Which Fruit Is Famous In Himachal Pradesh And Why?  

Himachal Pradesh is not just a region or state nor even a geographical location in India rather, it is a live consciousness of culture, traditions, adventures, nature, and mouth-watering delicacies, or maybe one can simply put it as- a power-pack of what we call ‘Life’.

It unfolds the true spirit of scenic beauty with the lush green valleys accompanied by scaling mountains cladded with shiny layers of snow which appears to be no less than a reflection of myth breaking beauty.

One can see it as the place to find peace of mind, some others might see it as an opportunity to write something really happening in the plain white book of memories.

No matter what your perception is, the heart of the story says that- ‘it is a present from the high heavens that has been bestowed upon us in order to discover the limits of unlimited creations of god and nature’.

That’s a view to see what life has to offer but, obviously not talking about the materialistic things would definitely be implied as moving towards the divine revelation of knowledge through the senses, and when it comes to specialties then how can we not talk about nature and its benefits.

One such benefit is the Fruits that are found in Himachal and perhaps which are associated with this state in particular. These fruits are grown here in their natural environment with the least usage of inorganic matter in order to maintain the rich goodness and to pass it on in its purest possible form.

So, here are some of the fruits which are signatory fruits of Himachal and are counted as the specialty of this state in particular.


If you really want to taste and see the real apple then don’t forget to visit the Kotgarh of Himachal as this is also known as the ‘apple bowl of India’. Here, one can witness the endless gardens of apple trees loaded with different varieties of apples.

Delicious is one such variety that is famous as the juiciest apple breed and also the aroma or the fragrance of this apple is very strong, one can easily recognize it merely by taking a sniff.

Green apples are also widely grown here. Apples need low temperature and high altitude making Himachal as one of the most favorable places to grow them.


Although Pear is grown throughout the country but the pears grown in Himachal have significant importance and make Himachal as the largest producer of pear in the country.

Pear needs moderate to low temperature and the regions of Himachal provide just the right temperature for them. Pear is a light green colored fruit which is actually white from inside. The light green colored layer is very thin and the inside fruit is very delicious and rich in fiber.


Who doesn’t love strawberries, right? Strawberries are yet another fruit that is widely grown in Himachal. It is grown worldwide and is very popular as it is aggressively used in flavoring and probably it is the second most popular flavor among children after chocolate.

The climatic conditions of Himachal are perfect to grow high-quality strawberries. Strawberry comes with its natural sweetness with lots of juice and goodness of other healthy elements.


Himachal is taken as the largest producer of cherries throughout the country. Cherry is a widely used fruit as it has the benefit of multiple applications and ways of savor.

People like to eat it by processing it in different-different and their own personal ways. Some like to extract the juice and use it as a flavoring agent while others simply use it to garnish their dish, but the best part is- cherry fits best to all such uses.


Litchi is a fruit that is widely grown in different-different regions of Himachal. Most people like to eat it in the raw form without much processing but still, it has a variety of uses which makes it as popular as strawberry or any other fruit.

Some other famous fruits which are also the specialty of Himachal are- guava, mango, plum, jackfruit, peach, pomegranate, walnut, and many more.

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