Top 10 Dishes You Must Try On Your Visit To Himachal Pradesh!

The beautiful meadows of Himachal valleys and snow-clad mountains of this region are irresistible! The melodious sound of rivers and waterfalls make you crave more for the serenity and soulfulness of this exquisite location. If you think of something in the lap of nature and yet blissfully majestic, Himachal is the term!

It rejuvenates your mind, body and soul and gives sanity and peace! But the delicious cuisines and recipes that you avail of here are also tasteful and divine. There is something unique about every cuisine available in the lanes of Himachal, and you should not miss trying its peculiar taste!

Travel to Himachal is always enticing and worth travel! And it’s not just the famous hill stations like Shimla, Kasauli and Kullu Manali that amaze you, but there is a lot more available here. Apart from the historic colonial touch over here, the serene ambience and the indulgent delicacies satiate your soul and mind completely.

10 Best Dishes to Try In Himachal

Many tourist and visitors are food lovers and love to experiment with new tastes and delicacies. Whatever place you visit here, there is some regional cuisine to curb your taste for you. And the charm of culinary excitement in Himachal Pradesh is impeccable for sure. Let’s take a glimpse over the top 10 delicacies to try here!

#1 Gahat Ka Shorba

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It is a great soup prepared from the local grains of Himachal known as Gahat that pertain to strong coriander and garlic flavours. This soup is very healthy and nutritious at the same time. On your visit here, refresh yourself with few sips of this fantastic soup.

#2 Auriya Kaddoo

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Prepared from popular ingredients like mustard seeds, pumpkins and potatoes, AuriyaKaddoo is a perfect dish for those who want to try out the authentic pahadi flavours. People in Himachal make this preparation to enjoy the taste of seasonal pumpkins.

#3 Pahadi Chicken

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Next dish to try on your trip is Pahadi Chicken. Non-veg lovers find it a divine cuisine that cooks well with a perfect blend of cloves, coriander seeds, onions, cinnamon stick and fennel seeds. Locals of this place serve Pahadi chicken hot with butter nan, jeera rice, and pickled onions that make everyone an excellent meal.

#4 Patande

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It is a unique and authentic version of pancakes known as Patande. This dish’s origin belongs to the Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh and is a tasteful preparation from milk, flour, and sugar. Eat it fresh to relish the mouth-melting flavours that are simply awesome.

#5 Palda

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Another dish to try in Himachal Pradesh is Pahadi Aloo Palda, yet another peculiar food. It is a creamy mouth-melting potato sabzi that simmers in yoghurt for some time and then served hot. This tasteful and creamy gravy dish has a great combination of sourness and sweetness to it. While it is a common Himachal cuisine that people make with potatoes, it is a good preparation made from the vegetable mixture.

#6 Metthe/Meetha Chawal

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As the name suggests, it is a Himachal sweet dish that is also a popular dessert option. It has a perfect blend of sweetened rice and the goodness of raisins, Kesar and dry fruits. On your next trip, do try this traditional Himalayan sweet dish that adds festivities to special occasions.

#7 Kullu Trout Fish

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For the non-veg lovers, the Kullu Trout fish is a divine preparation of Himachal as it also known for its health factors. This traditional culinary wonder involves using marinated fish that cooks slowly in the minimal raw spices so that the basic nutrients remain untouched. It is ideal for serving it with steam rice and boiled veggies.

#8 Khatte Chane

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Another popular pick from Himachal Pradesh, also an integral cuisine known as Dham. The traditional Himachal thali is incomplete without the bowl of Khatte Chane into it. It is a great cuisine made from spices, black chickpea, jaggery and gram flour. Its blend of sweet and sour taste, along with pungent mustard oil flavours, is great.

#9 Himachali Dhaam

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You need to stretch up your appetite to enjoy this tasteful delicacy of Himachal Pradesh that combines multiple dishes into a sumptuous meal. Dhaam is a wonderful platter of various Himachal recipes such as curd, rice, dal, rajma, jaggery and the famous boor ki kadi. For foodies, this is surely a delight. They cannot miss out for sure.

#10 Spicy Lotus Stems

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At every street, lane and corner of Himachal Pradesh, you can discover this delicious delight prepared with the sliced lotus stems, onions, gram flour and ginger-garlic paste. All these ingredients add a wonderful taste, fragrance and flavour to any and every dish.

#11 Aktori

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Aktori is a traditional Himachal pancake made out of wheat flour and buckwheat leaves. And the contrasting topping of spicy red chilli chutney and pickle makes it all the more interesting. During festivals and celebrations over here, you can often find people cooking and exchanging this cuisine. In good old times, Himachal Pradesh people use to prepare Aktori in huge vessels and then distribute amongst the group and villages on marriages or other special occasions.

Final Words

So, these are the top 10 amazing delicacies and recipes of Himachal Pradesh that can satiate your hunger for some regional foods. When you plan a visit to any location, tasting and munching on local foods is an experience you cherish for a lifetime. Foods represent the local culture and tastes of people residing in that region. It is a legacy that generations and people retain after learning it from their ancestors.

Isn’t it a wonderful chance to take along the flavours of local Himachal foods when you are visiting any of the hill stations over here? And considering the tourist craze for such delicacies, they are easily available in the local restaurants or the nearby areas’ food joints. You might have to hop over a couple of shops to find these options, but all your efforts are worth the excellence of taste that you get and preserve in return!

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