Top 5 Best Local Food of Himachal Pradesh

Hilly areas like Himachal Pradesh do not only become famous for their trekking routes but also for their local food. The combination of the breathtaking view of natural beauty and the food is insane.

In other words, it offers the perfect and incredible blend of culture and tradition. In addition to it, the word ‘Hima’ stands for snow in Sanskrit. So, when you visit Himachal Pradesh, you enjoy not only the snow but also their food.

The visitors will surely fall in love with the local food of Himachal Pradesh. As the states of Tibet and Punjab surround the Himachal, they profoundly influence the Himachal. In addition to it, the majority of dishes are slow-cooked and consist of a unique taste.

The aroma of food grabs the attention of the visitors. Even the curiosity regarding tasting the food is also enhanced. All the cuisines are predominantly homely but rich and intense.

In addition to it, whenever you visit Himachal Pradesh, and then do not forget to taste the mouth-watering cuisines.

Moreover, it is complex to find an immense variety of fresh vegetables in the hilly area of Himachal Pradesh. Hence, there are various non-vegetarian dishes.

Furthermore, it is common for them to use lentils, pulses, and rice. You will be amazed to know that the supreme quality of Basmati rice comes from this area: the foot of the Himalayas. In addition to it, the daily menu of each house consists of fresh seasonal produce.

When you explore the lower Himachal area, you will get more vegetables, local leafy greens, and fruits. On the other hand, you will find more meat and grains when you move to a higher place.

Regions located in the north area of Himachal Pradesh, such as Spiti and Lahaul, are dry compared to the others. Due to it, they give the preference to hardier local grains such as barley, millets, and buckwheat.

There are numerous traditional dishes which you can try. These dishes include Siddu, Gulgule, Aktori. In addition to it, these are based on the cereal. In the southern parts, the visitors will observe more milk and its products. These indicate their rural culture.

Not only this, but they also use the curd, which is the base of numerous curries. It adds the flavour accompanied by the desi ghee and buttermilk. If you love spicy food, then this food is ideal for you.

Their food is consists of various spices. In addition to it, they sprinkle the spices like cinnamon, coriander powder, cardamom, and so on. When it comes to their traditional festive meal, then it is Dham.

Moreover, the Dham is prepared by the Brahmin Chef. This meal is only prepared by the Botis, which is a specific cast of Brahmins. These Brahmins are hereditary chiefs.

The Brahmins chef belongs to the Kangra Valley. They prepare food for marriages, special occasions, and festivals. The majority of the masses believed that they got the wheat bag at the end of the year as a reward.

Their traditional meal, Dham, consists of aromatic rice, moong daal, kidney beans, or chickpea. All of these are cooked in yogurt. In addition to it, a sweet dish which is Mitha Bhatt made from lentils and rice.

Apart from it, the dishes vary from region to region. But there are some specific dishes that you can try. Even without these dishes, your trip is incomplete. Here is the list of the top 5 best local foods in Himachal Pradesh.

Chana Madra

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You have the option of trying the Chana Madra. This cuisine includes chickpeas that are soaked probably overnight and vegetables cooked in oil and with spices.

In addition to it, there are various spices used in this dish. The blend of multiple spices makes it tangy. This dish comes from the district of Himachal that is Chamba.

And this dish also represents the culture of the states in an effective way. This dish even serves the kith and kin at numerous ceremonies and celebrations.

Tudkiya Bhath

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It is a mouth-watering rice dish that consists of the Pulao. The pulao is prepared in a unique way of cooking.

The Tudkiya bath consists of rice, spice, numerous vegetables, lentils, onions and potatoes, and curd. The mixture of all these ingredients makes it a mouth-watering dish.

Moreover, the flavour of lemon juice and garlic sauce is like the cherry on the cake. This dish is available in the Chamba.


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The residence of Himachal enjoys this food. It is a lotus step that is made in a distinct spicy taste. It is one of the common foods which are found in each kitchen of the locals.

Masses called this dish a Bhey. The lotus stems are sliced thinly and prepared with ginger-garlic and onions with the flour, made from the grams. It is a great dish to try.

Chha Gosht

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If you are a non-vegetarian, then this dish is for you. If you try this dish, then it adds excitement and flavour to your trip. It is a traditional delicacy of Himachal Pradesh.

It is made from the lamb, which is marinated uniquely. In addition to that, its preparation is done with the use of yogurt, gram flour, and different kinds of spices.

It is one of the prominent dishes, especially the non-vegetarian dish of Himachal Pradesh.


img src: North-Indian cooking

It is a side dish which is prepared from wheat flour. The siddu is served with the non-vegetarian dishes of vegetables or mutton.

The making of this dish requires plenty of time and effort. In addition to it, the taste of this mouth-watering side dish is delicate. You will get the dish, especially in Kullu. So do not forget to try the authentic dish of Himachal.

Final Words

In the end, visiting the hilly area is not only all about exploring natural beauty, but it also consists of trying their local food. In addition to it, you can try all these dishes mentioned above and change your taste.

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