Pin Valley National Park in Himachal is a Gasp-Worthy Place

The highest cold valley national park is located in the middle of the beautiful mountain. Surrounded by the milky white glacier, encourage the spirit and make you feel that you are in heaven.

The place was constructed to protect the natural resources of the highest mountain and valley from the modernization of the cities. Unique natural flora and fauna of the Himachal Pradesh are found in the park.

The park’s identity is obtained from the oldest river of the Himachal named “Pin River”. It drives through the line between the Lahul and Spiti Valley. You will get to see various types of animals species in the park. Snow leopards, prey and ibex, and wolf are some of the animals that dominate the region. Mountain picked, rugged snow-covered land is the home of the ferocious predators.


Summer is the right time to travel to the Pin Valley National Park. The roads open for travellers to visit the village and enjoy the holidays. Tourist from all around the world travels to the place to experience the natural beauty of the Himalayas.

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Winter shutdowns the town due to extreme snowfall in the region. Connectivity gets blocked, and no vehicles or transportation system can move in this condition. There are only a few routes that stay open even in extreme weather. Those are Kaza and Tapri. However, the route is only suitable for the people who love adventures and have trekked.

From Kaza to the park region is about 32 km, and from there, you have to walk for another 10 KM. The land becomes dangerous as the forest animals find their way near the town, searching for food.

Animals sightseeing can be experienced between November and early December. During this time, the animals come down from the high mountain and occupy a large area in the lower altitude region. They become visible and often encounter the people living near the park.

How to Reach Pin Valley National Park?

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There are many ways you can reach the “Pin Valley National Park”.

By Air:

Bhuntar is the closed airport to the Spiti. It is located at a distance of 245 KM. Regular flights are available from the Chandigarh Airport to the Bhuntar. The airports also have good road connectivity to Spiti, making travel by road convenient for people. Hire private vehicles from the Chandigarh to Spiti, which put you on a journey of 503 KM and takes about 12 hours.

By Road:

People who are comfortable travelling by road have numerous other options to reach the Spiti Valley. Busses from the Manali to Spiti Valley travel daily. Delhi tourists can take a bus from Delhi to Manali. Moreover, private taxis, tourist cars, and public transports are accessible between June and October.

Things To Do in Pin Valley National Park

The cold snow desert of the Pin Valley National park might seem like a lonely place, but in reality, the place has many things to offer to tourists. The region that allures travellers host various local activities. People visit the place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and participate in adventurous sports.

Trek is one of the common activities you will notice people participating in when you stay there. Enjoy the freedom of being alone in a peaceful and exotic location. Picture perfect sceneries make you feel special. List down those attractions and activities before reaching the place, so you do not waste your time searching for the activities at the last moment.

1) Bhaba Pass Trek

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Explore the beautiful mountain, rivers and valleys during the Bhaba Pass Trek. It is one of the popular activities people do when they reach the place.

2) Sight a Snow Leopard

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As you spend more time in the Pin Valley National park, you will see impressive animals. Park will be flooded with the farm and predators when the snow starts dissipating in the summer.

3) Flora and Fauna in the Park Region

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Pin Valley National park is known for its Flora and Fauna in the region. As you start exploring the area, you will notice some rare animals walking around the land. If you are lucky, you will get to see a white leopard only seen in the cold regions of the Pin Valley.

A holiday to the Pin Valley National Park in the Spiti district will give you an incredible experience of the area. It will be difficult for you to leave the place when the holidays are over. The valley provides several surprises to the seekers.

The sprawling land of the Pin Valley National Park has preserved an Earthy jewel that you cannot get to experience anywhere else. The area is mainly influenced by the oldest Buddhist Tibetan culture that touches the traveler’s heart. The unique identity of the Spiti makes the people come to the valley to see the vastness of the land.

The place was established in the year 1987 on the 9th of January. Since then, the place has been one of the top attractions for tourists. Unrealistic of the sight, breathtaking views, diversity in the wild animals and green mountains all welcome you with the wide arm during the summer.

The park is spread over 675 square meters and offers extraordinary resting places at an altitude of 3300 to 6632 meters. High altitude makes you enjoy the fresh air and wide range of vegetation. Various kinds of medicinal plants are grown here. The rare form of the species is declared endangered in many countries.

Wake up with the beautiful sunrise in the morning and end your day with a happy, fulfilling experience. The nightlife of the place is even more enticing where you enjoy the quietness under the task. It is opposite to what we experience in the busy city. A clear night sky with starlight will take you to the dream world.

Final verdict

Tourists planning to visit Pin valley national park should plan their journey with all the desired activities they are willing to perform to enjoy each moment they spend in the valley. Enjoy your stay, shop in the local stores, take beautiful pictures of the animals, and make your journey mesmerizing. Many hidden surprises will take you on an exciting ride.

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