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Himachal Pradesh is not only famous for its natural and breathtaking views, but its food also has particular importance. When you explore the different places of Himachal Pradesh, then you will come to know about the different aspects of their food. When it comes to the traditional feast of Mandi, then it is all about the Mandyali Dham.

Moreover, Mandi is a beautiful district in Himachal Pradesh. The Himachal researchers categorized the Mandyali Dham as the complete food according to the point of view of Ayurveda. Right from its cooking to the ingredients which are used in Mandyali Dham comes with numerous Ayurveda benefits. In addition to it, some of the research shows that Mandyali Dham is a proper definition of a proper diet.

These researches reveal that it has all the six areas of Ayurveda. Further, this Dham is served to the masses in proper order. No function in Himachal Pradesh is complete without this traditional feast. You can say that “Mandyali Dham” is the backbone of each function of Himachal Pradesh. The local chefs cooked this traditional feast known as the Botis.

Preparation of Mandyali Dham

One day before the feast, at night, the preparation of Mandyali Dham begins. This food is prepared in big brass utensils. In addition to that, this food is served on leaf plates which are known as the pattals.

There are numerous studies that reveal that this food is cooked traditionally like shadrasaahara. According to the point of view of Ayurveda, it is categorized as the complete food. When it comes to this Dham, then the heart of Mandyali Dham is dhuli urad ki dal. In this Mandyali Dham, initially a sweet dish is served.

  • The Mandyali Dham commences with the “Boondi Ka meetha.” Further, the actual feast starts.
  • Nextly, you will get the Sepu Vadi with the rice. The sepu vadi is fresh spinach leaves prepared into the gravy. In addition to it, black lentils are deeply fried and known as the Vidal.
  • Further, the organizer will serve the Kaddu ka khatta. It is basically a dish of pumpkin, which is sour and sweet. The tamarind and jaggery are also used in making this dish.
  • Mah ki dal is also the main dish of this Dham. This dal is prepared in a copious amount of ghee.
  • Moreover, numerous sorts of madra, including the kidney bean, are also cooked. Further, Kadhi is also the major part of Madiyali Dham, which you can eat with rice.


  • Most of the time, you will also find Khatte Channel, a blend of sweet and sour Bengal gram also served in this Mandyali Dham.
  • In the end, you will get jhol. It is a mixture of curd and water similar to buttermilk.

These dishes make it the perfect and healthy Mandyali Dham. So, whenever you visit Himachal Pradesh, especially Mandi, then you must eat Mandyali Dham. You will get a unique sort of satisfaction from eating this Mandyali Dham. To summarize the dishes which you will get, Mandayi Dham is in the following ways.

  • Boondi ka Meetha
  • Sepu Badi
  • Kadu Ka Khatta
  • Kol ka khatta
  • Mah ki Dal
  • Jhol

Even this is also serving the order of Mandyali Dham. You will get this food in this order.

Eat with Hands

The majority of the masses eat this dham with their hands. An eater knows the exact temperature of food with their hands before eating. In addition, when you eat this food by hand, then you will enjoy each flavor of a single dish. Moreover, do not forget to eat this dham to enjoy the roots of Himachal Pradesh.

Medicinal Benefits

There are numerous medicinal benefits associated with the Mandyali Dham. It is fruitful in throat problems, blood disorders, skin disease, and other problems. In addition to it, this food is also worthy for ear infections, liver disorders, and so on.

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Moreover, this Dham is a blend of vitamins. These vitamins include riboflavin, thiamine, folate, vitamin A precursor, and so on. It consists of the Pumpkin dish. Moreover, it consists of potassium that is good for the heart.

Ways of Preserving the Dish

With the natural methods, you can preserve the main food of Mandyali Dham, that is rice, by drying in the sun. In addition to that, instead of chemicals, mostly the masses give preference to raising for preserving it. Moreover, rai is also categorized as natural preservatives.

Masses use mustard oil to preserve the pulses from pests and fungus. In these ways, masses preserve rice, pulses, and other things which include in the preparation of Mandyali Dham.

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In addition to it, mostly in the winters, this Dham is served. It is because, at this time, digestive power is quite high because of the lower temperature. As it is mentioned earlier, this food is eaten by hand. Even people sit on the ground and eat the food. It denotes social equality and uniformity.

Moreover, different areas of the Himachal have different types of dhams which you can try. Here is the list of some dhams which you can try when you explore Himachal Pradesh.

  • Chambal Dham
  • Kangri Dham
  • Kullvi Dham and so on.

Traditional Delicates of the Himachal Pradesh

In the food, you will never find any shortage in Himachal Pradesh. It is because different areas have different special dishes which denote their culture and other things. Here is the list of some traditional delicates of Himachal Pradesh that you must try.

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  • Siddu
  • Babroo
  • Patande
  • Sepa
  • Poltu or Pule
  • Askalu and so on.

In the end, eating the Mandyali Dham is a fortune for the masses. It is because this food is associated with several health benefits and easy to digest too. In addition to it, the serving method is also accurate and best for the masses. Right from adult to older, no one faces problems in digesting this simple food.

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