The Great Himalayan National Park

Himachal Pradesh is the synonym of beauty, scenic views, and nature. From the ice-cap mountain to the wildlife sanctuaries, you have countless things to explore in Himachal Pradesh. Among all these mesmerizing places, how can you forget about the most famous Himachal Pradesh that is “The Great Himalayan National Park.”


The Great Himalayan National Park was established in the year of 1984. From that year to the present year, it is the best park to explore the beauty. Additionally, this park covers an area of 1171 km^2. It is situated at an altitude that lies between 1500 to 6000m.

It is a house of several flora species and over 375 fauna. It provides shelter to the estimated 31 mammals, three reptiles, 127 insects, and so on. Not only this, but it also includes 181 birds, nine amphibians, 17 molluscs, and 11 annelids. In this park, the haunted is prohibited, and this protection is under the strict instructions of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.


The Great Himalayan National Park is situated on the western side of the Himalayan Mountains. It includes high alpine peaks, riverine forests, and alpine meadows. Exploring this national park means witnessing the new world, which is full of nature.

How to Reach Great Himalayan National Park?

When you plan to explore “The Great Himalayan National Park,” you will need to search how you can reach there. However, it is recommendable to choose always the comfortable mode of traveling. Due to it, you will not face any tiredness and enjoy your whole trip.

Additionally, there are three ways by which you can reach “The Great Himalayan Park,” which are in the following ways.

  • By Air

You can reach the National Park by air. There is one airport that is closest to this park is Bhuntar (Kullu). It is estimated 60 km away from your destination. You can take the flights from Delhi. You should book tickets in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.

  • By Rail

One can also consider the option of the Train. You can purchase the ticket of Joginder Nagar, which is at the distance of 143 km away from “The Great Himalayan National Park.”

  • By Road

There are driving roads to which connect directly to the National Park. But, you have the option of gravel roads. You can take the route from Ropa to Shangarh in Sainj Valley or so on. When you opt for the possibility of road, you need to search more about it.

Additionally, you must know the beach road which is connected to the park. Further, search about where to start, reach, landmarks that come in the way, and many more.

So, in these three ways, you can reach “The Great Himalayan National Park.” But, before that, you need to search about all the routes. Due to it, you will not face any problems during your journey. Even your trip will be peaceful and enjoyable if you know all the ways.

List Activities to do in “The Great Himalayan National Park”

Without doing activities mainly in this national park, your trip will indeed be boring and less attractive. Nature lovers will surely enjoy the beauty of nature. Additionally, there are four trekking routes in this national park. Some of the routes are moderate, and some are difficult.

If you are a trekking lover, you can choose any of the routes from the following one:

  • Singh Valley
  • Gushaini Valley
  • Parvati valley
  • Sainj to 6 meadows

If trekking is not a cup of your tea, then you have the option of fishing too. You can utilize your time in “The Great Himalayan National Park” by doing trout fishing.

  • Rappelling and Rock Climbing

If you explore this park in the group, you must do this activity. Children enjoy this activity from the bottom of their hearts. There are some natural walls which you can consider for rappelling and rock climbing. The team of the instructor will guide you and provide all the types of equipment required in rock climbing.

  • River Crossing

It is also an exciting activity that you can add to your wish list. If you explore the park in the summertime, do not forget to do this activity. Avoid swimming in the mountain rivers because of the flow of water. It can be dangerous for you, so take all the precautions and guidance from the instructor.

The rivers which are situated in The Great Himalayan Park are free from pollution. Further, the clean water of the river will surely refresh you.

  • Trout Fishing

Choose the Tirthan and Sainj River for trout fishing. It is one of the relaxing activities which you can consider in The great Himalayan National Park. Do not worry about the types of equipment, and you will get there. Even an instructor will guide you about fishing, how to handle that fishing road, and so on.

So, these are some activities which you can enjoy. When you explore the park in the group, do not miss any movement. By doing all these activities, you will indeed feel refresh and get a unique kind of experience. Note all the information mentioned above in your diary, and do all the activities one by one.

Essential tips for the travelers

  • You must carry food, first aid, medicines, and water while trekking.
  • Check your physical stamina before trekking. If you think that you are physically fit for this task, you should consider it.
  • You can hire a guide for the tour of this national park.
  • If you plan camping, you must take tents, sleeping bags, utensils, stoves, and other essential things along with you.
  • Do not forget to take trekking shoes along with you.

So, with the help of the information mentioned above, you get a crystal clear idea about the beauty and activities of “The Great Himalayan National Park.” Due to it, you will not face any problems there. So, make an appropriate plan and book the accommodation in advance.

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