Know the Top Health Benefits of Eating Tudkiya Bhath and Prepration Method

Himachal Pradesh has many secrets, the secret of beautiful nature. Still, they also have delicious dishes, which can make anyone hungry. It’s like they add some magical ingredients to their food, and that foods become famous food of Himachal.

Here we will reveal a famous food secret recipe so people can create them in any place in India or the whole world.

The famous food of the Himachal Pradesh is Tudkiya Bhath. It’s a different exciting food recipe for rice pulao, a very common dish in India. Lots of people do not know the right way of making it. Here we see the recipe and more things about the Tudkiya bhath.

What is Tudkiya Bhath?

It’s a dish of Himachal Pradesh, and it’s a favorite dish loved by many people of Himachal Pradesh. It does not only make Himachal Pradesh people love this but also popular in many more places.

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It is rice pulao with different mixing of ingredients and with different ways of making it. It’s filled with amazing spices, gives a mouthwatering taste, and gives a different experience to the mouth with the best ingredients.

Ingredients Included in Tudkiya Bhath

  • The first main ingredient is rice; take two cups of rice, or you can decrease or increase the amount according to the need. The next one is onion and tomato; both are medium-sized; take four onions with two tomatoes.
    Potato is also important, so take potato in the amount of four with medium size. Dagad is the stone flower; it also plays an important role, so take this according to the four teaspoons.

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  • Now it’s the turn of coriander leaves; take only two bunch. Take 2 inches one ginger with four cloves of garlic with black cardamom and take this in 4 grams. Take a stick of cinnamon, not more than four, and only one amount of bay type of leaf. Four amounts of star anise with some curd also make taste good in the dish, so take it in amount cups and only one cup; you can increase or decrease the amount.
  • Take masoor dal according to one cup and ghee for taste according to one tablespoon, four medium pieces of green chili, one teaspoon of powder chili with four cloves, and one teaspoon of poppy seeds with three teaspoons of mace.

How to Make | Tudkiya Bhath Recipe

First Step: Chopped some tomatoes and main thing onions with some taste giving ginger, you need to add more ingredients after this, like cloves of garlic, mace, also add some poppy seeds, with some other masala, like green chili, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon stick, with stone flower, star anise and red chili powder.

Mix all ingredients properly, and then grind them in a grinder so they can get turned into a fine type of paste. Chop some potatoes in the shape of a thick and long slice, add those slices sin paste with some salt, and leave them for some hour. Chopped all things properly and add them to one bowl.

Second Step: Take a masoor dal and soak all dal properly in water for around 30 minutes. Also, take rice, clean them properly, soak them for one hour like masoor dal, and keep all things aside until they are correctly prepared.

Third Step: When everything gets done after some hours, take a pressure cooker and heat takes some ghee in it. When ghee gets heated properly, add some cinnamon stick with bay leaves and ass sautés with cardamom for a few minutes.

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Fourth Step: Add some nicely chopped onions with a taken amount of sauté, and heat them until they lose their original color, and then add the all prepared masala in it with some potatoes. Mix all things properly with all-important ingredients.

Fifth Step: Now pick yogurt, mix it in your prepared dish in the cooker, and fry it for some minutes; now remove all water from the rice and masoor dal, and add these two ingredients to the dish with some water from two cups.

Cover the cooker with all things, heat them in high flame, and wait for 2 or 3 whistles, then open it naturally. Now the dish is ready to serve on plates.

 Benefits of Eating Tudkiya Bhath

Good Experience: Rice pulao is getting eaten by most people, but Tudkiya Bhath is like an upgraded version of rice pulao with more good tastes and ingredients. It gives a new experience of trying and eating something to the people.

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  • Better Mood: It can enhance a person’s mood because some people like eating this at night, which will give them a different type of satisfaction. The great taste of this dish with the beauty of Himachal can make a person’s mood better because food is something that many people love.
  • No Time Bounding: People can eat it at any time If they want to eat it at night, or in the afternoon, even in the morning, so there are no boun dries for it. People can eat it according to their mood or need to eat something unique like Tudkiya Bhath.

 Who Can Enjoy Eating Tudkiya Bhath

Anyone can eat Tudkiya Bhath because it’s made for all people, and anyone can eat it at any time with their family. People who have some problem with health, or doctor suggest them to avoid foods like rice, potatoes or foods that contain spices can ignore this because its food with lots of good spices, which make the taste of dish better.


If people want to try it in the real origin of the dish, which is Himachal Pradesh, so they can easily because it’s one of the famous dishes of that place, so this dish is easily available in restaurants of Himachal Pradesh, they add their own taste in it, or their way of making.

People can also make this in their home easily with the right amount of ingredients and the right way of making it, which you already know with the help of this article. The recipe is very easy to make with an easy process but can give a great taste.

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