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Top 10 Cuisines of Himachal Pradesh

Cuisine, something that not only signifies the aromatic beauty of a particular place but also holds an essence of its true spirit of culture and tradition, and talking about a place which is situated in India how come we won’t talk about the delicious diversity of its food.

Himachal Pradesh, an Indian state situated in the northern region of India is purely a delight not only to your spirit of traveling but also to the soul which is seeking out for peace. Sitting in the lap of mountains Himachal Pradesh not only provides a visual treat to your eyes but satisfies the rest of your senses. It is probably one of the best places in India where you can write blissful travelogues simultaneously dwelling into the nostalgic fever of vintage memories. Among the rest of the picturesque views and scenic experiences Himachal

Pradesh also holds an aromatic pinch that can ignite the foody in you and will satisfy every last desire of your taste buds. So allow us to take you to the flavourful journey of the top 10 cuisines of Himachal Pradesh.


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As because the culture of Himachal is very much influenced and blended with that of Tibetan culture hence, the food is a linking dot between the two cultures. Thupka is one of the Tibetan cuisines which is not only famous in Himachal but is also gaining popularity in other parts of India along with other Tibetan dishes like- momos, thentuk etc. It is a dish that moreover looks like noodles dipped in the sauce which is filled with finely chopped vegetables and mixed well with light pieces. This dish is basically popular in and around the places of Mcleodganj and Dharamshala. Well, you can also find it in most of the restaurants there.

Kullu Trout

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Talking of the food then how can we ignore the non-vegetarian dishes and Kullu is one such dish which not only comes with a balanced mix of spices but also with a strong taste of trout. Kullu is a dish that is prepared with trout fish and the best part of this dish is that- it is not too spicy and is equally healthy. The blend of the spices is kept low in order to allow the real taste of trout to stay in the limelight. It is pretty much healthy too hence, we can say that it comes with a combo of health and nutrition.


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Aktori is one of the famous festive delicacies of Himachal. Majorly found in and around the area of Lahaul-Spiti, this dish is a sweet delight for the sweet lovers. The main ingredient of this dish is the Buckwheat which is further cooked with wheat flour. One can also call it a pancake because it appears to be like one. When it comes to festivals, Aktori definitely has a lead role to play.


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Mittha is yet another sweet dish which is the specialty of many of the festival which is being celebrated in Himachal. The main ingredient of this sweet dish is rice which is prepared with loads and loads of dry-fruits which not only adds to its richness in terms of nutrition but also gives it a crisp. Sweet rice is one of the famous dishes which is being prepared on different-different occasions around the country, not just the Himachal but, it has different names throughout the geographical area of India.


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Who doesn’t like a deep-fried crispy and crunchy delight stuffed with punchy flavours and spices? Well, if you do then, you are definitely a true foodie spirit. If you ended up thinking somewhat like samosas or kachoris then, bingo! You are right. Babru is yet another modified version of famous kachoris being widely eaten in the north-central and western regions of India. But, Babru comes with a twist which makes it an exclusive dish of Himachal. Here, the punch is in the stuffing which is made up of crushed lentils molded in the form of a smooth paste which is filled in the fine wheat flour (also known as maida) and further deep-fried in any of the edible oils. It is usually served with a combo of sweet and sour chutney. As a tip, enjoy it with a cup of tea, it simply feels like a cherry on the top.

Chamba Gosht

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This is another hot non-veg dish that definitely deserves to be on the list. Chamba gosht, as the name suggests is a non-vegetarian dish that has lamb as its main ingredient. Its preparation is quite tough because there are almost two to three rounds of the process. The lamb is first marinated with the requisite spices and then further stirred in the gravy which includes a lot of curds. Garlic and ginger paste is yet another dominating ingredient of this dish. So, if you don’t enjoy a lot of spices then beware! This dish is going to hit hard on your taste buds but, definitely you should give it a try because it is an exclusive dish of Himachal.


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Also known as Spicy Lotus Stem. It is a widely eaten dish in Himachal. As the name suggests, its main ingredient is the lotus stem which is finely chopped and prepared with ginger, onion and garlic. Hence, we can call it a typical Indian food which is gaining popularity. The spices which are used in this dish are quite strong and leaves a very strong essence and taste of the dish. Once you’ll eat, you won’t be able to let go of the taste pretty soon.

Tudkiya Bhath

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To simplify this dish, one can say that it is a sort of Pulao, but hey! You are definitely underestimating the level of taste it has to delight you. Yes, tudkiya bhath is a dish that is a type of pulao but it has been immensely modified by the Himachli people so that it has given a new definition to ordinary pulao. It is not only prepared with the spices which are the basic requirements of pulao but also it contains a variety of lentils, finely chopped vegetables and loads of curd. It has definitely taken up the level of pulao to and an extraordinary dimension and probably that’s the reason why it deserves to be on your food list.


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If you have already travelled to India or even have a good hunch about the wide variety of Indian cuisines then we believe you must have heard about the Pooran-Poli of Maharashtra. Yes, pooran-poli or dhaam basically means wholesome food. It’s moreover like bringing all the nutrients along with a taste to one’s plate. Dhaam is basically a combination of rice, chapati, rajma, a few more cooked vegetables along with a raita and a sweet dish. It’s like- everything at once hence, one can also call it a power-pack of taste with health.


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It’s a typical dish that is prepared with chickpeas well cooked in oil along with some of the strong and aromatic spices like- cinnamon, clove, and cumin seeds coriander, and so on. One can enjoy it with rice, chapatti or even can enjoy the dish with itself only. This is usually available in almost all the regions of Himachal and is really very aromatic.

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