Top 10 Cuisines Of Manali

What first comes to your head whenever you hear MANALI. Obviously, it would be the scenic views and the chilling weather of this hill station which is definitely a signatory characteristic of this place. Manali is one amongst the famous hill stations sitting in the lap of mountains located in the state of Himachal Pradesh along with other hill stations like Dharamshala, Kullu, Mussoorie, etc.

Manali is a destination which people often put on the top of their list whenever it’s about a honeymoon or simply just packing your bags and enjoying a getaway from their busy and hectic routine. Manali not only holds the natural beauty but also is one amongst various perfect places where you can actually spend a good time and can find your peace of mind.

Talking about such beautiful facets of Manali, how come we cannot talk about the food. The aroma of the local cuisines can actually be spell-bounding for someone who possesses a true spirit of taste. Manali not only unravels its lush green beauty and picturesque sight but it also holds the taste that can actually ignite your taste buds and can definitely take you to another dimension of delight. So, before you start dwelling into the beauty of Manali let’s take you on the delicious trail of the top 10 cuisines of Manali.


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This is a modified version of typical Kachoris of India but it comes with a twist which is there in its stuffing. Yes, stuffing is something that makes it different from the regular kachori that we Indians are fans of.

The stuffing is basically prepared with the gram and holds a heavenly mixture of spices. You can enjoy it with sweet and sour chutney and with a cup of tea. It is also one of the famous street foods in Manali.


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Khatta is a typical recipe which is famous in and around the region of Manali. This lead ingredient of this dish is pumpkin which comes with a strong punch of mango powder along with some crispy boondis.

This is one of the typical delicacies of Manali and one can also call it a signatory local dish of this place.


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Talking of the famous street and local food and not mentioning samosa is not at all justified especially when we are talking of a place which is in India. Samosa is one the most wanted and ever favorite snack which is being widely eaten in pan of India and Manali is not an exception to this fact.

Samosa has found its place in such a chilling hill-station as well. Or maybe we can say that people love to enjoy this snack in such spine chilling weather.

This is one of the signatory dishes in India. Its preparation starts with the preparation of maida which is a type of wheat flour.

But the heart of this snack lies in its stuffing which could be literally anything but, here in India, people are usually fond of the potato stuffing which is prepared with the boiled and mashed potatoes mixed with basic spices.

The way this snack is served is even more mouth-watering. It is served with a tangy chutney either of imli (tamarind) or any other flavoured sauce. Well, the best part of this snack is- you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.


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This is a pretty common dish in Manali and is definitely one of its own kind. Your food list must room for this too as it is a sweet dish and sweet dishes have a very tender place in our menus.

The key ingredients of this dish are- milk, wheat flour, and sugar. People love enjoying it in their breakfast and are also a common dish at festivals.


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Bhey is yet another famous street food in and around the places of Manali.

It is a delicacy which is prepared with finely chopped lotus stem which is further steamed and then tossed with a variety of spices along with gram flour served and garnished with fresh herbs.

It is a perfect dish which comes with a combo of health and nutrition and also one can enjoy it in his own personal way.

Cantonese Noodles

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Being a place which is quite close to Tibet, Manali has a unique blend of flavours to offer. Cantonese noodles are one such blend. It is widely eaten as street food and it has gained popularity as a typical dish of Manali and Himachal.

The best part about this dish is that- it comes with homemade noodles prepared with a balanced amount of spices. Hence, if you are not a person who can’t bear with extreme spices then this is probably one of the best dishes that Manali has to offer.

Gulab Jamun

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If you’ll go by the name, then trust me it’s nothing but ‘a sweet little heaven on your plate’. It is the personal favorite of almost all Indians because it is needless to say that it is a signatory sweet dish of India and for many of us it’s a sweet weakness too.

It is basically a deep fried ball of khoya (a milk product which has a natural sweetness) then further these spherical balls are dipped in sugar syrup allowing them to get soaked in it. It is also easily found in Manali and definitely loved by all.


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It is a dish that you are not unaware of. Yes, momos are yet another dish which is inspired by the Tibetan culture and now it has found its place in India as well.

Momos are also easily available in almost all the food corners of Manali. This dish is very healthy because it keeps hold of the real nutrient. It is prepared with a stuffing of vegetables wrapped in spherical balls of flour and boiled for a certain time.

It is served with a variety of sauces but the most preferred one is the hot spicy sauce. It is simply the best street food to enjoy in the drizzling weather of Manali.

Chaa Gosht

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If you are a hard-core non-vegetarian then this dish definitely deserves to be on your plate. The punchy blend of spices will literally ignite your taste buds and will leave you mesmerized with its flavour.

The key ingredient of this dish is mutton which is further prepared with yogurt, gram flour, and loads of spices. The preparation process is quite time-taking because the mutton is allowed to get soaked in order to imbibe the true flavours of its spices.


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Aktori is yet another sweet dish of Manali and Himachal. It is prepared with buckwheat and is basically a sort of pancake. It comes with a strong essence of local spices of Himachal.

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