Secret Places in Himachal Pradesh for a Life-Changing Couple Vacation

When you think of going on a romantic trip with your partner, Himachal Pradesh is one of the go-to places on every couple’s list. Known for its scenic beauty and lovely weather, it is without a doubt one of the best tourist destinations to visit in India.

Being such a popular destination, every second person sets off on a trip to Himachal. But do you want to do something really special for your partner? Visiting well-known places like Shimla and Manali is a must if you haven’t already, but if you are looking to surprise your partner with something completely offbeat, here are some secret places in Himachal Pradesh that not many tourists have explored yet.

If you truly want an experience of a lifetime with your special one, you must explore these places.

#1 Shoja, Seraj Valley

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The one thing you really want to do on a vacation with your significant other is to just hold hands and spend time together. When you are with your loved one, time just seems to come to a halt and even an hour seems like just a minute.

You will not only be lost in love with each other but will feel like you are in heaven amidst the greenery around. The silence and beauty of the place make it a perfect spot for couples.

A few interesting places to visit around are the waterfall point, Jalori pass, and Serolsar Lake.

#2 Andretta

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If you and your partner share a love for art, this is a place you shouldn’t miss out on. Located just a few kilometres away from the tea gardens of Kangra valley.

Andretta is a peaceful village and artist’s colony. You can even buy some unique paintings here. It is a clean place and its scenic beauty is worth the experience.

If you are looking for a couple’s activity to do together, try pottery here, which will bring you closer to each other.

#3 Pragpur

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Another spot in the Kangra valley is this heritage village with many historical structures. If you wish to explore culture, this is the perfect place. It is one of the villages whose beauty is preserved by the residents.

The pleasant climate, and the rich flora and fauna, make it a must-visit offbeat destination.

#4 Narkanda

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If you are in the mood for adventure activities, then this is the place for it. Narkanda is a two-hour drive from Shimla. Enjoy the beautiful journey with the cool breeze on your face.

You can try trekking together to the Hatu peak supporting each other for the climb. The view of the PirPanjal mountains from the top makes the climb completely worth it.

You can also try adventure sports like skiing in winter. This unexplored destination, being so close to Shimla, makes it one of the best secret places to visit as a couple.

#5 Chindi

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Located on the Shimla Mandi highway, Chindi is home to some beautiful temples. Take a break from your romantic moments and visit these sacred temples, where you can pray for your together forever.

The popular ones are Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple, PangnaKilla temple, and Kamaksha Devi temple, to name a few. You can even trek to Shikari Devi Temple.

Chindi is surrounded by apple plantations and pine forests, making it different from the other tourist spots.

#6 Pangi Valley

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Known for its unique tribal atmosphere, this valley is closed down during the winter but is accessible to tourists in the summer. It is surrounded by the Peer Panjal and Zanskar ranges and is full of flowers, trees, and streams.

It is a great place to explore the wildlife. Words fall short to describe the beauty of this place. It is surely a life-changing experience for anyone who visits.

#7 Thanedar

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Yet another unique spot that boasts of apple and cherry orchards. Apples are supplied from Thanedar across India and abroad. Just pluck the juicy apples and have it straight from the source. Isn’t that great?

#8 Churdhar

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Experience true calmness when you trek your way through the deodar forests to the ancient temple of Srigul. Though it is a long trek, every minute is totally worth the experience.

You can see a huge concrete statue of Lord Shiva on top of the peak from where the view of the town below is beautiful. Spend time with your loved one trekking the long-distance and exploring the beauty of the place.

#9 Kapla

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Known for its pine forests, this village has wonderful scenery with snow-covered peaks of Kinnaur Kailash. You can even get a view of the sacred Kailash Shivling, which is known to change its colour throughout the day.

A few kilometres away from Kalpa is a temple of goddess Chandika, whose highlight is its unique architecture. This is definitely one of the hidden gems of Himachal that you should explore.

#10 Barot

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Barot valley is an offbeat tourist place where you can try some fun outdoor activities. It is located in the Mandi district. Breeding of trout fishes is done in this village.

It also has the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can spot local Himalayan species like Himalayan Gorals, Himalayan Black Bears, and many other pheasants. Of the many trekking trails that it has, one of them cuts through the sanctuary and leads to Kullu.

To make your trip a notch higher, you must try some adventure activities here. That is the speciality of Himachal Pradesh. It not only has beautiful scenic places to experience peace and calm but also has spots where you can try some adventure activities to make your trip fun.

Do these places make you feel like packing up and flying down right now? Give yourself a break from the stressful city life and right away plan a trip with your special one to truly experience peace in the greens. Explore these hidden treasures the next time you plan a trip and create some beautiful memories with your soulmate.

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