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From the early Indus Valley Civilization, Himachal Pradesh is famous for tourism with beautiful cold and snowy weather. The state of Himachal Pradesh is in the Himalayas. The word ‘him’ literally means snow and ‘alaya’ literally means land. That means the Himalayas are known as the land of snow. Himachal Pradesh is home to many scenic hill stations. You can have a beautiful experience with the Simla landscape and go trekking and skiing in Kullu and Manali. Every new valley brings you into another world of heaven.

Himachal is also known as ‘Dev Bhumi’ where there is a belief in the existence of gods and goddesses. You can see the entire state is fascinated with stone and wood. The state is the delight of being home to rishis like Vyas, Vashist, etc. One must have a trip to Himachal Pradesh in their whole life to gain knowledge and also for happiness.

Himachal Pradesh is the region where restaurants and dhabas taste like local flavours. So, you can experience your home environment while eating in Himachal Pradesh. You feel fascinating while counting starts bright naturally from the clear sky of Himachal Pradesh. This feeling you are not able to find in a luxury in cities. This is a blessing that offers you a special experience with alive nature.

Tourism is expeditiously growing in Himachal Pradesh because of its beauty. It also plays an important role in the socio-economic culture of the state.

Best Time to Visit

The climate depends on where you are from and how much you want to enjoy it. Himachal Pradesh is the best place for all seasons because the hotels to stay in are open all over the year. Here’s a quick guide for the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh.

The rainy season in Himachal Pradesh will attract you if you’re a romantic person. The monsoons (July to September) in Himachal Pradesh are beautiful but the state becomes quite wet. For that reason, adventures like trekking and hiking are stopped at this time.

Snow is all around in various beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh like Kullu and Manali and also in Shimla. You can enjoy the winter (November to February) season very well. Summer (March to June) is usually more famous in Himachal Pradesh because of the pleasant atmosphere. Hill stations help you to escape from hot weather.

Best Places to Visit

Himachal Pradesh has so many famous and beautiful places for tourists to visit. Below is some of the preferred list.


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Solan is the name of goddess Shoolini Devi. It is situated on the road from Chandigarh to Shimla. Solan is a beauty that has white- coloured hills in the background, and rich with heritage and culture. Solan is called the city of red because it is famous for exporting tomatoes. Winter season is preferred to visit this place.


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Kullu is a fertile land enclosed with different mountain peaks. You can do many adventures like rafting, trekking, etc. You can see the Beas River and apps orchards in the way of Kullu. Summer is the ideal time to visit Kullu.


Shimla will endeavour you with beautiful colonial architecture. It contains quaint iron lamp-posts and Victorian structures. You can make graceful walks all around the town. Shimla offers you a pleasant atmosphere and seems like a beautiful picnic spot.


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Dalhousie is a hill station at the bank of river Ravi. It offers some adventures like trekking and white water rafting. So, we become thrilled while participating in those adventures. Jandhri Ghat which is filled with pine trees is the elite attraction for Dalhousie.

Pin Valley National Park

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Pin valley national park is completely different from other parts of Himachal Pradesh. This region becomes white by snow in winter which attracts tourists. Hiking, camping, and snow activities are famous adventures of this national park.


Manali is situated against the river Bear which offers a beautiful view with tall coniferous trees. You feel relaxed and happy with the cool climate of Manali. Some of the famous adventures in Manali are skiing, paragliding, and trekking, etc.

Ways to Reach

There will be enormous roadways to connect different hill-stations with other cities across India. There are railways and airways are also available.

By Road: The well-established and maintained roadways are there to connect different hill stations. So, roadways are boon to tourists. You will find an enormous vehicle i.e., taxis, buses, etc to travel on those routes very easily.

By Rail: As far as you can go there will be Kalka railway station in this state. You can enjoy the beauty of the hill stations while going through the narrow gauge toy-train. There will be other vehicles to travel the rest of the state.

By Air: From the famous Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc flight services are available. There are mainly three domestic airports situated in three parts of the state. At the northern part of the state Kullu-Manali airport, at the southern part, Shimla airport, and the Kangra airport at Gaggal are there.

Money Saving Tips

The price of alcohol is much cheaper at stores. Attempt Goan nearby delights and eat the road food of Himachal Pradesh in the nights which is a truly sensible alternative contrasted with restaurants. Avoid shopping roadsides as the vendors there are known to fleece tourists. Instead of that shop in the city or village local markets which lower your expenses. Check for discounts if available on all things you’re going to buy.


There are only a few places on earth that offer nature, culture, and spirituality all in one place. Himachal Pradesh is one place because of manifested beauty. Himachal Pradesh is the place where you feel like your own home. Himachal Pradesh also offers many adventures to gain a thrill in life. One most important thing while visiting Himachal Pradesh is its adaptability to seasons. All seasons are convenient to travel to base on your perspective.  If you’re planning to take a tour I’ll highly suggest you travel. You’ll gain relaxation as well as knowledge too.

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