Top 10 Haunted Places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is home to some spectacular mountain towns and hill stations, with magnificent mountain views and surroundings all over the places must experience before you die. But there is a shady side to it that can terrify you and send chills down your spine. This exquisite state is also home to some of the most haunted places in India.

So grab your seatbelts and tighten your heartbeats because now we’re about to witness some haunted stuff here.


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The road encountered near Indra Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, is said to be haunted by a soul of an orange seller. He was a poor man who met a tragic end, but people say that his soul still wanders around.

Tunnel Number 33

This tunnel is assumed to be haunted by the ghost of captain Barog, who was supposed to be the person behind this tunnel’s construction. This tunnel route on the Kalka-Shimla area is considered one of the most haunted places in Himachal.

According to old lore, people say that Mr. Barog was appointed to build the tunnel, but he failed miserably, and other British officials used to mock him, which led to his great humiliation days and in extreme depression, he decided to kill himself.

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Now it is said that his old humiliated spirit wishes to seek friends; that’s why his spirit roams in the tunnel, searching for a friendly bond.  There are some peeps who also complain to have seen a woman galloping and screaming into the tunnel and vanishing into the air.

Basically, Mr.Barog needs a friend, so if you’re modest enough with bravery inside then, this is the place for you.

Charleville Mansion, Shimla

This exquisite looking mansion is said to be haunted by spirits of many Englishmen.  This century-old mansion was created during the British Era, and it was contracted to a British officer, Victor Bayley, and his wife in 1913.

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One day at midnight, Mrs. Bayley came across a locked room, which was considered to be haunted by the villagers, they also warned them about it. When she unlocked the door to check, she was appalled as the room was shattered to its last bit. Soon the couple understood that a phantom was haunting them.

Indira Gandhi Medical College Lakkar Bazar, Shimla

This is the vastest medical university in Himachal Pradesh that is now believed to be plagued by the spirits of patients who died in the hospital. People and visitors have grumbled about hearing ambiguous noises and weird sounds.

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Many people also alleged to have been pushed down the stairs by an unseen entity. Guests often claim to feel a sense of corpulence while touring the medical institute; basically, this hospital must visit place for spook lovers. You can easily chase thrill without even getting on to mountains.

Kasauli Cemetery

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As the name itself indicate and the region around, one can easily encounter spirits roaming around and hearing weird noises and experiencing paranormal activities. This cemetery is practically an open invitation to the thrill lovers.

Mansion Naggar

Eye bystanders claim to hear several voices of people talking and objects being flutter here and there. Castle Nagar is a typical haunted building in Bollywood movies that can easily be identified if you’re a movie addict.

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This castle, with its stunning old wooden designs and beautiful crafting, is a hub of spirits. During the British Era, kings and queens used to live here, and now just their spirits chill around like the spirits are considered to be harmless.

The Chudail Baudi

People say that a woman in white saree is seen asking for a ride. The Chudail Baudi fibs between Shimla highway and Chotta Shimla route. According to rumors, this road is haunted by the spirit of a woman bandaged in white who asks for a lift. This event has led to a lot of deadly accidents.

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Passersby have also complained about their cars slowing down or coming to a halt when on this route. Locals accuse the spirit of the woman for all the accidents and the weird incidents that have taken place.  So if you got a ride and willing to chase thrill, then we suggest you must give a lift to the lady. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

Cottage of Dukhani

There is an old myth about this place; locals believe that the spirit of an old man haunts this estate. The House of Dukhani was once an elegant palace but, now it is known to be haunted by the soul of an old man outfitted in a white gown.

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It is believed that an old man called Bucky(Marvel’s fan can relate) killed himself on this property. The locals have grumbled about feeling the existence of negative energy, and some have also complained about feeling uncomfortable and dizzy

Church of Jesus & Mary, Chotta Shimla

According to a legend, a headless horseman offers flowers to the people and anyone who refuses it comes to its end. They get murdered. It is said that the innocent girls who oppose taking the flowers from the headless horsemen are found to be dead.

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Locals also believe that the playground of this school is built on the burial site of some children who were killed in a fire mishap. Whatever the stories may be, the conclusion is if some headless rider offers you flowers or chocolates, just take it and run your ass away.

The Kingal Road, Shimla

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Weird lightning arises on this road without any reason. Locals believe that this might be due to the presence of a spirit. This road looks very ordinary like any other common roads in the hill stations but, bizarre lightning transpires here after sunset, around 2 AM every night.

We hope you love to know about the most haunted places in Himachal Pradesh. Now share this article with someone with whom you would want to visit these haunted places. 😉

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