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Himachal Pradesh is situated in the western Himalayas, and it is one of the most famous places in India. There are several reasons behind its popularity. It is famous for handicrafts, cultures, dresses, languages, art, and natural beauty, including breathtaking sceneries of mountains, rivers, and valleys.

It is also known for its delicious and nutritious cuisines because this is a mixture of Tibetan and Punjabi food. Himachal Pradesh has some signature dishes which are world-famous and served only in this state. There are a lot of adventure activities for the travellers, including bungee jumping, river rafting, cliff jumping, rope climbing, and many more.

Himachal food attracts travellers and food lovers because it has a lot of varieties and flavours in both vegetarian and no vegetarian food. The most traditional and delicious dishes. Himachal dishes reflect the rich culture and tradition of Himachal Pradesh. Aktori is one of the famous sweet dishes of the state. This article will help you to know things related to this cuisine.

What is Aktori?

This is a traditional Himachal Pradesh dish, which has an ancient recipe. This dish originated from the dry valleys of Lahaul-Spiti. Aktori looks similar to western pancakes. Aktori is a sweet dish like a cake, which is served with hot chutney. It can also be a good snack or a side dish.

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Aktori is mostly prepared during the festive season or in celebratory events, and it is believed that list of Pahari food is incomplete without the Aktori. This is a very easy and hassle recipe which is made with a mixture of buckwheat and white flour. You can find this in almost every part of Himachal Pradesh. You can also serve it with the honey and brings some diversity to your table.

Ingredients of Aktori

A few ingredients are needed to prepare this delicious sweet dish. For four servings, you will need

  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 1 cup buckwheat flour (kuttu)
  • One teaspoon of baking soda
  • ½ cup of water
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2-3 tablespoons of sugar
  • Refined oil to broil

How to Make Aktori

Step #1

To make Aktori, first, you have to prepare a batter. For the batter, mix wheat flour and buckwheat flour in a bowl. Then add an equal amount of milk and water, and mix it slowly to make a thick batter. Make sure this batter does not have any lumps. After

it, add baking soda and mix it well. In the last, add the required sugar to this thick batter and leave it as it is for at least 10-12 minutes.

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Step #2

After you get enough thickness of the batter, then fry it in small portions. Heat oil in the pan; after adequate heat, add a ladle full of batter in it. Cook it on a low flame until you see the small bubbles on the surface of the batter. Cook evenly on both sides and till it gets a golden colour. It is now prepared to serve.

Step #3

Take absorbent paper to remove the excess oil and serve it with the topping of honey or ghee.

Benefits of Eating Aktori

Besides its delicious taste, Aktori has several benefits because it is made of buckwheat flour. Buckwheat flour has more nutritional value than the other grains. Buckwheat flour contains rich amounts of fibres, which helps smooth bowel movements and improve your digestive system.

Heart Benefits: Among all cereals, it has many compounds which are beneficial for a good heart, including magnesium, copper, fibre, and rutin.

Rutin is an antioxidant which prevents blood clotting in the body and protects you from cardiovascular diseases. People, who eat buckwheat on a regular basis, have lower cholesterol as well.

And as a result, low cholesterol levels reduce the risks of stroke, diabetes and heart problems. A low profile of blood lipid is a common risk factor for heart diseases, and buckwheat also helps to improve the blood lipid profile in the human body.

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Manage blood sugar levels: Buckwheat is rich in the nutrients such as fibres, proteins, and flavonoids; thus, it plays an essential role in levelling the blood sugar in your body.

High levels of sugar can be very dangerous because it can lead to several chronic diseases, and type 2 diabetes is one of them.

People with this disease can safely consume buckwheat in their diet because it has complex carbohydrates and it, remains longer in the body and help in the control of blood sugar levels for a long period.

It also helps in weight control because it is rich in proteins. If you eat high-protein food, you feel full for a longer period, which helps you avoid overeating and gaining unwanted weight. It also has low calories, which is a beneficial fact for weight management.

Who Can Eat Aktori

Aktori is the most popular sweet dish in the Himachal Pradesh because it is a traditional dish and very delicious and healthy at the same time. Anyone can eat Aktori because it also has various kinds of health benefits.

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Children love this dish. Moreover, people with diabetes can also eat this dish because it is not harmful to them. Just make sure you do not have an allergy to buckwheat flour or any of its ingredients.


You can take aktori to your picnic and kitty parties because it is very easy to prepare, and you do not need many ingredients to prepare it. If you do not do much cooking, still you can also make it and impress your family or friends. If you ever plan to visit Himachal Pradesh, try it at least once, and you will know how delicious this dish is. If you are concerned as a traveller, there can be no better place to taste this lip-smacking dish rather than its origin place, in one of the towns or villages of the Spiti valley region.

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