Pahadi Dham/Dhaam | Himachal’s Traditional Dish for Every Joyful Event

Dhaam is a type of big meal which gets served in Himachal Pradesh traditionally on any special occasion, like an event or marriage or birthday party. Temple also serves this dish sometimes as a parshad of the temple.

Now people can make Dham dishes easily in any place in the world. This dish includes many good healthy ingredients in it. Let’s see some of the Dham or Dhaam dish recipes and learn more facts about this dish.

What is Dhaam?

Dhaam is a vegetarian dish and traditional food of Himachal Pradesh. It’s like a meal that people can eat at midday, and it’s specially made for some special events because it’s a big meal, which is not get made for one or two people. This dish is for a whole group of people.

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The food contains a delicious taste with different use of spices and yoghurt. Dham Thali includes many things in it, like chana dal or madra, which is also one of the favourite foods of Himachal Pradesh.

Ingredients for Dhaam Thali

#1. Chana Madra Ingredient

  • One and a half cups amount white chana with two cups of good quality curd with some mustard oil according to requirement.
  • Two or three cloves cinnamon or small cardamom, and also take black-type cardamom.
  • Take one or four tablespoons of turmeric with some leaf of the bay and red type chilli powder.
  • Take one or two teaspoon seeds of cumin with a powder of coriander.
  • Desi ghee is also a must thing with some asafoetida for good taste and health benefits; also, take some garam masala with salt for taste.

#2. Kala Chana Mahani Ingredient

  • Take some proper soaked black chana with mustard oil.
  • Take some wheat flour or atta with asafoetida and gram flour with salt according to taste need.
  • Now it turns of powder, take some red chilli, turmeric, or coriander powder and dry mango powder.
  • Take four or five tablespoons of jaggery and tomato slices in medium sizes with some green chilli and ginger slices.

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#3. Teliye Maah Ingredient

  • Take one or two cups of whole black-type gram with mustard and bay leaf oil.
  • Take a big or small type of cardamom with cinnamon and black pepper.
  • Clove and cumin seeds with Hing are also must ingredients to add.
  • Take powder of red chilli and coriander with turmeric.
  • Take ginger which is well chopped with salt according to taste, and add some curd and two tablespoons of ghee.

#4. Chana Dal Ingredient

  • Take two cups of chana dal and black or green cardamom.
  • Take some two or three-bay leaves with one cinnamon or cumin and fennel seeds.
  • Take powder form of coriander, fenugreek and red chilli with some Haldi and mustard oil.

#5. Bondi Meetha Ingredient

  • Besan in the amount of one cup with milk and oil.
  • Take some good amount of sugar and water with well-chopped almonds and well sliced fresh coconut.
  • Also take some seeds of fennel with the green type of cardamom, which is ell crushed with seeds of melon and ghee.

Himachali Dhaam Recipe | How to Prepare Dhaam

First Step:

Chana Madra Recipe

Take well washed and soaked Chana, take a pressure cooker and cook Chana with water. Take a pan and heat some oil in medium type flame, fry some seeds of cumin and asafoetida with green and black type cardamom and cloves with a leaf of the bay with cinnamon. Fry all things well.

Make flame low and curd to mix it well, and then add some salt and ghee with garam masala in high heat. Now add all the essential powders: red chilli, turmeric, and coriander. Now add cooked chana to it and mix everything properly for some minutes. This dish is ready now.

Second Step:

Chana Mahani Recipe

First, take Kala Chana, soaked overnight or 4 to 5 hours. Boil them in medium heat with salt, and remove water from Chana. Store water for later use. Heat oil in the pan properly, and then add asafoetida to it.

Now, add wheat flour with basan in it and cook like Sheertill. Its turn of some powder, like red chilli, coriander, turmeric and amchur, make a feast of all powder.

Cook all things appropriately for some minutes, and then add some slices of ginger, tomatoes, and green type chillies and cook them properly. Add well stained Black type Chana and add some water we preserved for later use with some jaggery. It’s ready now to be served with rice like other dishes.

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Third Step:

Teliya Maah Recipe

Take well-soaked dal and cook them properly in the cooker until it makes four whistles. Heat mustard type oil in normal heat and add some ingredients, like the bay leaf with small or large cardamom with black pepper and cinnamon.

Add some asafoetida with cumin and clove with well-chopped ginger; add some powder of coriander, red chilli, and turmeric. Add all these ingredients to the oil, and cook properly.

Add curd to a mixture of spices, make the quantity of curd half, and then add some cream to it. Now it’s the turn of salt and dal with ghee and curd mixture. Now the dish is ready.

Fourth Step:

Chana Dal Recipe

Cook the dal properly in a pressure cooker, but don’t make it super soft. Heat oil of mustard in normal heta with green and black type cardamom and add some more ingredients, like bay leaf, cumin and fennel seeds.

Now add some powder of fenugreek, coriander and turmeric with red chilli. Now add well-boiled chana with salt, cook for some minutes, and then the dish is ready.

Fifth Step:

Bondi ka Mettha with Sugar Syrup

Boondi ka meetha is ready. Mix besan and milk properly for the right consistency. Heat some oil in a kadhai and circulate the poured batter properly. Fry the batter until it becomes right crispy, and after this, removes excess oil and drain them in clean tissue paper.

Boil sugar and water properly, and then syrup gets prepared to take a pan and add some seeds of fennel and almonds in it for some minutes and then remove. Now add the boondi, seeds of melon with coconut sliced, and cover them properly. Serve it with sugar syrup. All dishes are ready, and people can eat this with chapatti or rice.


The Dhaam dish can take some time to get prepared. Still, it’s worth it because it can make the body energetic with healthy vegetarian ingredients and impress all people with the great taste of traditional Dham.

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