6 Famous Lakes in HP with Eye-soothing Views

The beautiful landscape encircles the vast region of Himachal Pradesh. The land offers wild diversity with stunning eye-soothing views to the tourist. Thanks to the Himalayas mountain range.

The region is famous for its pristine beauty. Travelers visit the area during the vacation to see meticulously formed landscapes by mother earth and enjoy the breathtaking views, culture, lakes, and wildlife.

Nicely conserved lakes offer various reasons to relish the time during the travel. The beautiful lakes of Himachal Pradesh are the center of attraction. The Mountain region brings down the freshwater to these lakes, grazing their nutritional and aesthetic value.

It makes the nearby location thrives as they get more nourishment through these lakes, making the region full of greenery. Dazzling, fresh mountain water stored in the large lake with a lush green field makes your soul peaceful.

High elevated region of the Himachal takes you away from the city’s air pollution. Fresh air replenishes your body and contributes to improving your health.

Lakes are surrounded by beautiful and colorful flowers, giving you a reason to stay near them. It is a pleasing experience to feel nature’s creation with your bare hand, experience the wild beauty, and breathe in the enticing aroma spread across the lake.

Himachal Pradesh consists of more than 25 lakes and natural reservoirs of water across the state. These lakes sides are popular destinations to visit during the summer vacations.

Let’s dive into to know more about these lakes and their characteristics.

1) Chandertal Lake

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The Chandertal lake is located at the height of 4,300 m from sea level, making it one of the top attractions in the region.

It is located in the Manali, Hamta pass, Chandratal, Baralacha-La, and Lahaul valley, and it is surrounded by beautiful mountain valleys, wildlife, greenery, and cold breeze air.

A traveler passing by the lake uses the lake as a resting point for a night’s stay. The best time to visit the place is from June to September.

2) Dal Lake

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Are you looking for a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts and dreams? If yes, then Dal Lake would be the ultimate destination for you. Located in the Kangra Districts of McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh, the region is approx 1775 mts height above sea level, making it a peaceful village.

Visit the Shiva temple built at the bank of the Dal Lake. Travelers are advised to visit the place between May and October to enjoy the natural beauty. Placid Dal Lake is blossoming with pine trees and green meadows around the lake. The condition becomes pleasant due to a drop in the temperature.

3) Gobind Sagar Lake

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Gorgeous Gobind Sagar lake is an artificial reservoir built-in 1976. Water in the Lake is brought through the hydel dam at Bhakra. It is located at an elevation of 225.5 m. The 90 kms long water reservoir occupies approximately 170 sq kms area.

Lake is an excellent destination for nature lovers and people who want some adventure during their travel. Travelers reach the location to enjoy the attractive sightseeing and adventures activities.

Many recreational activities are organized to make your stay more fun. The best time to visit the region is between March to October when the weather stays ideal around the lake.

4) Khajjiar Lake

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The most spectacular Lake in Himachal Pradesh is covered in fresh white snow. Most of the area of Khajjiar Lake is surrounded by the dense forest region and located at an elevation of 1920 m, making it the most peaceful place in India.

Lake receives water from the small river stream flowing from the mountain. Travelers visit the lake and spend their holiday season with family and friends. Various recreation activities are organized in the region, giving people more areas to stay longer and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Newly married couples will enjoy the moments far from the busy city. People who are in their 60 will find the land memorizing. It will make you young again and bring positivity to your life.

5) Manimahesh Lake

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Located in the Chamba region, the Manimahesh Lake brings joy to your life. You will flow positive energy into your body after spending a few days near the lake.

Surrounded by the Himalayan mountain range, the lake fulfills the dream of a personal visit to the place. Many tourists have witnessed changes in their perspective after they visit Manimahesh Lake.

It is at an elevation of 4080 m, the highest mountain lake in the region. At the peak of the mountain, you will find the temple of Shiva.

Many mythological proofs are found in the region, making the place holy to Hindu sacred people. Gaddi Tribe and Hindus believe the place is the land of Shiva. A large number of a pilgrimage visits the place to pray to Lord Shiva.

6) Nako Lake

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Surrounded by the gigantic mountain valleys, the place is an art of nature that brings mesmerizing vistas and a pleasing atmosphere at your courtesy.

Stay around the beautiful meadows, willows, and trees. Find the Buddhist temples near the lake. Lake is available at the elevation of 3662 m.

Picture perfect scenery and pleasing weather make the journey more enticing. Grove of the trees makes the land hide under the shadow of the greenery.

Close to the temple, there are ancient caves. It is believed that Saint Padmasambhava used to live in those caves. You will find diverse culture and local festival that gives the region its unique identity.

The region is far away from the metro cities, which makes it a more peaceful area to stay. Start your day with the early morning sun in the cold weather, and end your day with the beautiful sunset. A pleasing atmosphere touches the heart and gives you a reason to live more.


Himachal Pradesh is one of the places in India where you get to see diverse regions surrounded by natural beauty, wildlife, and breathtaking water bodies. Lakes in Himachal Pradesh are essential landscapes where tourists from all over India travel to spend time close to nature.

Greenery, fresh air, clean water, and a peaceful environment will fulfill your life. All of these factors make Himachal Pradesh a top tourist destination in India. Join the regional festival during August and September to witness ‘Manimahesh Yatra’ and many other local festivals.

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