Pottery Making in Himachal Pradesh

Pottery making is considered as one of the prestigious crafts which are continuous from various generations. A person can observe poetry making in several parts of India, including Himachal Pradesh too. When it comes to Himachal Pradesh, then there are numerous places where this practice is carried out. These places include Mandi, Kulu, Chamba, Kangra, and Shimla. These are the major places where one can observe the high pottery craft.

Numerous communities do the hard work in making the new clay products. However, it does not mean pottery crafting lost its importance. In addition to it, there are various occasions and rituals in which the pottery craft is required to perform. The community which does the pottery craft practice is known as the Kumhar’s. Moreover, a person who knows the art of pottery can make different products. Even they are also known for their unique and jaw-dropping creativity.

They make different sorts of things which are useful for the masses. These include flower vases, decorated items, storage items, pots, and so on. In addition to it, the craftsmen work according to the requirement of their customers, like which shape or which thing they want and so on. If a customer wants the God and Goddess’s idol, they also make it on the special demand. They colored those idols with different shades to make them appealing. Once they are ready, they look so attractive and eye-catching too.

Kawradu and Dhialu

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In the festival seasons, the demand for craftsmen and their creativity is at the peak. It is because these idols have great importance in the festivals. Moving to the Kangra, craftsmen do this pottery craft and color it in the red and black shades. There are some special items which are famous for Kangra. These include Kawradu and Dhialu. These are the small pots that are used for producing the curds.

Months of Pottery Craft in Himachal

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The work of pottery crafting is seasonal in Himachal Pradesh. When it comes to the summer season, then they practice the pottery craft between May and July.

On the other side, in the winter, the time of pottery crafting is November to January. The Kumhar’s receive several orders in the festive seasons. It is because at that time the demands of these kinds of products are at the peak.

In addition to it, Kumhar pays the obeisance to their potter’s wheel. They decorate them and perform the pooja. You will see the pottery craft in Himachal Pradesh, and the color of this craft attracts the majority of tourists.

Tools and Raw Material

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Pottery craft is not an easy craft that usually masses think that it is. There are specific tools required to perform this practice. The major raw material which is used in pottery making is Clay. In addition to it, here is the list of some raw material and tools which are used in the pottery crafting.

  • Clay- Important material
  • Water- It is sprinkled on the clay for retaining the moisture.
  • Thread- It is first dipped in the water; further, it is used to cut and separate products to the wheel.
  • Colours- To give a colourful look to these products.
  • Filter- For filtering the clay powder
  • Wheel


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As mentioned earlier, pottery products are related to decorative items such as flower vases and so on. In addition to it, the products which are made in Kangra, you may found similar products in the other part of India. However, you can either observe the difference in the style or colour combination. The products include the waterpots, including the various cooking articles.

These kinds of items are used on a daily basis. In addition to it, you may also find the designer vase, idol, and so on, which are influenced by the pottery craft. Some specific clay products are highly in demand. In addition to it, here is the list of some specific clay products.

  • Water pots
  • Muggi
  • Gharau
  • Vinatage pots
  • Diya
  • Guluk and so on.

The water pots are used for storing the water and are known as the Garra. Further, Muggi is also preferred for carrying the water. On the other side, the third product mentioned in the above list is utilized for boiling the milk. In addition to it, penny banks are used especially by the children for saving money. These kinds of products are sold in the Palampur, Kangra, Dharamshala, and so on. You will get the numerous products of clays which are available in the different range.

Apart from it, due to modern technology, to some extent, the value of pottery products is decreasing with time. However, village Paudhana which is situated in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh tries to preserve this art. In addition to it, all they do is make different products of different sizes such as pots, vases, vessels, and so on. Even buyers come to the Solan, especially in this village, to purchase the pots and several other products.

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The craftsmen do not use any modern technology in making the “Ghada” or the “Matka”. In addition to it, they are handmade. They mainly use the sancha or known as the template, knife, thapi, straps of small cloth, etc. In addition to it, there is a particular making process of making the pots which the craftsmen use for making the different products.

Undoubtedly, pottery-making art is unique and valuable. However, unfortunately, teenagers are not interested in learning this sort of essential art. Even they do not show interest in purchasing these kinds of products. On the other side, villagers used to sell clay products in fairs.

The inference of complete analysis is that promoting the pottery craft is a great way to preserve this art from extinction. Otherwise, the next generation will see the pottery craft in the museums. In addition to it, few of the masses know the importance of eco-friendly products while some like other products. It is essential to give the importance of that eco-friendly.

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