step: Take a pan and heat oil in it at medium temperature; add some seeds of cumin and asafetida. When these two ingredients start frying, add some well chopped green chilli. Usually, fry them for some seconds, and then add red colour chilli in powder form with coriander powder and add some salt in it.

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  • Second Step: Now it’s the turn of whole wheat flour, so add this. Cook them until they get adequately roasted, and it’s our essential thing of gravy. People can also choose chickpea for this procedure; all work is the same. Now for making a good paste add water with ponder form of tamarind and seeds of fennel, and powder of dry mint. Cook them nicely.
  • Third Step:  Now it’s the turn of our main ingredient, Chickpeas. Add all chickpeas to it and cook for a minute. Now add water to make proper gravy, and cook everything in high heat. When it gets appropriately boiled, reduce the heat and cook it for some minutes for a thickness form of the dish. Now the dish is ready; people can serve it with some rice.

 Benefits of Eating Kale Chane Ka Khatta

  • New experience: People will get the experience of eating different types of curry. It can provide an excellent taste to the tongue, and people can add this to their daily food if they like eating this type of curry dish with rice. It gives a new experience and can get added to a favourite list.
  • Suitable for the stomach: Chickpeas include many good qualities in them. It’s full of fibre. It can make digestion much better, which any other curry cant make. It also gives the right amount of iron to the body, which is defiantly beneficial for every human being. It can also improve a person’s bowel movement who has a stomach issue.
  • Suitable for Diabetes patients: It’s not something which includes sugary things, and it helps patients to manage their blood sugar. It is made with spice, not with surgery water or ingredients. All herbs in this dish do not affect a person’s body with a diabetes problem.
  • Weight loss: Fibre in the diet helps maintain the body’s weight. This dish is not something that increases the weight, but it can help manage it. It’s a good way of going on a healthy diet by eating some delicious food, which does not affect your health. The doctor also recommends eating chickpeas in the case of weight loss.
  • Good for women: According to research, chickpeas work as antioxidants for many women. It prevents them from many problems, like the problem of leucorrhea and many more. It also does not affect their tongue taste. It’s also good for men.

Who can eat Kale Chane Ka Khatta?

  • Anyone can eat Kale Chane Ka Khatta because it’s not a dish for some specific people; it’s for all kinds of people. If someone wants to try this dish or likes eating it, they can go for it. It also does not affect the health of a person.

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  • If someone has a problem with spices and chickpeas, or if they have any allergic issues, so they can avoid this. This dish does not contain any harm, but if some people have a problem with some present ingredients, they can avoid eating this dish.


It is a very simple dish. Everyone can make it. Even some people have different ways of making Kale Chane Ka Khatta. They add extra ingredients to it or replace some elements with their chosen ingredients. People can also try this dish in Himachal if they want to taste it from the actual place of this dish; it’s easily available there.

Anyone can make this dish in their home with simple ingredients, primarily present in the kitchen. Kale Chane Ka Khatta can people serve to their guests and tell them about Himachal Pradesh food and how this food is unique from others and can share recipes with them.

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