The Popularity of the Leather Crafts in Himachal Pradesh

The leather crafts in the state of Himachal Pradesh are one of the most notable artworks and it is sure to contribute to the main economy of the state. A section of the population in Himachal Pradesh earns their livelihood based on the specific artwork market. The Chamba district here is all the more famous for its artistic representation. You will not believe that the slippers made in Chamba are extremely light in weight and you can wear them in utmost comfort. The traditional Chamba slippers are exceptionally relaxed and you can feel the comfort to put them on.

The slippers are available in the plain variety and with the design quite exceptional according to the local crafting norms and measures. Among the Leather crafts in Himachal Pradesh, the slippers can make an impression. There is a basic difference between the Chamba chappals and the slippers. The one has embroidery on the vamp and the female art workers mainly do it. The traditional Chamba chappals are available in both the embroidered and plain form and you can easily feel the comfort of wearing them.

The Uniqueness of the Slippers

The concept of leather crafts in Himachal Pradesh is all about dealing with leather products and the various works of art by making use of the shaping techniques, the colouring methods, and the rest. Leather craft is a major art recreation with all the specialities in a cluster.

The place is all the more popular for the perfect Chamba leatherwork. Things are designed and embroidered, making use of yellow, red, green, blue, gold, black, and silver threads to make the chappals look stunningly beautiful. The leatherwork is so special and attractive that people worldwide come to Chamba to purchase and look at the leather slippers so uniquely built for the purpose.

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Based on the superlative artistry, the crafts are in high demand these days. The crafts will not only contribute to the luxury of the place but will also help make an impression of the artistic skill of the state in specific. Himachal Pradesh leather crafts are astounding.

Most of the chappals have opened toe area and they have partly embroidered vamping. You find the embroidery on the velvet portion and the raw silk is used in making the different designs and the special motifs. These are then pasted on the upper part of the sandal, which is purely made of leather.

Tools Used for Leather Artistry

You have the best and the dedicated tools used for the reason of leather crafts in Himachal Pradesh. The artists use things like oils, dyes, cam tools, shoe polish, beveler, peer shader, veiner, seeder, staple, and the glue guns, the leather splitting mechanism, the leather preparing and decoration tools, the punch pliers, the stamps and the mallets.

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The most important is the leather that is used in the making of the crafts. The leathers are available in various shapes to fit the purpose of designing.

The Method of Shoe Making

The slipper leatherwork in Himachal Pradesh is popular all over the world. The chappals and slippers of Chamba are extremely popular among the local people and the tourists alike. The shoemakers will first prepare the basic structure and then he may sit to prepare the chappal and the shoes.

He will first make the pattern on paper to see how the design looks. After that, he will trace the same design on the leather. Before starting with the craftwork, it is necessary to stamp the leather and then dye it for the final make.

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In matters of stamping the leather, the craftsman will first damp the leather by applying water. Once the leather gets damped, it is sure to appear darker. After the leather turns completely wet, the material becomes soft and then it is perfect for creating the stamp impression.

Then the craftsman will place the stand on the specific leather surface for creating the desirable impression. All the damping, stamping, and crafting methods are done with complete precision and knowledge in the field. This you can well comprehend once you have the chappal on your feet.

Process of Dyeing

As part of the leather, crafting dyeing is an extremely vital process to follow. For the perfect dying of the leather, the craftsman will mix the dye with the rest of the alcohols and spirits. Leather can nicely absorb the alcohol and here lies the essentiality of using the same in the crafting of the slippers. Due to the alcohol, the colour of the leather is sure to last for long.

The craftsmen will also make use of various stains like antiquing and the leather artists use the highlighters and these for defining certain parts. At times, the artist can even make use of oils and shoe polishes for dyeing. This helps in intensifying the shade and make it last longer.

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The method of creating designs on leather is known as leather carving. From cloth embroidery and crafting to leather, the Himachal Pradesh people have the right skill in making things like chappals, purses, belts, socks, sandals, and the rest. The footwear of Chamba is extremely light and comfortable. These products are in great demand and most tourists take them home as a memento.

In Himachal Pradesh, you will also learn about leather painting which is quite dissimilar to dyeing. The paint will remain only on the surface while the whole leather piece absorbs the dye. For this reason, the leather painting methods are not applicable for those items that need to bend or can go through friction. These are items like wallets and belts where the pain tries to get off due to frequent cracking.


In short, leather artistry in Himachal Pradesh has reached heights. The works are gaining international attention and more people are opting for the items with the best appreciation. Leather work in Himachal Pradesh has always attracted the attention of art connoisseurs and those who are in ardent reach for traditional craft. It is a great way to follow the artistry of the leather sandals and chappals so intricately designed to add glamour to the total human appearance. It is an art passed down through the generations and now it has become the seasoned option to earn money and fame through perfect leather crafting in Himachal Pradesh.

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