Places to Visit in Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is a small hill station town in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in Northern India. Tirthan Valley is slowly becoming the new favourite spot for tourists in search of a quiet spot to appreciate nature. Nowadays it is emerging as a find place for honeymooners and adventure enthusiasts, as well as trekkers who want to escape the hassles of city life.

Great Himalayan National Park

If you’ve already visited The Great Himalayan National Park, you still haven’t experienced the real essence of this reserve. Follow your trekking guide to Sai Ropa in Ropa Valley and then on to Gushaini. Begin at a trailhead near the campsite with well marked instructions. Enjoy a view of snow-capped mountains on your way to Gushaini.

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Trek to Sai Ropa and Sai Roka, two mountains overlooking the Tirthan river and bask in the magnificence of the Great Himalayas. Hike through the lush green forests, spot chatter monkeys and rhododendron trees; take pictures of majestic Himalayan peaks in the background that seem too good to be real. This is a 2 hour hike from Gushaini village.

The GHNP is home to one of the few Tirthan River that flow through the Himalayas. Once used as a waterway for the movement of grains, today it is an internationally renowned fly fishing destination. The park’s flora and fauna have evolved with time and provide a microcosm from lowland tropical forests to alpine meadows. A short distance away from Deorali and Phalate Village, lies Sai Ropa Lake which is often used by pilgrims and locals as a site for religious gatherings.

Explore Jalori-Serolsar Lake

Rise early and head to an isolated valley in Spiti for a relaxing walk along the crystal clear waters of Serolsar Lake. Catch the first rays of sunlight dancing on the ripples on the lake’s surface as you smile at the abundant greenery around you. Soak in the tranquility of this natural wonderland before heading back to civilization. Make sure to bring your camera and some bites to make your picnic truly memorable.

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Two villages-Kalras and Tirthan-divided by a river flowing from formidably high mountains will take you to the Tirthan valley. The first village Kalras gives you a pretty good view of the second village Tirthan lying on the opposite bank of Baspa River. As you trek across the Baspa river bed, against the flow, in a south westward direction you will enter in to Tirthan valley and journey starts.

A dawn start is highly recommended as the sunrays fall directly on your path as well as Gondogoro peak(5043 meters)The tallest amongst all glaciers in Himachal Pradesh. Gaining height steadily through dense forest cover, it gently weaves itself into a breathtaking mosaic of waterfalls, ice and mountain peaks dominating waves of clouds below it.

Jibhi Waterfalls

The Jibhi waterfall is a timeless place to have an experience of being in touch with the nature. Remote and surrounded by mountains, this place will take your mind off every other thing you have to be bothered about.

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Jibhi Waterfalls is a hidden natural paradise located seventy kilometers from Dharamshala, in the upper reaches of Dhalli Ganga. Hiking through steep slopes & lush green valleys, this stunning trek leads you to the falls and back in three days of trekking. The trail ahead is marked with red arrows painted on rocks that can be seen from long distances.


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Whether you’re a beginner, seasoned professional or somewhere in between – Angling has become a way of life for many. While the practical side of angling is rooted in its history, most would agree that it makes a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So make the most of your opportunity when you visit Tirthan Valley.

Visit to Gada Gushaini – Kauli

Gada Gushaini and Kauli are peppy villages located in the Kangra Valley. The ideal way of getting to these two villages is by car. Kangra is easily accessible from Delhi, Chandigarh and other nearby cities by flight as well as a motorable road that runs through Jharli and Barot.

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The road to the villages of Gada Gushaini and Kauli winds its way through a sylvan landscape, pristine but for a few signs of human habitation. The air is clear and the sun bright, with tall trees surrounding. Over the rise on which you are now travelling, you can see the sparkling waters of the river that has carved this valley. Down in the valley itself you see sunlight glinting from waters as they gurgle below; there are houses built on stilts in myriad colours, rising up from this pretty blue pool. All around it is lush green fields and fruit orchards for as far as your eye can see, broken here and there by small rock escarpments and shrubbery.

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