Travel Tips- Checklist for Planning a Trip to Himachal Pradesh in 2021!

Himachal is the epitome of nature’s beauty and lofty snow peaks surrounded by lush green valleys, deep gorges. Its mystical rivers, soul-soothing monasteries, and temples, along with flower meadows, give a beautiful sight to the travelers arriving over there. Whether it’s sightseeing, adventurous sports, trekking, or mountaineering, Himachal never fails to impress its visitors. For the peaceful souls who wish to rejuvenate and relax in the cozy ambiance here, Himachal is indeed a getaway.

Is a Himachal tour on your cards in 2021? There are a few things to consider when planning a Himachal tour with your friends, family, or even a solo tour. Keeping in mind the few travel tips and an essential checklist can ensure no inconvenience while you are on tour! After all, having a smooth and safe journey is essential to plan a perfect Himachal trip with your loved ones.

A Handy Checklist for a Tour to Himachal Pradesh in 2021!

You need to ensure keeping a list of things handy on your trip to Himachal Pradesh. These travel tips can ensure a hassle-free journey to Himachal Pradesh. You have to carry a few essential things on the trip for a safe staycation or a long travel vacation. This can ease out your visit to these fantastic places and beautiful destinations. So, here is a checklist for traveling to Himachal:

#1 Documents

If you have any plans to visit Himachal Pradesh, carrying essential documents is necessary. Taking along the printed tour confirmation voucher is vital for every visitor.

If you have sightseeing plans, get a complete itinerary in its paper format so that you can schedule the trips easily. Besides, you have to carry along the health reports in some instances, and it is better to check the state authorities well before you arrive. They can guide you on any extra prudent things that you need to carry before the travel.

#2 Clothes

As Himachal Pradesh is a region with cold weather for the maximum time, you need to carry a pair of woolen and warm clothes. Areas such as Kangra, Kinnaur, Khajjiar, Chamba, Shimla, Chail, Spiti, and Lahaul have cold weather.

Here, the temperatures might be between 15-5 degree on summer while in winters; it can go colder to 10- (-5) degree Celcius.

You should pack clothes as per the season as if there is snowfall; you might need multiple clothes layers. Besides, the mountains’ temperature is quite unpredictable, and therefore you never know when you need to carry additional clothing.

It would help if you carried a windcheater to protect yourself from the heavy snowfall regions for breezy places in Himachal.

Carry your gumboots that roadside vendors provide you. Shawl, jackets, strolls, and caps are a few things you need to carry on for your Himachal visit.

#3 ID Proofs

You need to carry essential identity proofs while going to any resort or hotel. Especially at the time of check-ins; you have to present the identity proof to the hotel staff.

Even while commuting through cars or taxis, you should carry identity proof like an Aadhar card, driving license, or passport to avoid any fuss.

Keep the digital copy of documents ready on your mobile devices and take them along everywhere. In case of loss or theft, it helps in presenting the soft copies immediately.

#4 Be Gadget Ready

If you wish to capture the spectacular Himalayan hills’ mesmerizing and scenic views, it is vital to take gadgets along.

You can either use the advanced phone camera for catching images or take the help of a drone to get a panoramic view of enchanting hills and the flower meadows. Besides, if you are on a camping tour; there might be an issue in charging your phones and devices.

So, it is advisable to carry along spare batteries, chargers, and even power banks so that you can always be Gadget ready for some smart clicks and calls.

For solo travelers, carrying a pair of good headphones is also essential to enjoy the soothing music while exploring the fantastic lanes of Himachal Pradesh.

#5 Check Hotel Amenities

The type of place you choose to stay also decides the things you have to carry. Ensure that all amenities are available in your hotel at the time of bookings itself.

Check out whether things like blankets, heater, extra beds, room refreshment, and other things are available at the hotel/resort or not. If you have kids or older adults along, carry an extra pair of the blanket so that they can use while traveling.

#6 Foods

If you are on a staycation at Himachal, it is wise to choose any private bungalow where you can get home-cooked meals.

While you are moving out for sightseeing, you could carry biscuits, dry snacks, and dry fruits to munch on. Consume lots of fruits, hot beverages, and water so that you stay hydrated while moving to high altitudes.

The altitudes are high here, leading to breathing difficulties, especially during heavy snowfalls. So, it is advisable to carry along a small water bottle and keep sipping it off frequently.

#7 Keep First-Aid Handy

You should not eat anything unhygienic or from roadside vendors as it might make you fall sick. Drink bottled waters to avoid stomach infection. Take along a personal first-aid kit to stay ready for any medical emergency.

Medicines like Crocin, Eno, ORS/Electral, Aspirin, Adhesives, Tenson bandage, Thermometer, and sanitizers must be by your side. People having Asthma problems must also carry a pump along with them. Avoid filling your stomach too much as it might lead to vomiting or nausea.

#8 Sunglasses, Moisturizers, and Lotions

Sunlight is quite bright when you move to hilly areas, and therefore wearing dark polarised glasses is advisable.

Carry moisturizers for avoiding dry and itchy skin as winters also bring skin sensitivity. Keep your skin hydrated with good quality lotions and use them regularly on your entire tour.

Hopefully, the above checklist can enable you to plan a perfect trip to the spectacular Himachal Pradesh and enjoy it without any inconvenience. Plan in advance to enjoy the magical moments in this flashing getaway with your loved ones!

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