How Can You Spend A Lovely Weekend At Renuka Lake In Himachal Pradesh?

Renuka Lake is only thirty-eight kilometres from Nahan. It is an ideal destination, especially for those who want to enjoy nature and its peace. It is not like any other lakes across the area. Renuka Lake is known for its cultural past rather than its natural beauty and surroundings.

This magnificent water body is formed like a reclining woman and is hence regarded as representing the Goddess Renuka. It is home to many fishes and other aquatic creatures. The lake also has boating facilities, which adds to the enjoyment of being there.

Information About Renuka Lake

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You will find some of the answers to your issues that may arise when arranging a weekend trip to Renuka lake. The distance of Renuka lake from Delhi is 315 kilometres. It will take about seven hours if you are travelling from your vehicle. The ideal trip duration will be one night and two days.

You might be thinking, what is the best time to go? Renuka lake is a year-round location, with an average temperature of 18.8 degrees Celsius. The lake should be visited between April and June or September and November.

You will have to cost around 75,00 rupees if you are returning to Delhi by a cap. Renuka Ji is an excellent choice if you want to spend quality time with your family. It is a good option for a family weekend vacation or a spontaneous ride with friends. It captivates you with its tranquillity and natural beauty.

Travel Methods

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The majority of couples and friends drive or ride their bikes to Renuka lake. A rented cab is an excellent option while travelling with family and children.

A non-AC HRTC bus leaves ISBT Kashmiri Gate in Delhi if travelling by bus. The cost per person is around 250 rupees.

You can fly from Delhi to Chandigarh by aircraft and then by bus to Nahan. Renuka Ji is around one-thirty kilometres away from Chandigarh.

There is a train from Delhi to Ambala Cantonment station. You can travel by bus or taxi from Ambala as well.

What is the Attraction Point of Visiting Renuka Lake?

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The Parshuram Tal and Renuka lake is located approximately a hundred metres from Renuka Ji. It is based on a mythological story of Lord Parshuram and Mata Renuka.

Jama peak, which is eight kilometres distant, offers a good view of the lake from the summit. You may also see Himalayan black bears, Asiatic lions, and some of the attractions and locations to explore around Renuka Ji.

Some of the Things You Can Do in Renuka Lake

Renuka Ji and its environs provide tranquillity to the city people. It is a beautiful place to unwind and rest. Boating on the lake, a lion safari adjacent to the zoo, a little lunch by the waterfall on the way to the temple, and little treks and walking in the neighbouring hills are all the popular activities you can do.

Places to Live Near Renuka lake

You might want to rest after a long day of touring Renuka lake. There are plenty of places to relax. This location has some of the cosiest accommodations with stunning views around the area.

Tariffs start from1,400 per night. It is within the budget. If you are seeking more comfort and facilities, the rates would be around five thousand rupees per night.

The Renuka HPTDC

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The hotel is full of comfort and relaxation. It is situated charmingly amidst the natural beauty. The guests are attracted because of the view from the hotel’s windows. This hotel is within the budget with the rates starting at 2000 rupees.

Writer’s Hill Resort

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This hotel is situated around a few kilometres from the lake. It is a dream come true for vacationers if you are looking for something just like your home. It is the best one since it is surrounded by lush flora.

It serves the most delectable homey food and is greeted by amiable employees. The Shivalik’s captivating scenery is the icing on the cake. The rates of this hotel start at rupees 6,000, and it also goes up.

More Information About Renuka Ji

The Mesmerizing View of Sunrise On The Way From Delhi

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Any hill station’s tourist attraction list will easily include sunset locations. On the other hand, a few hill stations can provide a beautiful location to watch the sunrise. Nahan is unquestionably among them.

You must take the late-night road trips to avoid missing the sunrise. There are so many lodges on the way from Delhi. It is one of the most beautiful resorts near Chandigarh.

Devour Tea

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On the way to your home, you will have to take a tea break. There is a point to take some best photographing. It is wonderful in the cold. The hillside of Nahan will never disappoint. There are various shops providing not only excellent mountain tea but also spectacular views of the Himalayan foothills.

The Badolia Baba Temple Has A Wonderful View Of The Waterfall

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You will see the Badolia baba temple just in front of the waterfall. It comes in when you are about to reach the temple. If you want to go beyond the temple, request the priest to deposit your possessions in the temple. While you are trekking up the waterfall, your automobiles will be at a safe place in the parking lot.

Enjoy A Cup Of Tea While Watching The Wildlife

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If you want to get to the well-kept Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary, you must drive through the lake. The Sanctuary covers four square kilometres and may be observed from the driveway that leads to the Sanctuary’s key locations.

How Can You Get There?

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You must travel late at night if travelling by cab. If you are travelling by train, arrive in Ambala in the late afternoons to avoid the headaches of getting to Nahan. If you are taking the bus, leave late at night and arrive in Nahan early in the morning. Renuka lake is a nice place to visit if you want to spend your weekend with family and friends.

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