Explore the Breathtaking Beautiful Places in Kangra

Undoubtedly, Kangra is categorized as one of the most beautiful cities of Himachal Pradesh. Right from the views of valleys to the greenery, it is an ideal place for the nature lover. This region gains popularity because of its arts and crafts work.

The tourists will observe the marvellous designed shawls and numerous miniature paintings. In addition to it, right from accommodation to a trekking tour, you will get everything best here. All you need to do is plan your trip systematically. If you draft proper plans, then you will enjoy your Kangra trip.

When it comes to visiting places, then you have several options in Kangra. You can commence your trips by paying obeisance to God. In other words, this place is a blend of religion and greenery. Moreover, here is the list of places which you can explore in Kangra.

#1. Baglamukhi Devi Temple

Start your trip to Kangra with blessings. This temple is located nearly at a distance of approximately 30km from the Kangra district. This temple is Siddha Preeth nearer to the Jwala Ji and Chintpurni Devi Temple. The favourite colour of this Goddess is yellow.

Due to it, the colour of this temple is yellow. Even when you go to the temple, then you can also wear yellow-colored clothes. Pray from the Goddess of a happy life.

#2. Kangra Fort

After visiting the Baglamukhi Devi temple, you can explore Kangra Fort. It is located on the outskirts of the town of Kangra. It is an ideal place for history lovers to explore.

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When you visit the Kangra fort, then you will get knowledge about numerous exciting facts. Do not forget to explore one of the forts in the Himalayas. The architect’s work will win your heart.

#3. Baijnath Temple

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Himachal is an excellent blend of temple and nature. If you are a spiritual person, then you will get several temples to visit. When you explore the Baijnath temple, then you will surely stun by the architectural work. Henceforth, add this beautiful place to your wish list.

#4. Kareri Lake

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Rejuvenate your trip with the freshwater of Kareri Lake. The view of Kareri Lake will stay in your mind and surely be jaw-dropping. In addition to it, you can spend quality time here and enjoy the stunning view of the water. To reach this place, you require proper guidance. Do not forget to explore the beauty of Kareri Lake.

#5. Indrahar Pass Trek

It is an ideal place for nature lovers to explore. Most masses visit Himachal Pradesh because of their scenic views. In addition to it, Indrahar Pass Trek is an ideal definition of scenic view.

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So, if you will come to Kangra with your kith and kins, do not forget to explore this trek. Click several pictures and create memories by exploring this place.

#6. Jwala Devi Temple

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This temple is dedicated to Jwala Ji, a Hindu goddess. The major attraction of this temple is five aartis. People come from different states to pay obeisance to the Jwala Ji. Henceforth, you should also visit this temple to take a blessing from Goddess.

#7. Masrur

Masrur is prominent for the Sikharas. It is similar to the Angkor Wat of Cambodia. You will have to travel 30 km from Kangra to explore the beauty of Masrur. The view of Masrur will stun you for sure.

These are some places that you can explore in the Kangra. If you come to Himachal Pradesh for the first time, then you can hire a tourist guide. In addition to that, he will guide you and make your trip worthwhile and smooth. Moreover, you can also book a taxi or cab that will take responsibility for your Kangra Tour.

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Apart from that, a pre-planned trip is better than an unplanned one. Henceforth, work on the proper planning. You can search for the best accommodation for your family. Moreover, if you go with your friends, then you should choose camps for staying in. After that, you can dine together and play several games at night.

The view of the moon and the ice-capped mountain will win your heart for sure. Apart from it, if you want to explore the art, you have the Kangra Art Museum’s option. So make a list and choose the best Kangra.

How to Reach

Once you plan to explore Kangra, then the first thought that comes to your mind is the source of transportation. Every person tries to make their trip and journey comfortable and fully relaxed. To this, they look for the best mode of travel.

When it comes to visiting Kangra, then you have three primary options. In addition to it, here is the list of those three options.

  • Air

The Kangra Airport is situated at the Gaggal, which is at a distance of 10 km from the Kangra. If you go for this option, then you should check the timings of flights. After that, you can book your tickets.

  • Rail

If you are comfortable with the option of Rail, then you can opt for this too. This beautiful city of Himachal Pradesh is connected with Pathankot and Jogindernagar’s narrow gauge rail line. The significant advantage of choosing this place is you will enjoy the number of scenic valleys.

All the views of the valley are stunning and enhance the grace of your travelling for sure.

  • Road

Kangra has a connection via the road to different cities such as Delhi, Shimla, etc. If you are a good driver, then you can opt for this option. In addition to it, you can also go by bus and taxi.

As it is a long-distance journey, make sure that you choose the comfortable mode. Here is the list of some information about the distance of Kangra from the different locations.

  • Shimla – Kangra- 220km
  • Delhi – Kangra- 456km
  • Chandigarh- Kangra – 223km

In the end, explore the breathtaking views of Kangra and make your trip memorable. There are several options regarding accommodation that you can choose according to your comfort. Moreover, please make a list of the best places and explore them.

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