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11 Things to Keep In Mind While Planning a Trip to Himachal Pradesh!

For the lovers of nature and adventure like me, Himachal Pradesh is undoubtedly the most blissful location. Every bit about this place is magical and divine! I have been here several times, and yet it offers a new getaway on my next visit. Travelling to Himachal Pradesh means you are unleashing yourself to the breathtaking landscapes and magnificent scenic locations that are a sheer pleasure to one’s sight! But while you are travelling to Himachal, there are 11 things that you should consider for a pleasant visit.

11 Things To Remember For The Trip To Himachal Pradesh Are

#1. Ensure If You Need The Local Permits

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Most of the areas in the Himachal zone do not require any protected area permit (PAP) for travelling there. Still, if you are a foreign national who wishes to visit the Spiti valley, then you need to carry this permit.

This place is in the close vicinity to the Indo-China border. The places in Himachal where you can seek the permits include Kullu, Manali, Shimla, Reckong Peo, Rampur, and Kaza.

You need to submit a passport copy, three passport-sized photos, and a complete itinerary of your travel plan for getting the permit. And the document remains valid for almost 2 weeks, and after that, you need a new permit for the further stay.

#2. Decide The Time Of Visit

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Most travellers consider Himachal Pradesh an excellent choice for summer vacations as the weather is cold and pleasant. Domestic tourists like me love to explore different parts and locations of the Himachal and wish to revive themselves from the work chaos.

In winters, the entire region has a snowy layer, and the chance of roads getting blocked by the Snow Mountains is very high. At the time of monsoons, the Himachal looks beautiful as there is lush greenery all around.

For activities like rafting, summers, and monsoon is a good time to visit. Couples who wish for an escape to the cosy romantic destination can come here in winters.

#3. A Pair Of Trekking Shoes Is A Must

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I still remember that on my first visit to Himachal, I did not carry any shoes and had a bad experience on the mountain roads. To explore this location’s natural beauty, a foot walk through the entire region is a must.

There are uneven terrain and trails that might deviate you’re balancing, and that’s why a pair of trekking shoes is a must here.

And if your itinerary includes hiking in it, you cannot sustain with the shoes here. After all, there is nothing more mesmerizing than exploring the vast mountains and green forests through a foot walk.

#4. Talk To Locals

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You can never get to know the real vibe of Himachal Pradesh unless you indulge in some local interaction. The place has some of the most hospitable locals who are very welcoming and friendly by nature.

They can give you better guidance on the kind of food you must try here and the real insights of untouched Himachal. You can also carry along the wealth of diverse cultures and the knowledge of various customs and traditions.

#5. Carry Some Cash

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I faced many issues when I moved to the remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, where the ATM options are very less. And even if they are available, half of them are not in working condition.

Hence, a smart option is always to carry along with cash to have a decent amount handy all the time. As per the reports from the last year, many foreign tourists faced the inconvenience of non-working ATMs.

#6. Take The Culture Along

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The Himachal Pradesh locals are full of warmth and welcoming but also very protective related to their culture.

Especially if you plan the trip to remote locations, maintaining a reasonable acquaintance with the locals is necessary to know more about their heritage and culture.

Never try to show disrespect towards their customs if you are unable to follow them. Some territories in this state religiously follow their deity, and even tourists need to follow the specific traditions over there.

#7. Pep Up For Some Bumpy Rides

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When you are on a road trip to Himachal Pradesh, there are two essential things that you can expect, which include breathtaking views and rough roads.

There are several dangerous roads over which amp up the thrill level to manifolds. Depending on the streets’ condition, you should always stay mentally prepared to try out the travel adventures on such dramatic roads.

Try using some excellent transport modes to ensure that you arrive at the right place.

#8. Do Photography With Permissions

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I mainly travel to Himachal Pradesh for the spiritual sojourn, and vacations are a later talk. There are several temples following a unique architecture and pertain to certain beliefs or customs.

There are also many Buddhist Monasteries over here where taking snaps is strictly prohibited. You have to take special permission at these places before clicking the pictures.

#9. Do Shopping From Government Emporiums

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Himachal Pradesh owns a rich and valuable heritage of handicrafts. And tourists coming here are highly skilled with metal crafts, weaving, and woodworks.

If you wish to take some souvenirs back, visit the government emporium or the local craftsmen for the purchases. With this, you can contribute to the living of local artisans and keep the authentic craft alive.

#10. Homestays Are Always Better

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Hotel industry in Himachal is vast, and there are lavish hotels or resorts available here. But the natural feel of homestays is unmatchable to any other accommodation.

When you reside with the locals and relish their cultural foods, it enhances your experience over here. Above all, solo travellers can get a very homely vibe here.

#11. Himachal Is More Than Shimla And Manali

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The towns of Shimla and Manali take away the caption for this location’s most popular places. If you search for any offbeat destination, Gushaini, Kalpa, Pragpur, or Chitkul are few exotic locations to enjoy here.

Although all the above-stated things are very small but can make a big difference in improvising your travel experience to Himachal Pradesh. After paying attention to these few things, you can explore a much grounded and natural feel of this blissful destination!

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