Top 10 Unknown and Unexplored Places of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh, a state located in the northern part of India is not just a place rather it’s a pathway to many things that nature has to offer. Its lush green valleys, those chilling evenings, and those bright rays of filtered sunshine are some of the main reasons why people are attracted towards this place.

Not just the people from India but also people from all around the world are spellbound by the scenic beauty and peace of Himachal, it’s pretty hard to resist. And the best part of this place is that- no matter whatever your age is or whatever your tour requirements are, this place certainly has almost everything to satisfy you in the best possible way.

It is one of the best places for adventures like trekking hiking etc. for those who held the true spirit of adventure, it has one of the most romantic weather to make some real good memories and even if you just want to spend some quality time with your friends and family or even if you want to find your peace of mind then, this a just the right place for you.

Talking of the places to visit in Himachal then surely, this place has a bunch of hotspots that one must visit like- Manali, Dharamshala, Kullu, Lahaul, Spiti, etc. but it is certainly needless to say that the popularity of these places has dominated over the places which definitely deserves to be on your list of visiting.

These places are widely visited by almost all of the visitors and tourists and that has overshadowed the beauty that still hides in the lap of those unexplored mountains and gardens of snow.

So, here we are with the top 10 unknown and unexplored places of Himachal Pradesh.


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DadaSiba sits on the extreme western side of the state and hence shares its state borders with Punjab. This reason is good enough to attract you to this unexplored place of Himachal. It has a very peculiar cultural aura as because here, the culture is a blend of Pahari and Punjabi culture, you’ll definitely find a pinch of both of them.

This place falls under the district purview of Kangra and is 43km away from Dharamshala in its south. Apart from the scenic beauty this place also has some religious importance for the Hindus. It’s a famous temple that has beautiful architectural pertinent. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishan and goddess Radha.

The stone for the temple was brought from Jodhpur so one can imagine the level of hard work and efforts the people would have put in order to align all the things and may this is something that makes this temple famous.

Hampta Pass

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This is another less visited place of Himachal. The location of this place makes it different and a must-visit place. Far away from the bright lights of urbanization, this place has a lot to offer in the name of Nature.

It is located at an altitude as high as 4270m in the famous range of Pir-Panjal. As the name itself says, it is a corridor and a pass, surrounded by the high hills of the range densely cladded in the thick layer of snow and white beauty.

If you are looking for a place to trek which is not as crowded as that of Rohtang pass then, definitely this is the right place for you.


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Sitting in the lap of Kinnaur Kailash mountain peaks, Kalpa happens to be one of the biggest villages of Himachal Pradesh. Kalpa falls under the district purview of Kinnaur.

This village has truly picturesque sights which come with a bold background of proud mountains standing as high as the sky itself and covered with green trees of pine nuts. If you’re planning for a yoga retreat or something like that, then Kalpa won’t disappoint you.


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While heading towards Shimal, Barog could be your best stopover which allows you to feel the refreshing breeze and will definitely take you away on the trail that this place has to offer. It is situated in the middle of Kalka-Shimla highway and is under the district purview of Solan.

Churdhar peaks are one of those scenic peculiarities which are being offered by this place. Churdhar stands for some poetic meaning which says ‘Mountain of the Silver Bangle’.

Apart from this, the place is also loaded with oak forest which has its own unique place and which definitely adds to the beauty of this place.


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While visiting Kalpa don’t forget to drop by at Sangla valley as it is only 57km from Kalpa. It is one of the iconic valleys of Himachal Pradesh which is located at the banks of river Baspa.

Being a valley and that too situated at the bank of some river simply adds to the majestic beauty of this place. Because of the river, it is also famous with the name of Baspa Valley. The place has its own story to tell given if you are the listener.


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Sitting in the Mandi district of Himachal, Barot is just the right place for all the snowy adventure and all the outdoor fun one can have while enjoying the snow. It is one of the famous breeding centers for trout fish as well.

It also has a wildlife sanctuary named Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which is obviously sweet heaven for various rare Himalayan species. The place is literally filled with mountains cladded with a heavy layer of snow.

So, if you set foot in here feel like a free spirit as it allows you to discover yourself along with some life experiences.


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It is located on the Shimla-Mandi highway in Karsog Valley. This is quite a peculiar place as compared to the other places of Himachal Pradesh.

This place has the unique popularity of temples like Mamleshwaar Mahadev, Mahunag temple, Pangana temple, and many more. Pine forests and apple gardens add to the beauty of this place.


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Chitkul is a total nostalgia which is definitely going to take you back in time with all the modern comfort and ease. Having its roots set on the Indo-Tibetan border, this village is one of the last villages on the beautiful journey of Himachal.

Like the other unexplored places, this is also loaded with lush green valleys of fruits and mustard fields. The river Baspa flows along with the roads to this place and that is simply a cherry on the top.


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It won’t be wrong to call it a beautiful part of Kullu. This village is surrounded by beautiful and vast mountains which makes it stand out from the rest of the places.


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Thanedar is yet another place that definitely deserves to be on your list to visit. This destination is filled with densely laden trees of juicy apples. This destination will definitely leave you mesmerized and make sure to visit it.

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