Take a Break and Explore the Exotic Beauty of Devidarh

Devidarh is a small village full of breathtaking views and awesome landscapes. The major attraction of Devidarh is dense pine forests. It is surrounded by a pine forest in the Jauni valley. It is situated 25 km above the Chailchowk. On the other side, it is situated approximately at a distance of 56 km from the Mandi.

If you want to explore the exact traditional culture of Himachal Pradesh, then you do not miss the chance of visiting Devidarh. It is also known as the Green Tourist Place. The thick forest of Devdar surrounds this small village. When you explore the Devidarh, then you will get the opportunity to pay obeisance to the green ground and Mundassan Mata Temple.

Striking Features About the Devidarh

Besides its natural beauty, Devidarh is also known as the prominent trekking point. The tourists who explore the Devidarh spend their weekends at this trekking area and explore the natural beauty.

  • Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, then Jannat Villa is worthy of considering. In addition, the distance between Devidarh and Jannat villa is just approximately 500 meters. Moreover, you can stay in the hotels of Mandi. When you start the journey from Mandi to Devidarh, then on the way, you will experience numerous valleys.

  • Greenery

The forest, greenery, and scenic views will make your travelling refreshing and memorable. You can take several pictures during the journey. The greenery of forests will surely win your heart. In addition to that, it has a small temple where you can seek blessings and enjoy the temple’s surroundings.

  • Guest House

It hardly has ten houses maximum to maximum. The tourists stay in the guest house because of the no availability of hotels. For the extreme person, it is one of the ideal places to consider. In addition to it, the tourists will find a unique kind of peace here.

  • Trekking Route

The major attraction about this small village is that it is the point of two trekking routes. These two trekking routes are Shikari Devi treks and Kamrunaag Lake Treks. So, you can also explore these two major treks.

  • Adventure Activities

The adventurous person will surely enjoy this place and the beauty of this Himachal Paradise. You have several options, which include a bike tour, camping, and so on. If you are a bike lover then instead of a car you can reach there by bike too. However, the road is still quite good in Shalla Village. Further, you may experience a rough bike tour.

Moreover, you can perform many activities here. In addition to it, here is the list of some activities which you perform with your friends and make your trip enjoyable.

  1. River Crossing
  2. Camping
  3. Rock Climbing
  4. Fish angling
  5. Trekking and so on.

At Devidarh, you will not find any shortage of activities. The blend of tranquil environment and activities will make your trip to Himachal Pradesh more exciting and full of fun too.

Apart from it, this small village is the warehouse of herbal plants and wildlife plants too. If you know herbal plants, then you will get plenty of knowledge about it. From the adventure lover to the nature lover, all of them get several interesting things in Devidarh.

  • Food

When you visit Devidarh, then you should make sure that you keep food along with you. It is because there is only one shop for food items. In addition to it, once you cross the Chailchowk or Mandi, then you will face problems in finding any restaurant. So, instead of taking risks, especially when you are with your child, you should take the food.

How to Reach Devidarh 

It is not as difficult to reach Devidarh as you think. You have several options related to travelling to this destination. In addition to it, here is a list of ways by which you can explore this beautiful and exotic destination.

  • By Road

You can hire the Taxi to reach Devidarh. However, the road condition is not so good after the Jahal Village. So, instead of taxis, you can also opt for the option of buses. You will have to check the timings of buses and their last point to experience smooth travelling.

  • By Train

You can book the tickets to a nearby place of Devidarh such as Shimla. Once you reach there then you will get plenty of options regarding the Taxis or buses. In addition to that, it is up to you which mode you will choose, either taxi or bus, for completing your further journey.

  • By Air

You can opt for the option air for smooth travelling. The closest airport is situated in the Bhunter in Kullu. Further, you can take a taxi to Devidarh.

In these ways, you can reach Devidarh and explore this place deeply. However, road conditions will make your journey typical and a little bit uncomfortable. Therefore, not only Devidarh, but you will also have other options related to attractions. Here is the list of some places which you can explore apart from Devidarh.

  • You have the option of visiting Mandi. It is one of the most beautiful towns of Himachal Pradesh and also named the Choti Kashi. You will experience the real Pahari culture.
  • The tourists also have the opportunity to explore Rewalsar Lake, which is also named the Tso Pema Lotus Lake. It is situated at a distance of 22.5km from Mandi. So, add this place to your wish list of Himachal Pradesh.


  • If you are a picnic lover, then Barot is another prominent place to explore. The distance between the Mandi and Barot is 33km. You can do several activities at Barot to make your trip adventurous.

In the end, explore the most beautiful place with your kith and kin. In addition to that, it is recommendable to explore the climate before visiting the hilly area. Due to it, you will get an idea about packing. So, all you need to do is check the weather, location of staying, and other things before visiting hilly areas.

Do you want to explore this place? If yes then feel the beauty of Devidarh by clicking on below video

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