Top 10 Fantastic Adventure Sports In Kufri For A Glistening Getaway!

A talk about the Himachal travel stays incomplete without discussing the eclectic beauty of Shimla and Kufri. And especially Kufri is amongst the hot spots of Shimla where tourists wanderlust and explore the mystic nature’s beauty. When you are Kufri, the mesmerizing nature and pretty landscapes leave you awestruck! But very few people are aware of the fantastic and fascinating adventure sports that bring you to the peak of thrill and enjoyments.

For those who wish to enjoy the winter vacay, Shimla and Kufri are the most popular destinations. But you need to keep an eye on the temperature conditions as it drastically falls due to heavy snowfalls. In such a scenario, it might not be possible to enjoy adventure sports over here. Before making your final bookings, you must check out the temperature over there and ensure that it’s favorable for heading off for your trip.

Top 10 Adventurous Sports to Enjoy in Kufri

There are several options for the sports fanatics to enjoy in Kufri. It is the most splendid part of Himachal tourism and attracts a large amount of people to it. While you prepare a checklist for the Kufri visit, do not miss out on the engaging activities you have to do here. Prepare your plans for enjoying the activities and sports here.

#1 Camping

Enjoying this fantastic location’s spectacular sights is possible only when you go for a beautiful camping fun in Kufri. The unmatchable Himalayan beauty and nature’s setting is perfect for enjoying the true vision of greenery and the panoramic view.

There are multiple spots in Kufri and Shimla where you can find necessary luxurious camping options, and you can choose as per your budget. It allows you to rejuvenate yourself and set your spirit free from the mystical beauty here. Camping is the only way to explore the raw side of Kufri and the surrounding area.

#2 Trekking

Himalayan trekking is amongst the most thrilling and exciting ones in the world. Himachal Pradesh awaits your presence if you are ready with your backpacks to trek over the magical Himalayan Mountains. At Kufri, you can start trekking and enjoy the breathtaking views of this place.

Whether it’s the slow-clad ranges, mesmerizing flora and fauna, or the fantastic landscapes, trekking in Kufri is a whole new wonder in itself. You can book your trekking package even before your arrival and fetch some amazing discounts on trending packages online.

#3 Paragliding

Kufri, a hill station, is well-known for its magnificent peaks and mountain ranges. No wonder that paragliding is amongst the popular sports to enjoy over here. Releasing your soul and body to the adrenaline and going for a freefall is simply a magical moment.

For those who wish to swing in the air like a free bird, this sport is a great option. You can capture the amazing skylines and the panoramic view of the earth all at once. The experts guide you to maintain the optimum level of safety.

#4 Cycling

If you wish to keep up good health and enjoy the exhilarating experience over here, cycling is an excellent sport in Kufri. There is lush greenery to enjoy through the cycling sport here.

And when you plunge out on cycles through the hilly ways, you cannot stop looking at the heavenly getaway of Himalaya. If you are enthusiastic about these adventure sports, there is a beauty stream all around.

#5 Heli-Skiing

Are you looking out for a magical adventure sports fun in Kufri? If yes, Heli-Skiing is an excellent option for you. When the splendid hills in Kufri get covered with snow all around, the sky showers small snowballs that appear like a rain of cotton.

To absorb this implicit beauty, heli-skiing is a great idea. Gliding over the snow and dropping through the mountain ranges is a spectacular way to enjoy. You are taken up through a helicopter, and then you need to pop off and start gliding through the snowy hills.

#6 Horse Riding

If you are traveling to Kufri, exploring the beautiful and exotic hill station through a horse ride is impressive. It is undoubtedly the best adventure that also helps you go through the hills’ exquisite places.

The steep mountain ranges might risk you with a walking journey, and if there is snow, there are high chances of slipping off the place. Hence, hitch to an adventurous horse ride that amplifies the travel experience for you.

#7 Ice Skating

It is yet another compelling sport that helps you to understand more about the wonders of Kufri. Ice Skating is a great sport that helps you to enjoy skating with great fun and ice.

And there is natural ice all around that helps you to get connected to nature as well. However, you should not hurt yourself while enjoying skate time. And yes, never try to do this sport without using essential safety gear and accessories.

#8 Ziplining

Do you love to enjoy the high skylines that go beyond the moon? For height-related sports lovers, ziplining is a fantabulous sport that can amaze you. When you experience this sport, it can bring you Goosebumps and also give you an enthralling experience.

Flying up in mid-air with a thin string attached can help you to enjoy the zip lining views. You might find it nerve-wracking, but for an experience of a lifetime, this is the best alternative.

#9 River Rafting

The rhythmic waters of Kufri cannot stop the travellers from enjoying the river rafting over here. It is a trendy sport for the adventurers coming over here who love to splurge into the endless river’s dazzling white and sparkling waters.

Multiple river trails give you a rushing tide but withstanding it is another phenomenal wonder. People choose to go for river rafting as it gives them the moments that take them along for the whole life.

#10 Tobogganing

Very few people are aware of this adventure sport in Kufri. Tobogganing is a family sport that helps friends, family and kids to enjoy themselves together.

Those who have a fear of skiing consider this one as a great alternative. Kids also enjoy a lot while they have fun during the chilling winds.

Final Verdict

All these adventure sports in Kufri are a must-try for the thorough adventurist arriving in Himachal Pradesh. But if you are visiting here in the peak season, do not rush yourself and go with the packages’ advanced bookings. Plan well to enjoy most of the mystical Himalayas!

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