Stone Art of Himachal Pradesh

When masses hear about the term Himachal Pradesh, then they create the image in their mind. This image is associated with hills, mountains, snow, snowfall, jaw-dropping views, and so on. To enjoy the beauty of nature, masses explore Himachal Pradesh. The tourists perform several adventure activities like trekking and so on. Visiting Himachal Pradesh is not less than doing any adventure activities. Even as much as you explore, you will become familiar with several more things.

In addition to it, tourists will come to know about the several aspects of Himachal Pradesh. It is not only famous for mesmerizing the views, but also for the stone art. Have you ever thought about this fact? If you visited Himachal Pradesh, then you may found a stone craft. Not all the masses pay attention to it. However, the stone art is so stunning that it grabs the attention of tourists. Moreover, this stone art of Himachal Pradesh is considered an important and most attractive part of tourism.

Essential things about the various stones

Stone craft is available in different varieties and various styles. In addition to it, Himachal Pradesh has various kinds of stones utilized in the other stone arts.

  • The usage of sandstone is highly on the peak when it comes to the matter of stone Art.
  • Moreover, you may also find the limestone. The demand for supreme quality Limestone is also high. Due to this, these kinds of stones are used largely.
  • When it is a matter of building process, then Rubble Masonry is used.

Availability of stones in Himachal Pradesh:

As mentioned earlier that Himachal Pradesh has a huge variety of stones, so you do not need to hard work for find the stone. There are several areas where you can easily observe the art and learn more about the stones. Here is the list of some areas where the stones are available.

  • Kangra
  • Bilaspur
  • Mandi
  • Kulu

In addition to that, the great artisan makes the numerous and huge rand of things from them. Moreover, in Himachal Pradesh, there are various traditional centres of the stone craft. These stone craft traditional centres are located in different areas. Here is the list of some information about it.

  • Kangra
  • Sirmaur
  • Chamba
  • Mandi
  • Bilaspur
  • Kullu

If you have an interest in stone craft, then you can explore more information about stone art. Due to it, you will come to know about several essential things. In addition to it, your knowledge and interest will enhance towards it.

Places you observe to experience stone craft

Stone craft is quite interesting to explore, especially when you are fascinated by it. When you closely examine the stonework, then you will be surely speechless. In addition to it, you can observe the stone craft in the various places of Himachal Pradesh. It includes temples, decorative pieces, and so on.

If you want to see the actual example of stone art, then visit the following places. In addition to it, you will surely examine the exceptional and unique beauty of the stone craft. Here is a list of some places.

img src: Wikipedia

  • Temples of Masroor
  • Baijnath Temple in Kangra
  • Shiva and Devi Temple at Jagatsukh

Whenever you visit Himachal Pradesh, and then do not forget to explore these places. In addition to it, you will get a unique experience. Not only the mesmerizing view but also the stone craft is the major attraction in Himachal Pradesh.

List of products or arts which can be made by using the stone:

Stone is used for the making the different arts and products which are beyond our thinking level. Stone art is gaining huge popularity over time. When you visit Himachal Pradesh, then you will find various examples of stone art. In addition to it, there are numerous ways to use stones. In addition to it, different stones are not only used for art but also several things.

Here is the list of some arts and products which can be easily made by using the stones.

  • Hanging Rock Garlands

img src: handicraftsindia

The majority of masses give the preference to beaded curtains looks. Instead of beads, you can opt for the option of small stones and pebbles. You can easily found the stones on the beach. Select the jewellery wire and loops to make the rock garlands. After that, make the garlands.

  • Bird House Towers

img src: Pinterest

Shift your thinking from the wooden birdhouse to the stone birdhouse towers. Choose the various pieces of stones together. It will surely look more adorable and unique. In addition to that, make the birdhouse towers with stones.

  • Stone Footprints

img src: Hobby Farms

Stones do not look cute, but with several alterations, you can enhance their beauty to the next level. You can think about the stone footprints. It will surely look great and acts as a worthy décor item at your home.

  • Artificial Cactus Garden

img src: Pinterest

Turn the simple stones into the cactus by painting. Add the greenery to your house in the form of cactus. Colour the cactus with the green colour and draw it as like the cactus. Keep all the stones in the small pot or the vase.

  • Painted Garden Makers

img src: Adventure in a Box

If you are garden has the different sorts of plants then you can give their plants name by using the stones. What you need to do is painted the stones in different colours. After that, could you mention the name of the plants on it? Further, keep the relevant stone in front of the tress. For instance, if you have a basil plant, then keeps the stone that has the name basil in front of them. It will surely give a colourful look to your garden.

These are the actual uses of the stone. You can show your creativity on the stones. You can do the things mentioned above with the help of stones.

In the end, next time when you visit Himachal Pradesh, then explore the stone art. Collect the idea from them and thinking about collecting more and more information about it.

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