Top Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh in Low Budget

Himachal Pradesh is very famous for its beauty and landscape. Apart from being a beautiful destination, there are a number of adventure sports as well for which it is famous. The place is situated in the western Himalayas and has a number of hill stations. So if you are finding an escape and a place where you can go during the summers as well as to enjoy the winters, Himachal is the best stop. There are a number of affordable trips that you can plan in Himachal.

Some of these are listed below. The readers should go through the destinations which they can visit on a low budget.

Kullu Manali

One of the best destinations that you can surely visit in Himachal Pradesh is Kullu Manali. The place is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and the fresh air flow through it. This should indeed be the top place on your list.

There are various places that you can visit in Manali as well as take part in adventure sports too. This is surely going to make your trip s perfect one. It is an ideal place for everyone and mostly for the youth. The best time to visit this place would be from May- July and from November to January.

In Manali, tourists can engage in a lot of activities in the Solang valley. Also, trekking, camping, river rafting can be enjoyed in Kullu.  Some nearby places include Hidimba temple, Manikaran, Solang, Rohtang, Malana.

The place would suit your budget and you can easily visit it on a low budget too.

Shimla: The Queen of Hill Stations

Shimla is one of the favorite places for tourists to visit. It is a correct mixture of British sophistication and the glory of India. No doubt it is the best tourist places in Himachal Pradesh. It can be visited with both family and friends. The best time to visit this place is from May to July and from November to January during the snowfall.

There are various ways of reaching the destination. The people can opt for the Kalka Shimla highway. Here tourists can fulfill their shopping desires and also enjoy trekking. They can visit the Jhaku hill and do try out Polo at the Annandale. The nearby places include Solan, Mashobra, Tattapani.


This place is obviously the best and should be there in your list of famous destinations. The place is not only famous for the climate but here the people live in harmony with the Indo Tibetan community as well. It is best to visit with friends and even solo travelers.

The best time to visit the place is from May to July and from November to January. Tourists can enjoy boating in Dal Lake and also see the famous Kangra fort. They can also see the Bhagsunath temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

And simultaneously can also enjoy the cascading at Bhagsu falls. Tourists can visit the monasteries and the museums, the Dalai Lama temple, and the plantations on the foothills of Kangra valley.


This is also among the best places a tourist would like to visit. It is away from the hustle-bustle of the city and is among the serine places in Himachal. It almost near the boundaries of Punjab and Haryana. People can visit it through roadways.

The best time to visit Kasauli is from November to March and also from December to January. People can visit it with friends and family. The nearest airport from Kasauli is Chandigarh and there is a rail station in Sonwara.

Tourists can visit the Anglican church which is built by the British. People can walk down Mall road and also see the monkey point. The sunrise and sunset point are very famous, and the sky looks very beautiful from here. Those who are fond of walking can even explore the Gilbert trail.

Bir Billing

This the best place for adventure seekers. It is full of adventure sports and along with that, it must be on top of your list. Bir is a small village and is blessed with a fresh climate. It is the best place for those who love trekking and adventure sports. The place is famous for paragliding.

Tourists can carry out the paragliding activity and do amazing camping as well in the midst of amazing weather.

Also, include visiting the Buddhist monasteries. There is a Vaidynath which is devoted to Lord Shiva. Moreover, do visit the Palampur tea cooperative. Here you can know about the tea making process.


This place is situated near Kullu. It is the best place if tourists wish to have a digital detox. There is a spending view of the Chandrakhini crests and the Deo Tiba from the place. Also, it is the best place in Himachal Pradesh to visit. It is suitable for trekkers and solo travelers.

The best time to visit Malana would be from May to August. The nearest airport to the place is Kullu. Tourists can enjoy the weather in a gorgeous village. Also, they can capture the beautiful scenes of the kheer Ganga valley.

Nearby there is Manikaran, so they can visit the hot spring as well as the pilgrimage. There are some regional festivals too, and the tourists can surely enjoy these.


This place is known as mini Israel of India. This is a beautiful hill station and receives the blessed water of the Parvati valley. Just on its way, it has the holy town of Manikaran.

This place is best for trekkers and the ones who love camping. The best time to visit this place would be from May to June.

All these places are the ones which would fit the known budget as well. To make your trip affordable the people can travel in groups.

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