Birds and Animals of Himachal Pradesh

We all are very well aware of the beauty of Himachal Pradesh. Along with the heartwarming beauty the state is blessed with the grace of rich flora and fauna.

There are a lot of animals and birds that are sighted here. The people find animals like wild yak, deer, musk deer, brown bear, leopards, ibex, Himalayan Thar, and a lot more. Also, in the highlands, the blue sheep are noticed.

The sight of western tragopan is rare but tourists can see thee in the Great Himalayan national park. Let us explore some of the amazing birds and animals that are found in the state.

Snow Leopard

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The snow leopards are found in the snow mountain ranges of Himachal Pradesh. It is a powerful predator and preys on the ibex as well as the blue sheep. The snow leopard is considered to be the state animal and lives a solitary life.

Himalayan Yak

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The yak is found in the Himalayan region and is about 6 feet tall. It is considered a massive and tall yak.  The animal is used for carrying loads and bulk in the areas of Lahaul Spiti and even some parts of Chamba. It also acts as a source of meat and milk for people.

Western Tragopan

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This bird is also known as Jujurana and is the state bird of Himachal Pradesh. This bird is found in the narrow ranges of the Himalayas with a temperate climate.

Also, the bird is noticed in the wild near the Beas, Satluj as well as the Ravi river and its areas. Because the bird is majestic therefore it is regarded as the state bird.

Himalayan Black Bear

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This bear is the subspecies of the Asiatic bear. It has a distinctive necklace that is white and furry.  The natural habitat of the bear is in the forested areas and also it is found in the outcrops which have caved.

These bears are aggressive and also regarded as a deadly species among the other animals of India.


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These species are found in the northwestern belt of Himachal Pradesh. In this belt, they are mostly present between the altitudes of 2000 to 3500meters.

The species is also referred to as bright plumage.  The male has beauty on the other hand the female is dull brown in appearance. The Monal is spotted mostly in the mountains of Chamba, Kangra, Kullu, and Kinnaur.

Black-throated Tit

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There is a lot of bird in Himachal Pradesh and this is one is among them. You will find this bird near the bushes. These are small passerine birds and they are among the family of Aegithalidae birds.

Due to their small size sometimes people may not even notice them, but they also have a lovely voice that charms the ears.

Blue-throated Barbet

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This bird can be easily tracked due to the sound that it makes. It is one of the most common barbet birds and it makes the sound during the mating season especially. This bird is commonly noticed in Himachal Pradesh and is a Himalayan bird.

Cattle egrets

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These birds are found to be near the wetlands and wet fields. They can also be seen as following cattle. They move to the upstream during the summer season.

Most people have found this bird following the buffalo or any other animal. These birds are an example of natural expansion that has ever reached any bird.

The bird follows the cattle because by this it is able to catch its prey which is the insects. So they are successful in catching their prey and feed on them if they move behind the cattle.

Chestnut-crowned Laughingthrush

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These birds are very shy. These are noticed mostly in groups. One can find these birds in Himachal Pradesh along with the bushes or in the forests.

Cinereous Tit

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These birds are noticed commonly in Himachal Pradesh and they sing during the morning. It is a tiny bird that has black and white colors on its body, and the voice is also very sweet.

The pics of these birds are very hard to capture. This is because they are shy and fly in a second. These are mostly found in India as well as South Asia.

Musk Deer

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This deer lives far away from the habitat of Humans It lives in the full hilly and harvested environment. The deer has must scent glands which are seen in adult males only and attract mates.

Asian Barred Owlet

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This bird is small in size as compared to the owl. There are a lot of varieties of owls that are found in the state. Asia barred owlet is among one of them. It is found in the Himalayas.

These are also seen in Southeast Asia, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, and even Vietnam.

These owlets are considered to be the least concerned birds because they are present in good numbers. Their size is in the 22-24 cm range and weight of about 150-250g.

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

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This is among one of the most beautiful birds. It has a long tail and is in white color. Only a few people will experience this bird flying. The female’s ones are brownish at the top and the tail is not so long in them.

Seeing this bird for the first time would appear as if something from paradise has come into your sight. These are beautiful birds and they fly slowly. The male birds have a white-colored body and the head is glossy black.

Barn Swallow

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This is an adaptable bird, and it makes use of human-made structures to build its nest. This bird is commonly noticed in Himachal Pradesh. These are also found in Europe, Asia, the American subcontinent, and Africa.


Thus Himachal is home to beautiful birds as well as animals. Hearing the voice of these birds will make your day. Most of the birds are noticed in the state because of the good weather and trees.

Do visit Himachal and explore various sites and their flora and fauna.

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