Adventurous Things To Do in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a very beautiful state and is also one of the most beautiful destinations. The place is also known as the land of gods and is filled with snow scaped mountains, rover streams, valleys, and beautiful sites.

Along with the scenic and picturesque beauty it endows there are a lot of adventurous things that people can try out here. Tourists from all over India and other countries as well visit the state to enjoy its beauty as we as the adventure sports.

So read ahead and know about the adventurous things that you can do in the state on your visit.


Himachal Pradesh is full of beautiful mountains and beautiful views. Due to these mountains, the place is very well known for trekking which is among one of the adventure activities.

This is mostly seen in the Spiti valley. There are a number of paths through the forests which are surrounded by snow clad mountains. This landscape is surely going to impress you and make you enjoy the trekking experience.

There are about 270 trails in Himachal Pradesh for trekking. So the adventure enthusiasts can experience it truly.

River Rafting

Glacier rovers surround Himachal, and thus it is an ideal place for water sports. People can try out rowing, river rafting, water skiing and a lot of such sports. River rafting is among the best sports that people can experience in this state.

This adventure sport is among the popular sports that are noticed in the state. It is thrilling and exciting.

While river rafting in Himachal Pradesh people and tourists will enjoy the snow scaped peaks and the tall forests and will make the experience memorable.

Ice Skiing

This is among one of the famous adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh. It attracts a lot of tourists and adventure enthusiasts. There are two sorts of skiing, which are Alpine Kind and the Nordic kind.

The Alpine kind of skiing involves skiing on steeply inclined slopes whereas the Nordic kind involves challenging and compromising skiing across the countryside. To perform this sport, the Shivalik and the Pir panjal are perfect.

The best time for this sport is during winters. This is especially noticed during December to February. Skiing enthusiasts will love their experience in this.


It is among one of the most thrilling activities. This is mostly noticed in the Solang valley and Bir billing. This adventure sport makes one feel like a bird and alive.

The tourists get to soak themselves in the fresh air and enjoy the view of the beautiful mountains.

The state has a lot of places where you can try out paragliding. Also, there is a training institute as well in Bilaspur known as the Himachal aero institute. Here people can learn paragliding and take it as their career.


This is a new adventure sport and is practiced in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is a fun and exciting one.

It involves rolling down in a big transparent ball and light. The ball rolls down the slope of the hill. This activity is also known as globe riding or sphering.

Those who want much more fun can even experience it taking a complete view of the entire place in it.

This is a very popular adventure sport and lets you have fun while noticing the beauty. It is preferable for all ages. The best time for this sport is March to June. The cost would vary from Rs 1000-5000.


Trekkers love this sport in Himachal Pradesh. It is absolutely heaven for the trekkers in fact. Several tourists visit the state for trekking every year.

The trekkers can enjoy nature with scenic hiking which involves interesting and spectacular paths.

Also, the tourists can carry their own equipment for it or they can use the one that is provided to them. The Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Spiti are very famous for hiking.

Also, since the state is filled with mystical forests and beautiful mountains it lures hiking lovers to the hill station. The best time for this is December to February.

Jeep Safari

This is another experience in the Himalayas. It is seen the safari travels through the track full of ups and downs of Himachal Pradesh.

In the priority list of adventure enthusiasts, the jeep safari is not included at the top. This track starts from Shimla and passes to Kinnaur, Spiti, and till Lahaul.

This is among the most loved adventure sports. It is mostly for youth. It is noticed at the time of May to October.

Mountain Biking

It is a new adventure sport in Himachal Pradesh. It involves cycling, through the unmetalled and rugged trails. It is along with the state or through the countryside.

This is for the adventure enthusiasts and is very exciting and full of energy. It is slowly gaining popularity among the people. The terrain is challenging and mixed with the beauty as well as awe inspiring views.

It is for youth and can be done all year long. The location for this we noticed mostly in the Kasa-Lozar, Leh Manali highway, Manali, Shimla, and Rampur.

Ice Skating

This is among the adventure sports that are offbeat and very interesting. This is the safest and the most elegant adventure sports. It is thrilling and the destination for it is beautiful.

The adventure sport can be enjoyed in Himachal Pradesh. Along with this people can also enjoy ice hockey.

Do check out the various places and destinations while your trip to Himachal.

Also, make sure that you take care of the essential stuff while performing adventure sports. Take care of the time you are traveling to Himachal, as some sports are only available at a certain time of the year.

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