Most Famous Festivals of Himachal Pradesh

Love festivals and fairs? Well, everyone loves them without any doubt. We can understand how difficult it is for us now to participate in any festivals… all thanks to our busy schedule. Anyways if you are planning to visit Himachal, then here we are mentioning some of the most famous festivals that you would surely love to attend. So friends, here is the list.

Kullu Dussehra

 It is one of the most extraordinary festivals of HP, Every year, in the month of October, a large magnificent fair is organized in Bhagalpur maidan in the Kullu Valley. It’s an international fair that’s been attracting thousands of tourists, artists, political leaders, spiritual personalities, and many more around the globe. 

Around the 17th century, the reigning king Raja Jagat Singh sought peace and prosperity for his greedy and malicious acts by constructing a beautiful sculpture of God Rama on his throne.

This auspicious grand occasion has been a ritual ever science. The thing is everyone attends this grandeur celebration with such joy and enthusiasm and devotedness that it’s a lifetime experience to him/her. 

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Every Dussehra, thousands of people visit this place, and the celebration continues for the next seven days. The splendor of the celebration is marked by the deity of Lord Rama being carried by many proponents.

Many folk dances and cultural activities with an artistic touch makes this festival one in its category. There’s a different vibe on the day of Dussehra; hundreds of God’s sculptures are brought on the temple grounds on the day of Dussehra, including Hidimba and Jamlu Rishi ( the God of Malana village). 

The festival attracts local people and a large number of enthusiastic international travelers and spiritually active people who come in search of solace in the Himalayas. 

So if you’re planning to visit Himachal Pradesh, then I would suggest visiting this place during Dussehra because it’s you really need to witness the grandeur of this festival. 


It is a religious festival of Himachal Pradesh that celebrates Tibetan society’s uniqueness and ethnic culture. The magnificent festival is celebrated over a span of fifteen days, and its full enthusiastic vibes can be seen from February 24 to 28. 

Losar has its roots entangled in Buddhism and basically originated from Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan culture and norms. 

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People from different parts of the Ladakh region annually celebrate this festival on the first day of the Tibetan calendar’s eleventh month. It is the most important socio-religious event of Ladakh. It also attracts the visitants all across India. 

This festival is all about making symbolic means and offerings to God and Goddess. The local houses are beautifully decorated with good luck signs for happiness, wealth in the new year. 


 The beautiful festival of lights and prosperity is celebrated on the auspicious day of Magha Purnima. It is one of the most beautiful festivals which has its origins and resemblance from Diwali. It is a two-day grand celebration full of lights held at the special region of Lahaul valley.

Halda festival has its origins in the Lamaistic beliefs of the valley. This festival is celebrated to show their love, gratitude, and devotedness towards Shiskar Apa- The goddess of wealth. A massive bonfire occurs to reflect gratitude and solidarity to the group, adding an exquisite visual touch to it.

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This most awaited festival is all about celebrating with family and friends, cheering up togetherness and goodwill of society, praising social norms, and spiritual delicacies with community gatherings and drooling beverages. Halda is a celebration of life. Special contributions are made to the local God and goddess, and several rituals are schooled in their affection. 

Sazo Festival 

 Bringing religious beliefs and ethical happiness to the whole valley of Kinnaur is the motive of the Sazo festival. It is one of the most organized festivals with ecstasy as its main ingredient. Sazo festival is celebrated because of a general belief that during this time of year, the God and goddess surge back to where they came from, which is heaven.

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This departure is considered a crucial event, and locals celebrate this festival very seriously because it’s a social norm that has been followed for many years. Every generation respect their ancestors believes and took forward their culture. 

They take baths in the desirable hot springs in the Satluj river, intending for cleansing their souls and bodies of every sin. The celebration ends with soulful music and dance performances, which are treat for our eyes and soul. 

Doongri Fair 

 Now, this is a hell of a festival; this festival has its roots entangled in the Historic battle of Mahabharata. It is commemorated as the birthday anniversary of Hidimba. 

Bheem’s wife Hidimba was a “Rakshasni,” and their son was the Mighty Ghatotkatch, who was the world’s mightiest warrior and helped the Pandavas win the great war. 

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The residents crumple at a spot and pay homage to Hadimba, who is so the local goddess. A huge gigantic fare is organized to show love and respect for their beloved deity. This interesting fair is organized on Basant Panchami, the day that marks the arrival of the spring season.

The festival is full of pulsating music and old folk dance with big and colorful costumes. Many people all across the state visit this festival and enjoy the ecstatic vibe and music. 

The main temptation of this festival is the amounts of magnificent exhibitions and ceremonies that denizens of different nearby villages carry out as they whirl the chariot of their Devi forward. All these chariots and processions gather at Hadimba Temple positioned in the sacred forests of Dhungri in Kullu 

Some ceremonies are conducted at the chapel by the preacher, and all the locals bow down to their goddess and ask her to bless them with health, wealth, and happiness. 

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