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Himachal’s Delicious Breakfast – Siddu | Recipe & Eating Benefits

Siddu is a dish of Himachal Pradesh, and it is also comes in one of the popular dishes in Himachal Pradesh. Now people also make this in their homes, and Himachal Pradesh foods have their specialty or way of making. Many people eat Siddu with some ghee. It helps maintain the body’s temperature during winters, and that’s why people like eating this in winter season.

Siddu is also like some other Indian dishes, but it’s different from them in taste and size and in the way of eating. People can make this in their home or any place if they have the right sources. Here we see some things about the Siddu dish and the dish’s recipe.

What is Siddu?

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Siddu is a popular type of dish among the people of Himachal Pradesh. Siddu is something which people can eat daily, and it’s filled with lots of tasty filling. Many people like eating Siddu in mountain areas like Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, and Mansouri.

Ingredients to Make Siddu

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The first thing is the main ingredient, which is Atta or Maida in 500 grams, and with yeast according to the spoon, which can be 1.5. According to the requirement, one teaspoon of sugar and the same amount of salt as two teaspoons of ghee or more,. Also, take some normal lukewarm type of water.

Now it’s the turn of our main thing, which is filling. Take the soaked poppy type of seeds in the half cup or a little less or more, it depends on the need, and the same thing is applied to almonds and soaked them.

Now it turns of salt and little turmeric with some well-chopped mint and leaves of coriander. One or two teaspoons of chili flakes and cumin-coriander powder are roasted properly.

How to Make Siddu

First step: Take our main and first ingredient maida/atta, and then take other products for dough which are salt, sugar, yeast, and ghee, in the required amount. Mix all ingredients in one place and add some normal lukewarm type water in it, so you can create a soft dough from that stuff. Just do it like you do while making Dough for Chappaites.

Second step: Spread some ghee on the dough when it gets ready properly, and before going for the next step, cover it with any cloth which is a little wet. Do not disturb the dough for around two hours, and you can also use any other oil, but ghee increases the taste; that’s why it’s the best choice for making Siddu.

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Third Step: Now prepare another thing which is filling and the main part of Siddu. Take the poppy type of seeds with walnuts if you want, but it’s a good choice; and also take almonds with this, and grind all things separately, so it can get crushed properly and become a smooth paste.

Fourth Step: Now take a bowl and add all pastes in it, and then add all the left ingredients and mix things well it’s our Siddu filling. Now take a steam maker, which is mostly getting used to make momes, and spread some ghee on it because there our bun is going to be ready, and ghee makes the bun soft and smooth, so it does not get stuck with the maker.

Five-Step: Fill all our filling in the dough properly, and you can give its shape like Indian dish gujia or any other shape you want. Stem the dough or bun properly for more than 15 minutes until it becomes ready, and then after some minutes, the Siddu dish is ready to eat. You can serve this with ghee or other ketchup-type ingredients, like in momos.

Benefits of Eating Siddu

#1. It gives warmness to the body, and that is why people like to eat this in winter. It can maintain the temperature of a body, so any environment can’t affect the health of a person, and it also gives energy to the body on lazy winter days. Himachal Pradesh is a cold place, and that’s why people of Himachal Pradesh like eating Siddu because it gives warmness to their bodies in cold winter times.

#2. Siddu also help in maintaining the sugar in the blood, and people do not get food carvings much because of this, which can help them reduce their overall weight, which gets an increase because of unnecessary eating. It also helps in improving the tissues of the skin.

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#3. Siddu also helps in decreasing anxiety and stress of type of things in the mind and body because it contains dietary fiber in a huge amount, and sometimes it also works as an antioxidant. It does not have a much glycemic index, making it better to eat, and good for health.

#4. People can fill ingredients according to them. Some people change some filling ingredients and can make it healthier because the filling of Siddu is filled with healthy ingredients, which does not affect a person’s health, but can make it better.

#5. People can look at Siddu in any place of Himachal Pradesh at any time, and it’s also easy for the maid in-home, it can consume some more time. Still, it gives the best results in the end because its healthy with good taste of Siddu ad Himachal Pradesh beauty also get represented with this.

Who Can Eat Siddu?

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Anyone can eat Siddu because it’s a healthy food, but if someone has problems with steamed stuff, which is not get cooked like other things, they can avoid this because the dough is getting steamed like momos or other things. If someone wants energy and always faces an unnecessary food craving problem, they can also try Siddu because it gives energy and helps fight extreme cravings. Children can also enjoy these fantastic feelings.


Siddu is a famous dish in Himachal Pradesh, and if someone visits Himachal, they can get this dish in each restaurant or any other place. Many tourists also like eating this in the winter season. It gives them warm filling and energy to explore more parts of beautiful Himachal Pradesh by eating more famous foods.