Experience the Paradise in Himachal Pradesh- Offbeat Places to Visit in God’s Abode!

The jaw-dropping landscapes and snow-capped mountains of Himachal make it a heavenly place for nature lovers! If you wish to cut-off from the life regularities and witness the colonial hangover at the mystic valley, Himachal Pradesh can take you to the epitome of divinity. While most travellers can only imagine Shimla’s Mall Road or Manali streets while talking of Himachal, there’s a lot more to this beautiful location’s spectacular spots.

Himachal Pradesh is a heaven on earth for those who wish to enjoy the nirvana time and ancient enchantment over here. Ranging from the trout-laden rivers of Tirthan valley or the snowy slopes of Narkanda and even Mcleodganj are the top spots in your checklist. And if you are a monastery fanatic, this place is undoubtedly going to take your breath away.

Coming to activities of this place, paragliding, rafting, and mountaineering can head you off to this adrenaline rush. Himachal and Himalaya have some unfolded magic for every single traveller!

Let’s explore the most unseen and untouched spots of Himachal Pradesh

1. Exotic Yoga Session at Sunrise in Bir

If impeccable trekking and thrilling adventure of paragliding fascinate you, Bir is an enchanting place for you. This is a fantastic location when you can enjoy the sunrise and compliment a majestic yoga session along.

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Irrespective of whether you are a novice to Yoga or a pro in it, this place is blissful for the one who loves to enjoy some spiritual and body rejuvenation.

Bir’s top highlights, Himachal Pradesh blend in a unique tranquillity are the unmatchable yoga session that can surprise you. Everything about this place is enjoyable and mind-boggling.

2. Hiking Fun at Solang Valley in the Old Manali

Manali must be a prominent place for these hilly paradise travellers, but there are yet many hidden delights over here. On the way towards the old and mesmerizing bazaars of old Manali, you can get a glimpse of the jewellery chunks over there and the colonial-style cafes that allure you.

The traditional-style houses and walks through the interior villages of Burua, Goshal, and Shanag can take you to the splendid landscapes of Solang Valley.

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There are sprawling orchards to amaze you and the green trails as well as open meadows of Solang-Nallah valley. It is an eye-striking hiking destination that fascinates Himalayan travellers with ultimate thrill and fun.

Apart from being an excellent skiing spot in winters, you can’t even miss the eye-pleasing green meadows in the summers.

3. Chitkul from Sangla Valley

While being the most famous Tibetan village, Chitkul is also renowned as India’s last official village. Many travellers desire to come over to this village and register their destination at this last Indian village. The Baspa Valley’s Spectacular views on the way embellished with traditional wooden houses are a sight to capture.

When you are on a day trip to Chitkul, you can enjoy splendid views from Sangla valley. If you plan a visit to Chitkul, do not miss buying the expensive and good quality potatoes famous over here.

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Also, the golden buckwheat over here is a sight to visit. From October to February, the entire valley stays covered with the right amount of snow on it. Chitkul is a mesmerizing village with over 600 inhabitants staying in it happily.

And this high-altitude border village is famous for its traditions, hardships, and restored culture full of goodness.

4. Driving Getaway from Manikaran to Tosh

Do you wish to roam around the magical roads of Himachal? Well, then an enjoyable drive from Manikaran village to Tosh can give you a lifetime experience.

Apart from the gushing scenic views of the Parvati River, you can also immerse yourself in the hot springs and the quaint villages in this region. The Manikaran is an old village where you can witness the heavenly spirituality and supreme powers of God.

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This village is also famous for the Gurudwara and natural springs over here. When you walk around, small waterfalls on the way and mesmerizing views are sure to stun you.

You have a plethora of attractive sights and views by the time you reach the enthralling Tosh region. Along with the snow-clad peaks and wanderlust landscapes, this place has a lot more to offer its tourists than you can imagine.

5. Cycling Fun in McLeodGanj

Next off-beat and blissful Himachal Pradesh destination to enjoy cycling are the McleodGanj. It is another unwinding place where mountaineer biking and tea gardens are the top highlights.

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At the minimal distance of 4 Km, you can locate the implicit tea gardens that appear lovely and breath-taking. You can also undertake a downhill ride through this small village and enjoy the meadows all over.

Pedaling down the tea garden path is a lifetime experience that would stay in your eyes forever. With a steady ride towards the landscapes of McleodGanj, you can take over the café en route as well.

6. Spectacular Spiti Monasteries

Spiti valley imparts you the most majestic sights of promising Himalayan ranges. It is amongst the top locations of Himachal Pradesh, where you can catch this valley’s top views.

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While you are on the challenging roads to reach Spiti Valley, there are ample stunning sights to hold your attention. From stupas to thangkas and even the fluttering flags of this region, the Spiti village never fails to marvel its travellers with the wonderful picturesque.

When you reach the ancient Kardang Monastery located at the Lahaulto Dhankar and Gompa Monastery in Spiti, a significant influence of Tibetan culture gets prominent here. Also, the spirituality and tranquillity of this region are at par and unexplainable on the whole.

What is the Ideal Time to Plan a Visit to Himachal Pradesh?

It is amongst the top Indian States that bestows a spectacular arena for every traveller planning a visit. The ideal time to visit this place is:

  • March-April: To enjoy the springs with the light blue skies and yellow fields all around having a daytime temperature of 20 C. But it might dip off with the night coming ahead.
  • May-June: It marks the summer starts, and tourists often bloom up in the areas of Manali and Shimla. You cannot miss out on the cultural Sipi fair known as Mashobra while coming here.

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  • Sep- Nov: Before a winter start, it is ideal for planning a Himachal visit as the weather is pleasant and even the tourist crowd is minimal. It is the beginning of festive vibes that can enchant and marvel at you amazingly.
  • Nov- Feb: If you want to behold the views of heavy snowfalls and skiing on the Kufri slopes, this can be a destination of your choice. During the time, you need to carry many woolens as the temperature can even dip down to zero and stay high at other times.

Top Things to Carry on a Visit to Himachal Pradesh

Before noting down the essential things, it is imperative to understand keeping your backpack lighter as there is a lot of road travel here. And if you are out for hiking, biking, or the mountaineering experience, carrying a minimal load can prove advantageous for you.

  • Clothes- Carry clothes that keep you covered and get a light jacket for the cool evening times. It is advisable to keep warm jackets, thick socks, and warm clothes in your bag in winter times. As the weather here is unpredictable, getting along the umbrella and windcheater should be your ideal pick for uncertain rainfalls.
  • Shoes- Good quality and sturdy walking shoes can offer you excellent and uninterrupted hiking fun. In Himachal, you need to walk a lot to explore its real beauty, and good shoes can help you for the same.

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  • Sunscreen and medicines- Whenever you travel in cold and higher altitudes, facing sunburns and tans is a significant issue. Therefore, carry along a pack of sunscreen lotion and moisturizers when you are moving to such places. Also, prepare a first-aid kit and keep it handy to manage small health and sickness issues on your trip.
  • Electronic chargers, tablets, and mobiles- Keeping all the gadgets handy is also crucial for making the trip successful. You need to carry batteries for cameras and mobiles to capture every single moment and stunning views.

How to Reach Himachal Pradesh?

The next question popping in your mind might be how to reach Himachal Pradesh. There are various options to arrive at the god’s abode and enjoy some spectacular moments over here.

Air- In Himachal Pradesh, there are three domestic airports, but air connectivity is not feasible. You can either travel here through the air to Chandigarh or take a local route through buses or taxis.

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Train: Passing through the mystic Himachal beauty, the narrow-gauge rail route wonderfully connects the entire location. It connects the Kalka to Shimla on one end and then Pathankot to Kangra on another.

Bus- Bus services are Himachal Pradesh are exceptionally well-connected and help travellers move with ease. There are buses continuously carrying in and out from the various areas of Manali, Dharamshala, and Shimla.

Final Verdict

These are the most unseen and off-beat locations of Himachal Pradesh that can mesmerize you and persuade you for a visit to live its natural beauty. Himachal always surprises travellers with its natural wonders, and you must take a visit here to unfold the most amazing spots over here. Happy Travelling!

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