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Top 10 Places to Visit in Solan

Cover with Deodar trees and mountains, and Solan is one of the charming hill stations. For experiencing the real aura of vacation, you must visit the Solan. Along with it, you will feel relax, refresh, and lap of nature. The flawless and jaw-dropping views of the mountains make it the perfect location for couples and families too. If you are a nature lover, then it is an ideal place to explore and offers the opportunity of the best places to visit in Solan. Once you explore this beautiful hill station, then you will fall in love with this tourist destination.

The best months to explore this lavishing hill station are March, April, and May. Moreover, you can explore the places by making the list of top places to visit in Solan. Right from monasteries to church, you have the Best places to visit in Solan. Here is the list of top 10 places to visit in Solan that complete your journey or vacation trip.

Bon Monastery | Calm Your Sense and Meditate

img src: The Traveller Trails

If you want to explore the Tibetan culture, then you must visit thin places. There is no doubt the Bon- Monastery is considered one of the best places to visit in Solan. It is situated 12 km from the Solan city center. In addition to it, the community of Bon is a spiritual society that is older than the movement of Buddhism. Henceforth make your journey peaceful and blissful by exploring this place.

Timings – 9 am to 5 pm

Christ Church | Pay A Visit to This Place

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It is one of the iconic places in Solan District. Christ Church is located in the beautiful and mesmerizing hill town Kasauli. The Christ Church was built in 180 years ago by the British family. In addition to it, you will be surprised to see the beauty of this search.

Timings – 7 am to 7 pm

Moksha Himalaya Spa | Relax at Moksh Resort

img src: Yatra

Tired from your journey, take the benefit of Moksha spa. Moks Resort is a beautiful, lavishing, and refreshing spa resort in the Solan. It is one of the fantastic and exciting places for couples. All the tourists will surely enjoy the spa. In addition to it, you will get the luxurious amenities such as infinity pool, gym, as well as the sauna.

Shoolini Mata Temple | Bow Your Heads and Pray

img src: RVA Temples

Pay the obeisance in this temple and make your life blissful. All the Hindu devotees consider the Shoolini Mata Temple as the essential spot as compared to other places. Therefore you should visit this temple to take the blessing from God.

Timings – 7 am to 6 pm

Dagshai Jail Museum | Dig Into the History

img src: TripHobo

All the history lovers must visit this historical place to get an unpredictable experience. The Dagshai Jail Museum is a former British prison in which Mahatma Gandhi stayed for a day. The main reason behind he stayed is to support the independence of Irish from the United Kingdom.

Timings – 9 am to 5 pm

Kuthar Fort | Gape at The Intricate Designs

img src: TripAdvisor

Enjoy the beauty of approximate 800-year-old Kuthar Fort. It was established by the Gorkha Kings. It is one of the oldest places in Solan. You will surely enjoy the amazing as well as flawless artwork, fortified towers, and freshwater springs. Therefore be a witness of this charming place with your loved one and your family. Make unforgettable memories with you for a long time.

Gilbert Trail – Explore Natural Beauty at Your Own Pace

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Feel like you are in the lap of nature and explicate your feelings to your loved one by visiting one of the natural places that are Gilbert Trail. It is located in the charming hill station Kasauli. If you lost the connection with the mother-nature due to the hectic schedule, then recreate the bond by exploring this place. Therefore add this place in your visiting list to make you refreshing. Your family will enjoy this place from the bottom of their heart.

Monkey Top | Admire the View from Top

img src: Deventure Shimla Hills

The highest point in Kasauli is the best place for extreme masses. The stunning view of the Satluj River, as well as the beauty of Chandigarh, will mesmerize you. Sit there and feel your inner voice. In addition to it, you will enjoy the flawless beauty of the vantage point. For experiencing the authentic view of the river, you must visit this place. If you make a plan with your loved one, then you must visit this place. It is like a golden chance to spend some moments and quality of time with your sweetheart.

Solan Brewery- Check Out the Whole Process

img src: Himachal Story

It is one of the top 10 places to visit in Solan that is prominent for Solan Brewery. You will get an incredible experience by exploring this place. Either you are with your kids or friends, you can visit this place. It was established in 1855 and formerly run by the Englishman. At present, Solan Brewery is supervised by Mohan Meakin Limited. In addition to it, add this place in your wish list to explore in Solan.

Timings – 7 am to 7 pm

Majathal Sanctuary

img src: The Manali

It spread over an area of 55,670 km and the best place for nature and animal lovers. You will become the witness of endangered species. In addition to it, enjoy the real view of flora and fauna. It is a shelter of hundred of animals and different species of plants. In addition to it, you will enjoy the chirping of birds closely. Therefore, for the real beauty of nature make this place as your priority. Moreover, your kids and family surely enjoy the visit to this place.

In the end, you can reach to Solan either by the road, by rail, or via the air. With the proper preparation and perfect timing, you will enjoy the plethora of views in the Solan. Be adventurous, spiritual, and nature lover with this charming hill station.

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