Exquisite Jewellery Crafts Work of Himachal Pradesh!

Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful place with a wide range of diversity in jewellery, artwork, crafts and canvas art! It is an imperial land with intricate craftsmanship and mesmerizing designs that could easily take your hearts of. Their lines, curves and strokes on the jewel chunks create a mesmerizing replica of their splendour and architectural wonder.

Rich jewellery works in Himachal are evident in its museums and other places where the regal skills are available. And the aspiring artists in this state are a heritage that passes on from generation to generations.

A Glance at the Miraculous Jewellery of Himachal Pradesh!

Most tourists and the foreigners coming for an expedition to this land of god get fascinated with the metal ornaments and designs here. The regions of Kullu and Chamba have several experts who represent the local designs and motifs in a spectacular state of the art.

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Jewel chunks popular in these hilly regions are prominent amongst the daily accessories of the pretty women there. They wear beaded jewellery even with the charm of prestigious gold metal. The most popular jewellery pieces to spot in Himachal include pendants, amulets, necklaces, daggers, and many more. And a common thing that binds the entire art river over there is the royal lineage over there.

Silver Jewellery from Himachal Pradesh

Also known as the ‘Pahadi’ jewel chunks, no tourist can resist buying at least a piece of this marvellous jewel wonder from here. And they have peculiar names for every jewel piece listed below:

  • Dodmala (Beaded necklace)
  • Sabi (locket)
  • Gal pattu (choker)
  • Kangana (bangles)
  • Balu (nose-rings)

These are the common jewellery items produced and manufactured by this state in the local and even international markets.

Styles of Chunks in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal is best known for the tribal communities over here, and clothing is a prominent factor that distinguishes them from others. Along with that, they adorn beautiful ornaments that also grasp a Rajputana touch in them. This is maybe because Rajputs rule this state long back. You can, therefore, easily get a glimpse of Rajasthani style Meenakari work and green or blue enamels on the jewel pieces.

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Jewellery in this state also gets its variation from the Tibetan regions as you can find a sight of flora and fauna from that place. And it depicts prominently in the sturdy iron-headed bangles, elliptical anklets, Peepal-leaf or hair ornaments, and the exclusive pendants. It is also a holy piece of jewellery as it is worn by their goddess of mountains, whom they believe in!

Other Popular Jewellery from Himachal Pradesh

Getting into the further details of the intrinsic jewellery art forms here, there are several elite chunks that you can treasure into your box at your next visit to Himachal. They are as below:

Shringar Patti

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It symbolizes good luck and fortune for the married women, which they embellish on their forehead with grace. There is also a fringe at the side of the face with small geometrical shapes linked with each other beautifully. You can also spot the crescent or moon-shaped plaques with unique enamels that become of the centre of the forehead in some pieces.


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An epic ornament and prominently found headpiece is Chudamani that is of a lotus shape. It is worn after parting the hair and adds a wonderful look to your personality.


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You can wear it as a fashion accessory, but traditionally it is the plain shaped bangles that appear thin but broaden at the edges. Interestingly, these bangles are tactfully engraved into the elephant and tiger heads as well.


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This necklace is also known as Kach, which includes several silver beads and two triangular plaques. And you can find it mainly in the Gaddi district, where women wear this silver jewellery on the forehead known as Chiri-tikka. It refers to a bird in the regional language.


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Another amazing piece of jewellery to explore in Himachal Pradesh is the common ornament adorned by the married women over there. It comprises multiple large earrings that hang down over their ears through the strap of a single cloth. You can check it out and take one along towards the return journey.


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Next popular piece of jewellery available here is the mulmentho that includes two-joined chains and several pipals shaped pendants.


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You can also buy a beautiful and authentic long ‘Pahadi’ necklace known as Chandramalang. It has several silver beads and exceptional designs that you wish to treasure for a lifetime.

Certain areas in the state have a strong influence on the Tibetan culture, such as in Lahaul and the Spiti valley. You can mainly find ornaments made of precious stones such as amber, coral, mother of pearl and coral. All these undergo a wonderful amalgamation to result in an exceptional and designer jewel chunk that you can adorn. Most women here believe in Buddhism and embellish themselves with the three precious gems that connect them to the culture.

Growth of Jewellery Sector in Himachal Pradesh

With so much diversity in terms of jewellery styles, designs, options and a regional touch, it is a delight to invest in their art. And most tourists visiting there never out a purchase of some jewellery items as a souvenir for their loved ones. Ranging from the finest jewellery arts from the era of Maharaja to the traces of Buddhist culture rooted over there, you get an exceptional variety to choose from.

If you explore the local markets in Shimla and Manali, which are offbeat and located by the ways, there is a better chance to get these chunks at discounted rates. While Mall Road is amongst the costliest area of the towns, you might get lucky to get some hot deals on jewellery or maybe bargain well to fetch the best rates.

On the whole, it is surely a ‘Not to be missed’ art form from this wonderful state where workers take their hearts off to depict the majesty of the region through the jewellery items. The charm, elegance and beauty of gold or silver ornaments here are beyond your imagination. Do allure yourself with the mystical jewel pieces of this splendid location where tourists have a lot more to explore apart from hilly roads and spectacular sights!

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