Mystical Rivers of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a small state and its population is also huge. It is seen that 9% of the total population is urbanized and the rest of it lives in the villages.

The maximum area of Himachal Pradesh that is about 70% is under forest land whereas 10% of the land is under agriculture.

But the main source of livelihood in the state is agriculture and 93% of the state’s population is dependent on agriculture for its needs. Agriculture is only possible because irrigation is easily facilitated through the rivers. Also, the health and the greenery of the forest are dependent on the groundwater systems. This, therefore, impacts horticulture and agriculture.

Today a lot of cultivations have come up which include apple cultivation, and this has become common other than Vegetable cultivation.

After the 90s when Himachal Pradesh changed, the other parts of the country were still going through economic reforms. The state witnessed this a little late, but over the last two decades the state has undergone a massive rise in income and this is mostly due to tourism. The number of tourists who visit the state is increasing and has almost doubled.

Apart from this, the other source of economic growth is the hydropower projects. The state has the largest capacity for installed hydropower and the potential of generating more than 10000MW. The development of the course has an impact on the rivers.

There are amazing rivers that flow in and through the state. These are a source of water for several locals that reside nearby. Some of these rivers are also a source of huge income for those who have started their river sports around it. Tourists love adventure and they ought to take part in these. So they find it really amazing to indulge in these.

Let us look at some of the rivers of Himachal Pradesh.

Rivers: Himachal Pradesh is a state filled with scenic beauty and amazing mountains. This is one of the favorite tourist spots and attracts a lot of tourists from around the country as well as outside the country.  The destination has beautiful rivers and alongside the rivers, there are camping sites as well which are best for those who love camping and trekking.

Beas River

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The Beas Kund is born from the pirpanjal range which is near to Rohtang pass. This river flows up to 260 km and then it enters Punjab at the Murthal.

On this river dams like Pandoh dam and Pong dam are constructed. This river is referred to as the Vyas river mistakenly. And this river is also called Bipasha in Sanskrit.

Chenab River

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The cheap name is derived from the Vedic term Chandrabhaga. It is among the major rivers that flow in Himachal and it rises from the Tandi that is in Lahaul Spiti.

It is also one of the tributaries of the Indus river. It covers about 122 kilometers in the Himachal Pradesh and after that, it enters Kashmir. This is the largest river of the Himachal as it has the maximum density.

Ravi River

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This river is also called Irawati in the Sanskrit term. This is also among the tributaries of the Indus river. The Ravi originates from the Bara Bangal region of the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

It covers about 158 km in the state and after that, it enters Punjab. From Punjab, the river also flows to Pakistan. It also has tributaries of its own called Budhil, Baira, and Chatrari.

Satluj River

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The name Satluj is called Sathdru in Sanskrit. This is the longest river among all the rivers that flow in Himachal Pradesh. The river rises from Mansarovar lake.

It is also a tributary of the River Indus. Another important thing about this river is that the world’s largest dam that is the Bhakra dam is constructed on it.

Parvati River

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This river flows through the famous Parvati valley. It originates from the Man talai glacier.

The river flows from Manikaran and flows into the Beas river at bhuntar. The rivers meet near kasol.

The geothermal springs of the river in the Khirganga and the Manikaran are well known.

Baspa River

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This river originates from the Indo Tibetan border. Baspa river flows through the very popular Sangla valley.

This place is very famous among tourists and is one of the favorite tourist spots. After that, it joins the Sutlej river.

Ghaggar River

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This river originates from the dagshai village. The origin is from the Shivalik hills of Himachal Pradesh. This river flows through the Punjab region, Haryana, and even Rajasthan.

The river provides water for irrigation near the Sirsa, and it ends near the Thar desert.


The state is a paradise for adventure lovers. The place is one of the best places for those who love river rafting. The rivers that are flowing through Punjab make it appropriate and perfect for people to carry out rafting here.

The village Kasol which is near Manikaran is becoming a famous tourist attraction. The Parvati River flows through Manikaran and a lot of tourists spot camping sites nearby Kasol which is best for scenic beauty and trekkers.

The rivers have optimum current that is on the scale of 4 to 6 and it might get ferocious sometimes.

The river rafting is totally worth it and it is totally based on the consent of the tourists. If you are visiting Himachal Pradesh from April to September then it is the best time for river rafting and you can surely indulge in this adventure. Experience the glacial water feels in the rivers of Kullu Manali, and even Bilaspur where these adventure sports are very common.

The rivers of Himachal Pradesh are beautiful and a site that you should not miss on your trip to the state. Each river reflects the beauty of the region, so if you want to see eternal glory do visit them.

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