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What Makes Himachal Pradesh An Ecstasy For Travellers?

With mysterious mountains, lush green landscapes, and mystical rivers around, Himachal Pradesh is a blissful surprise for every traveller visiting here! And honeymooners cannot resist their temptation to explore the romantic getaway of the Himalayas. Even backpackers find some thrilling adventure sports and fun-filled experiences that mesmerize them and lure them to visit repeatedly.

No matter if you are a frequent traveller who loves to explore local delicacies and hops off to unknown places or a group coming along with planned itineraries, Himachal pleases everyone!

Himachal Pradesh, or the ‘Land Of Gods’, is a dream destination for the people who wish to break from the regular bustle of life and enjoy the serenity of mountains. It is a diverse place that satiates the overhauling expectation of every tourist coming here.

Did You Experience This in Himachal?

#1 A Romantic Honeymoon

The serene rivers and snow-clad mountains make it a top destination for honeymooners. Couples love to enjoy the breathtaking views from the Himalayas and spend nights staring at the shiny stars in the skies.

Destinations like the Dalhousie, Shimla, and Manali are among the top picks for explorers’ romantic getaway! Romantic vibes of valleys, delicious foods, and lousy lanes work as a perfect outset to develop an excellent love bond.

#2 Plan a Road Trips

Road trips can take you to the unfolded marvels of Himachal Pradesh that are yet to get popular. If you love to take a vehicle’s resilience and keep moving for miles, this is an excellent place for you. Imagine going for a thrilling road trip through Rohtang or the nerve-wracking routes of Spiti-Valley.

Hilly roads are magical and dangerous, but a road trip expedition comprises both these elements. When you are off to Himachal, escaping the road trip is impossible as you can create some memorable experiences while moving ahead.

I personally loved the Manali to Leh route, where you can also spot excited bikers zipping on their jackets and driving through the rough roads. If you are on a car road trip, opt for the SUVs as they are a good choice for mountain travelling. Pangi, Kinnaur, and Dalhousie are other destinations to explore in Himachal Pradesh.

#3 Vivacious Snowfall

In India, there are a few very places where you can get a chance to experience direct snowfall, and Himachal is one amongst them. Tourists and travellers love to visit here and enjoy the joyous white flakes that kids and adults enjoy thoroughly.

Snowfalls are spectacular here, and the top places where travellers can enjoy snowfall are Tirthan Valley, Shimla, and McLeodganj. Between December and February, the snowfall here is impressive. If winter chills bother you, check out the weather updates before making the bookings.

#4 Party Hard at Himachal

Amongst the holistic temple sights and locations, this place restores a few party lovers’ spots.

You can visit a discotheque or even attend the music festivals at Parvati valley to experience a great time here.

#5 Trek Over High Mountains

Himachal Pradesh promotes trekking and mountaineering activities as it is the highlight for most hiker coming here. Whether you wish to move out for a 1-day trek near Prashar Lake and Triund or the trek plans of several days from Hanuman Tibba to Hampta Pass, it is a great place.

You can book your travel packages for trekking so that you can discover the hidden love for mountains. The trekking range in Himachal ranges from 2500 to 3200 meters. Few popular treks here are Lama Dugh, Beas Kund, Jogini Falls trek, and Vashishth. A Chandratal Trek is also a great option if you wish to take up an elevation to enjoy beautiful views.

#6 Photography Love

The magnificent scenic landscape of Himachal Pradesh also allures artistic photographers to capture some incredible sights.

There are colourful flowers, quaint riverbeds, and exquisite sunrise or sunset points to paint your imagination. Many creative souls plan out a trip here to get inspiration for nature photography.

#7 Relish Tasteful Delicacies

Himachal is also a famous hub for foodies as people visit here often to enjoy tasty cuisines in Dhaba’s or restaurant. You can get the authentic flavours of North here, which curbs the desire of travellers who love to taste new foods.

For a memorable experience, here are several food joints that serve you with some exciting and delicious recipes. If you visit Himachal, do not miss visiting the eateries and cafes at Old Manali, McLeodganj, and the Mall Road of Shimla. Small food streets at Dharamkot and Kasol can also give your exquisite food choices.

For the foreign tourist, a host of international cuisine is also available, including Israeli cuisine, Schnitzels, Hummus, and Shashlik. There is also a wide range of Italian, German and Chinese delicacies are also available.

#8 A Getaway for Shoppers

Himachal Pradesh is also an excellent place for shoppers who have a keen eye for handicrafts, woollen shawls, toys, and exclusive clothes. Himachal offers some of the finest weavers who portray their marvellous clothes through handloom stores.

There are also artisans and craftsmen selling clothes on the Mall Road streets in Manali or the Dharamshala’s Main Square. Apart from apparel, there is also fantastic jewellery made out of metal and stones. Compulsive shoppers cannot resist themselves on a visit here.

#9 Spectacular Wildlife

When you explore the distinct vistas of Himachal Pradesh, there is a fantastic collection of avifauna, fauna, and flora to witness. Many wildlife enthusiasts visit here to take a tour of Himachal’s wildlife. At Himachal Pradesh, there are almost 33 wildlife sanctuaries and around 2 national parks.

It is also home to 77 species, 436 species of aquatic fauna, and 463 bird species. It also has a Great Himalayan National Park, which is a declared heritage site by UNESCO. And it’s a treat for the human eyes to wander over the mountain ranges here.

#10 Adrenaline Junkies Enjoy Here

Himachal tourism also gives you the option for thrilling water activities such as river crossing, rafting, and mountain biking.

Whether it is paragliding at Khajjiar Valley or the Bir Billing, waterfall rappelling, bouldering, and zorbing activities, Himachal has a lot to offer.

Final Verdict

Himachal Pradesh overwhelms its and tourists with the plethora of activities and attractions to enjoy. There are many things to enjoy in the towns of Himachal that can give you the moments to cherish forever. So, if you are planning a trip to this fantastic location, consider including these fabulous places for Himachal tour!

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